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Инфоурок Английский язык КонспектыA walk around a town

A walk around a town

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1. Good morning, dear colleagues, good morning dear boys and girls. I am glad to see you. Let’s begin lesson with our usual question.

-How are fine. Thank you.

-We are fine. Thank you.

-Day, date, weather like.

2. Look! Today we have a bit unusual lesson. Firstly, there are a lot of guests here. Secondly, we have to do very much and get a lot of good marks.

Now look at the blackboard, please. You can see here different pictures and some words. Your task is to match them first.

They should help us to choose the topic of our lesson today.

T : Who knows what this? Who’s next?

Post office; swimming pool; square; bridge; church; restaurant; supermarket; castle, museum; circus; school.

And now try to guess. What is the topic of our lesson?

Yes, of course. The theme of the lesson is “A walk around a town”.

3.Речевая зарядка.

And now let’s ask each other some question about our town. I will be the first and then you shown each other on a chair. Think about your future question.

T – What is the name of our town? - Our town called Derbent.

P – The name our town Derbent?

  • I s Derbent big or small? - Derbent is a small town.

  • - How old is Derbent? - It’s 2000 years old.

  • - It’s Derbent young or ancient? - It’s very ancient.

  • - It’s our town beautiful? – Yes, I think it very beautiful.

  • Is Derbent clean or dirty?

  • It is not always clean? But I like very much.

  • What is main attraction of our town? The main attraction of Derbent is fortress Naryn Kala.

Thank you for your job, children.


III. And now let’s do our phonetic exercises.

Look at screen, please, and read these words.

First pronounce this sound:

[ a: ] -– car, large, garden, dark, farmer.

[ au ]– down, brown, how, now, cow, town.

[ ʌ ]  - funny, some, up, London, country.

[ ı ] – big, live, bridge, hill, windy, city.

IV. Чистая доска.

Look at the blackboard again. Here you can see three questions. Read them and try to answer them.

  • T : Where is Smolensk situated?

  • - Translate the words “traffic light” and “Fire station” into Russian.

- What do you know about Smolensk ?

- Can you answer this question?

P :- No,we cannot

T: Let’s try to answer this questions later during the lesson.


T: Today we are going to learn new words. I have prepared some cards for you. On the one side of these cards there are some pictures, and on other side there are words with transcriptions. You should guess the meanings of unknown words looking at the pictures and then read themusing transcriptions.

You have only 1 minute to remember this words.

The time is over.


And now try to name all this words.

  • If you don’t know this word, put the card on the right side of your desk. And now try to answer this question.

And now make up sentences with this new words.

VI. Oh, what’s that? Who can it be?

Приходит гостья из Москвы

Good morning , children .My name is Masha Smirnova . I live in Moscow .Moscow is the capital of our country .It is very big and beautiful city .I hope you know something about Moscow

.Do you know how many people live in Moscow ?

What is the name of the biggest square in Moscow?

Who can tell me about my native city ?

Ученик рассказывает о Москве

Moscow is the capital of Russia. And of course, it is the centre of Russian economy, politics, and culture. The city was built many centuries ago by Yuri Dolgorukiy,. It is situated on the banks of the Moscow River. Nowadays, Moscow is the largest city in the country with the population of more than 13 million people .

Moscow is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The heart of Moscow is Red Square. There are many museums and galleries in this city .

Moscow is a green city. It has a lot of parks. National park Elk Island is one of them. Many species of animals and birds can be found there . It is possible to feed squirrels, ducks and pigeons, see a rabbit or a fox.

There are also modern buildings in Moscow The most popular of them called Moscow city .

My dream is to visit Moscow with my family next summer .

Гостья : Super .You know many information about Moscow .But do you know any about another Russian cities ? For example about Smolensk?

Дети отвечают ,что не знают .

I’ll give you a text about this town .You should read the text and retell me it


Гостья раздает тексты учащимся .

  • T: Look at this map with words and quess what will our text be about?

  • P1: I think it will be about Smolensk

  • P2: In my opinion it will be about theatres in Smolensk.

  • P3: For me, it will be about people staying in Smolensk.

  • T: Ok. To learn more about Smolensk. Let’s read the text on page 84 your books.

  • T: open your books please children.

