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A day in my ilfe 5 grade


Secondary school 36 named after M.B.Ikhsanov

Town seminar for Young Teachers

Demonstrative lesson

The theme: A day in my life.

5 A grade

The teacher of English: Kubayeva Zh.ZH.

Uralsk. December, 24

Батыс Қазақстан облысы, Орал қаласы

М.Б.Ықсанов атындағы № 36 ОЖББМ

І санатты ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Ж.Ж.Кубаева

Grads: 5A

The theme: A day in my life.

The aims of the lesson:

A. Educational:

To be able to speak about the family, clothes, time, colour, job. To check up their knowledge on this theme; to explain the grammar materials, to consolidate students knowledge concerning the theme;

Practical aims:

1. to develop listening, writing and speaking abilities

2. to check up the knowledge of lexics;

B. Developing aims:

1. to improve students' motivation and participation in classroom activities; to develop students abilities and skills in monologue speech through asking and answering questions. Doing of different exercises. To develop the students speaking. Reading and writing habits.

2. to stimulate students' to a learning foreign language

C. Brining up: to increase students interest to English;

Visual aids: active board, a poster, red and yellow colors, papers, test papers, toys, things.

The method of the lesson: RWCT

The plan of the lesson:

I. Warm up.

II. Insert.

III. Think vain.

Organization moment: -1 m. Greeting.

Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity

- Good afternoon, children! - Good morning

- How are you?

- I’m very well, thank you! And you? - We are fine.

- Sit down, please.

- Who is on duty today? - I’m on duty today.

- Who is absent? - All are present.

-What day is it today? - Today is…Tuesday.

-What date is it today? - Today is the … th of December.

- What season is it now? - It is winter.

The plan of the lesson.

I. Warm up. – 3m.

Teacher: All of you stand up please and make a circle. I’ll give you colors and you must give it to each other asking questions.

For example I give my color to Ayan.

Teacher: – Have you a watch?

Ayan: - Yes, I have.

Teacher: What time is it?

Ayan: Its 25 minutes past 9 by my watch.

Teacher: Thank you. And you may continue. Ask question.

Ayan you must continue.

  • What subjects do you like? – I like …

  • Are you good at history? – Yes, I am.

  • Do you like English? – Yes, I do.

  • How many lessons do we have today? – We have 5 lessons.

  • When do we have English? – On Tuesday and on Friday.

  • When do we have Maths? – On …

  • What’s your favourite subject? - My favourite subject is..

  • How many lessons do we have on Monday? – We have 6 lessons.

  • When do we have elective courses? – On Monday and on Friday.

  • What day is it today?- It is Tuesday.

  • What season is it now? – It’s winter.

Thank you very much. You are excellent. Now, who has yellow ball. You are one group. And who has red ball you are the second group. The first group sits in the first row, please. The second group you may sit in the second row, please.

II. Insert.

Teacher: Open your copy book and write down the date. Today at the lesson we’ll revise our theme “A day in my life” We’ll talk about your day.

Look at the board, please.

1. Let’s repeat all together. 2m.

To have lunch- түскі ас ішу

To have supper- кешкі ас ішу

To go to bed- ұйқыға жату

To go to school- мектепке бару

To go home- үйге қайту

To get up- ұйқыдан тұру

School starts- мектеп басталады

School finishes- мектеп аяқталды

To do homework- үй тапсырмасын орындау

To watch TV- теледидар көру

To have breakfast – таңғы ас ішу

In the morning- таңертең

In the afternoon- түстен кейін

In the evening- кеште

2. Put the words in right order. 2m.

1. In the morning- таңертең

2. To get up- ұйқыдан тұру

3. To have breakfast – таңғы ас ішу

4. To go to school- мектепке бару

5. School starts- мектеп басталады

6. To have lunch- түскі ас ішу

7, School finishes- мектеп аяқталды

8. In the afternoon- түстен кейін

9. To go home- үйге қайту

10. To do homework- үй тапсырмасын орындау

11. To watch TV- теледидар көру

12. To have supper- кешкі ас ішу

13. In the evening- кеште

14. To go to bed- ұйқыға жату

3. Reading. Exercise 3 p. 94. Text: “Omar’s day”- 5m.

1st group- Write subjects; (English, French, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer Studies, and Home Economics).

