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3 класс: контроль чтения и письма

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Reading Tests

Test 1

My neighbor Jason is a baker. He is very busy. When he is not at bakery, he is out having fun. Every day Jason wakes at 5 o’clock in the morning. He has breakfast and then he rides his bike to the bakery. When he gets there, he starts to make bread. His work is very hard. He works until 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Then he goes back home where he has lunch and rest for a while. In the evening he sometimes goes to the cinema or meets his friends. On Wednesdays he always does the shopping. On Sundays he always wakes up late and then reads a book or works in the garden. He usually goes to bed at 11 o’clock at night.

Words to the text.

Baker-пекарь, булочник

Bakery- пекарня, булочная

Task A

What is this story about? Chose the right answer. (О чём этот рассказ? Выберите правильный ответ.)

a. the baker’s friend

b. the baker

c. the bakery

d. bakers

Task B

Read the text. Mark the statements as T(true) or F(false).

( Прочитайте текст. Отметьте утверждения как верные (Т) или неверные(F).

  1. My neighbor Jack is a baker. ⃝

  2. Every day Jason wakes up at 6 o’clock. ⃝

  3. When he gets to the bakery, he starts to make biscuit. ⃝

  4. On Wednesday Jason always does the shopping. ⃝

  5. On Sundays he always wakes up early. ⃝

Task C

Read the text. Answer the questions. ( Прочитайте текст. Ответьте на вопросы)

  1. Where does Jason work?

  2. How does he get to work?

  3. What time does he finish work?

  4. When does he do the shopping?

  5. What does he do on Sundays?

Test 2

Dear Joy,

How are you? It’s my birthday next Saturday and I’m having a party at my house. Why don’t you come? We always have a great time!

I usually decorate my house with a lot of colorful balloons and we all play some great party games. Then there is the food. My mother is a great cook and she makes a lot of delicious food. We usually have pizza with ham, bacon, mushrooms and peppers, ham and cheese or tuna sandwiches and different kinds if salads. There is always a lot of coke, orange and apple juice to drink, and my birthday cake of course. I love chocolate so it’s always a chocolate cake.

So, I really hope you can make it! The party starts at six. Don’t be late!



Words to the text

To decorate-украшать


Task A

What is this email about? Choose the right answer. ( О чём это электронное письмо? Выберите правильный ответ.)

a. New Year Party

b. school party

c. birthday party

d. Halloween party

Task B

Read the text. Mark the statements as T( true) or F(false)

( Прочитайте текст. Отметьте утверждения как верные (Т) или неверные (F)

  1. Joy’s birthday is next Saturday. ⃝

  2. Helen decorates the house with balloons. ⃝

  3. Helen’s father cooks the food. ⃝

  4. There is only one salad. ⃝

  5. Helen doesn’t like chocolate. ⃝

Task C

Read the text. Answer the questions. ( Прочитайте текст. Ответьте на вопросы)

  1. When Helen is having a party at her house?

  2. How does Helen usually decorate her house?

  3. Do Helen and her friends play party games?

  4. What cake is there at the party?

  5. What time does party start?

Ключи к текстам по чтению.







  1. F

  2. F

  3. F

  4. T

  5. F

  1. At the bakery.

  2. He rides his bike.

  3. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

  4. On Wednesday.

  5. He reads a book and works in the garden.



  1. F

  2. T

  3. F

  4. F

  5. F

  1. Next Saturday.

  2. Helen usually decorates her house with a lot of colorful balloons.

  3. Yes, they do.

  4. A chocolate cake.

  5. At six

Written Tests (Контрольные работы)

Written test 1. The Present Continuous and the present Simple Tense)

Variant 1

  1. Purl the verb into the correct form.( Поставьте глагол в правильной форме)

  1. Mike _________ ( to watch )TV at the moment.

  2. Nick is in his car. He is on his way to work. He _______________ (to drive) to work.

  3. Jennifer usually _____________( to play) tennis on Saturdays.

  4. Liza _____________ ( to dream) about space flights.

  5. The Earth _____________ (to go) round the Sun.

B .Make the sentences using the following words. (Составьте предложения, используя следующие слова)

  1. Are/ a /of/making/lot/you/noise

  2. Coming/is/to/it/rain

  3. Your/getting/English/is/better?

  4. Get up/7 o’clock/every/I/at/morning

C.Translate from Russian into English.(переведите с русского на английский)

  1. Я ищу Анну.

  2. Иногда я играю в футбол с моими друзьями.

  3. Джек сейчас спит?

  4. Джейн очень хорошо говорит по-немецки.

  5. Мы живём в очень маленьком доме.

Variant 2

  1. Put the verb into the correct form.(Поставьте глагол в правильном форме)

1.Rice_________________ (to grow) in Australia.

2.Laily ______________ ( to paint) a picture at the moment.

3. The sun _______________ (to rise) in the east.

4. bees _________________ (to make) honey.