T: Thank you. And now let’s Fill this rectangles with information from the text. This map will help you to retell this text for our guests. Who wants to do it?

What should you write in this square, Abdul? How we call people, who live in Smolensk? What types of theatres are there in Smolensk?

Who wants to fill the next rectangle?

And try to retell this story about Smolensk using this map.

XI. And now look at this question Where is Smolensk situated ?

Can you answer it now?

P: Yes we can

T: I can remove this question from the blackboard.

Very well children .And now if you allow me . I‘ll sit here

next to you .

VII. I think you are tired now. Let’s have a rest. Let’s play game with you.

Come up to me and at and around the table. You can see a box with some cards. The words are written on them. Your task is to take one of this cards, don’t say for your classmates what is written there. Then try to snow your friends the meaning of this word without any sounds. They should guess what word is on the card. Move around the table while the music is playing.


VIII. Oh, Who is knocking at the door again. Hello! Who are you! What is your name?

  • Do you know how many people live in Moscow?

  • The population of Moscow is about 13 million people.

  • What is the name of biggest square in Moscow?

  • The Red Square.

  • Who can tell me about my native town?

  • T: I ants to tell you about Moscow

  • We don’t know about this city.

X.T: On, I think someone has come to us again.

Who are you dear quest?

My name is Magomed.

I arrived here from Makhachkala.

My hometown is Makhachkala .It is the biggest town of our republic .And I’ve come here today to visit your lesson to ask you ;What do you know about Makhachkala .And my first question is ;

What was the first name of Makhachkala ?

I like your answers. Well done .Who knows more information about Makhachkala .?

Our pupil, Israfil has prepared some information about Makhachkala for Israfil, you can show us your presentation


Makhachkala is the capital of my republic. It is situated at the Caspian Sea. About one million people live here.


Makhachkala is a multinational town.It is named after the revolutionery Makhach Dakhadaev.

There are a lot of entertainments in Makhachkala. There is a big cinema at the centre of the town. Next to it there is a skating-rink where children like to skate There are also a lot of museums in the town..
The best place to learn about culture is Dagestan Museum of Fine Art.

The monument to Rasul Gamzatov is one of the most popular tourist attractions, as Gamzatov’s poems are loved by every Russian.

If you’re in town, be sure to visit Ak-Gyol park. It is a nice place to walk. Here you can see a Monument to Russian Teacher,You can visit Museum of Makhachkala City History, buy souvenirs.

The town is famous by its restaurants and cafes. You can't find such tasty dishes anywhere

People in Makhachkala are very hospitable and very glad to see guests.

Thank you for your presentation.

Quest: thanks a lot. But now tell me please, do you know any information about Kaspiysk?

I’ve brought you a message from children, who live in Kaspiysk. It is a video, look at screen, please.


T: Children, listen please very carefully. I’ll ask you some questions after watching.

  • Where is Kaspiysk situated?

  • What is name of the cinema?

  • What is there near the cinema?

  • Is Kaspiysk far from Makhachkala?

  • Is this clean or dirty?

  • Which building is situated near Kaspiysk?

Thank you for your answers. Well done, children. Look at this question now. Can you answer it?


XI. Предлоги.

And now I’ve prepared a task for you (I’ve give you some cards with sentences) we have learnt with you preparations of peace at our lessons I’ll give you some cards with this preparations, some cards with sentences, describing the location of Derbent sights. Your task is to put the missing preparations into the sentences.

Take you cards, please. One cards for your team and the cards with another preposition for you. But prepositions are the same.

5 cards for your team , and 5 cards for you. Read please all prepositions.

And now read the first sentence. Artur and think which at of this prepositions you should put in it.

-Great. Go to the blackboard and write this preposition. And you children write it in your cards.

-Abdul, read the next sentence.

- And what about the next sentence?

-Who wants to be next?

-Fatima, read, please.

Thank you very much.



VII. Let’s summarize owe lesson and speak about your; impressions from the lesson. Look at the screen. And answer this question.

Thank you for your answers. I also liked this lesson.

XIII. Open your diaries please and write down your home task. Look at screen. Your task is to learn 5 new words; you can take cards with you. To make 5 sentence with them and write the text about the town of your dream.

Thank you for lesson. I hope it was intersection for you and for our guests.

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