2nd group – Write the sentences with time; (He gets up at half past seven in the morning. School starts at nine. Lunch at one o’clock. School finishes at a quarter to three. They have supper at seven o’ clock. He goes to bed at ten o’clock).

Doing exercise 8p. 95.- 5m.

1st group- Find right sentences. (3, 5, 11)

2nd group- Find wrong sentences. (1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Doing exercises 9, 10 p. 95.- 5m.

1st group- Correct the sentences.

1. Omar lives in Washington now. – No, he is eleven.

2. He gets up at half past eight in the morning.- No, he gets up at half past seven.

3. He has breakfast at nine o’clock.- No, he has breakfast at eight o’clock.

4. He has lunch at twelve o’clock. – No, he has lunch at one o’clock.

5. He has supper at six o’clock.- No, he has supper at seven o’clock.

6. He has five lessons every day.- No, he has six lessons every day.

7. He likes History.- No, he likes Maths and English.

8. School starts at ten o’clock.- No, school starts at nine o’clock.

9. School finishes at two o’clock.- No, school finishes at a quarter to three.

10. He goes to bed at eight o’clock. - No, he goes to bed at ten o’clock.

2nd group- Complete the sentences.

1. Omar lives in …

2. He gets up at …

3. He has breakfast at..

4. He has lunch at ...

5. He has supper at …

6. He has … lessons every day

7. He likes..

8. He goes to bed at

9. School starts at...

10. School finishes at …

4. To retell. “My working day”- 4m.

Now you are ready to tell about your day. Look at this plan. It will help you to describe you.

Usually I get up at…
I wash ….., clean…, and have …
After breakfast I…
At … o’clock I …
Then I …
I sometimes …
After dinner I…
In the evening I …
I have supper at …
After supper I …
At … o’clock  I go to bed.

5. Point and say. 3m.

You can see clocks. What’s the time? And say what do you do at this time?

Example: It’s half past 8. It’s time to start school.

13:00-; 14:30-; 15:00-; 15:15-; 16:10-; 17:45-; 18;30-;19:35-; 21:00-; 22:00.

6. Relaxation. “Days of the week” 2m.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

7. Work in groups. - 5m. Let’s write about your favourite subjects. 4m.

Look at the board, you see many subjects and your task is to put the sticker. What subjects do you like or your favourite subject.

Why do you like …? Speak about your favourite subject.

III. Think vain.

8. Writing on the interactive board. Tasks for the groups. - 7m.

Electronic book. English 3. Let’s learn new words.

Vocabulary 1. 2m.

I get up at 7 o’clock. I take a shower at 7 o’clock. I clean teeth. I wash my face and hands. I do morning exercises at 7:30. I put on my school uniform at 8:00. I have breakfast at 8:00. I go to school at 8:30. I have 6 lessons every day. I have lunch at 12 o’clock. I come back home at 2 o’clock and have dinner. I do my homework at 4 o’clock. I read books at 7 o’clock. I watch TV at 8 o’clock. I play chess with my father at 9 o’clock. I go to bed at 10 o’clock.

Activity 1. True or false. 2m.

1. Michael goes to bed at 10. (Yes)

2. Cat watches TV at 6. (No)

3. Boys go to school at 2. (No)

4. Michael takes a shower at 8. (Yes)

5. Girls do morning exercises at 9. (Yes)

6. Michael goes for a walk with his dog at 7. (No)

Activity 3. Ally’s diary. 5m.

Make up your own diary.

9. Home task. – 1m.

Your home task will be Ex 17 p. 96. Write about your day.

10. Evaluation.

So today we have reviewed the theme: “A day in my life”. You have done. You work well. It was interesting to know about your day. Thank you for the lesson. 

Your marks for today…..

The lesson is over. Good -bye children!

Good - bye teacher!

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