5 Please don’t make so such noise. I ______________ (to work).

B .Make sentences using the following words. (Составить предложения , используя следующие слова.)

1) am/to/now/bed/going/I

  1. working/today/you/hard/are

  2. are/looking/that/like/at/me/you/why?

  3. Usually/a week/plays/John/chess/one

C.Translate from Russian into English.(Переведите с русского на английский)

  1. Я всегда пью кофе.

  2. Твоя сестра играет в теннис?

  3. Мэри очень хорошо говорит по-французски.

  4. Я сейчас работаю.

  5. Мой брат хочет быть врачом.

Ключи к контрольным работам.







  1. Is watching

  2. Is driving

  3. Plays

  4. Dreams

  5. goes

1 you are making a lot of noise.

2 It is coming to train.

3 .is your English getting better?

4 I get up at 7 o’clock every morning.

1. I’m looking for Anna.

2. Sometimes I play football with my friends.

3. Is Jack sleeping now?

4. Jane speaks German very well.

5 . We live in a very small house.


  1. grows

  2. is painting

  3. rises

  4. make

  5. am working

1I. am going to bed now.

2. You are working hard today.

3. Why are you looking at me like that?

4. John usually plays chess once a week.

1. I always drink coffee.

2Does your sister play tennis?

3. Mary speaks French very well.

4 I am working now.

5.My brother wants to be a doctor.

Written test2. The past Continuous and the past simple tense.

Variant 1.

  1. Put the verb into the correct form. (Поставьте глагол в правильной форме)

  1. When my friend ____________ (to come) outside, it _________(to rain) heavily.

  2. Nick __________ (to do) his homework yesterday at five o’clock.

  3. He ____________ (to visit) Paris last summer.

  4. My mother _________ (to cook) dinner, when he _________ (to come) into the kitchen.

  5. She __________- (to get up) at 6 o’clock yesterday.

B .Make the sentences using words. ( Составьте предложения, используя следующие слова.)

  1. Reading/I/at/ was/a book/five/o’clock.

  2. Did/go/last/where/you/night?

  3. Learn/to/did/how/you/drive?

  4. I/home/walking/met/Ann/I/was/when.

C.Translate from Russian into English.(Переведите с русского на английский)

1. Что ты делал вчера в пять часов вечера,

2. Я читал книгу, когда мой брат вернулся из школы.

3. Я не ездил в Америку прошлым летом.

4.Погодаобыла хорошей?

Variant 2

  1. Put the verb into the correct form.( Поставьте глагол в правильной форме.)

  1. He __________ (to play) tennis the day before yesterday.

  2. Nick _________- (to write) a letter yesterday from 5 till 6 o’clock.

  3. I ___________ (to read) a book when he _________ (to arrive) home.

  4. My friend ____________- (to buy) a present for me last week.

  5. She __________ ( to sleep) well last night.

  1. Make the sentences using the following words.(Составьте предложения , используя следующие слова)

  1. Wrote/my/ sister/a letter/ our/to/ yesterday/granny.

  2. What/you/last/do/night/did?

  3. Met/at/ weeks/the airport/I/a few/ them/ago

  4. Was/the phone/Billy/television /when/watching/rang

  1. Translate from Russian into English. (Переведите с русского на английский)

1.Куда ты ходил вчера вечером?

2 Я готовил обед вчера в полдень.

3 Моя сестра играла на пианино . когда я пришёл из школы.

4 Что ты делала вчера с пяти до шести вечера?

Ключи к контрольной работе №2







1 came, was raining

2. did


4. was cooking/came

5got up

1.I was reading a book at five o’clock.

2. Where did you go last night?

3 How did you learn to drive?

4 .I was walking home when I met Ann.

5When I met Ann, I was walking home.

1. What were you doing yesterday at five o’clock in the evening?

2. I was reading a book, when my brother returned from school.

3. I didn’t go to America last summer.

4. Was the weather fine?



2.was writing

3.was reading/arrive

4. bought

5. slept

1. My sister wrote a letter to our granny yesterday.

2. What did you do last night?

3. I met them at the airport a few weeks ago.

4. Billy was watching television when the phone rang./ when the phone rang, Billy was watching television.

1. Where did you go last evening?

2. I was cooking dinner at noon yesterday.

3. My sister was playing the piano, when I came from school.

4. What were you doing yesterday from five to six o’clock in the evening?

Краткое описание документа:

В результате изучения английского языка ученик 3 класса должен уметь

• читать вслух текст, построенный на изученном языковом материале, соблюдая правила произношения и соответствующую интонацию; 

• читать про себя, понимать основное содержание небольших текстов, доступных по содержанию и языковому материалу, пользуясь в случае необходимости двуязычным словарем;
• списывать текст на английском языке, выписывать из него и (или) вставлять в него слова в соответствии с решаемой учебной задачей;
• писать краткое поздравление (с днем рождения, с Новым годом) с опорой на образец;

использовать приобретенные знания и коммуникативные умения в практической деятельности и повседневной жизни 

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