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"A vet" English Plan

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The plan of the lesson

Time and day: 09.02. 2016 y.

Grade: 3 “A”

Theme: “A vet”

The aims:

To teach children to tell about a vet, village, and domestic animals, job, farm. And to learn the new words by this theme. To teach to them Present Simple, Present continuous. Articulatory: [Ss], Letter combination: ph[f] , to explain these words: look after, look for. To train to pupils the correct naming of the domestic animals, talking about the fact that they live on the farm and village. To provide understanding questions, and giving full answers. To enlarge children’s vocabulary on the topic by a vet. To cultivate love for their job. To learn to describe a vet’s job. To do exercises, to play, make up dialogue, sentences. To develop pupil’s memory, skills, habits.

The type: Mixed

The kind: Demonstration lesson

Methods: Play, “Snake” , “Traffic -light”, “Loto”, “Fishing-Magic stick”, “Straight way”, “Word-sentence”, “My job-my dream”

Visual aids: Disk, books, pictures, things, balloon, toy

  1. Organization moment

A song “Hello!”

T: Good morning, children!

Ch: Good morning, teacher!

T: How are you?

Ch: We are fine!

T: Do you want to say a rhyme?

Ch: Yes, OK!

A rhyme “My toy”

My toy bear, Yes!

My toy car, Yes!

My toy boll, Yes!

My toy ball, Yes!

  1. Homework

Methods is “Snake”

T: What was your homework for today?

Ch: To learn by heart the new words about village and it’s animals.

T: Are you ready?

Ch: Yes, we are.

  1. New lesson

A vet”

    1. New words

To look after-қамқорлықпен қарау

To look for- іздеу


A vet- мал дәрігері

To fix-байлау

To give a shot-екпе егу


On the farm-фирмада

Profession- мамандық

1.2. To explaining

Let’s play : Fishing- “Magic stick”

Look after- қамқорлық жасау

Look for- іздеу

Fish 1-Doctors look after sick people.

Fish2-What are you doing under the table?

-I am looking for my spoon.

Fish3-Mothers look after their babies.

Fish4- Policemen look for bad people.

Straight way”- Ph [f]

(Read these words correctly if you’ll right, a vet goes to the farm. )

  1. Photo

  2. Elephant

  3. Telephone

  4. Alphabet

1.3. Working with a book

T:Firsable listen to the text.(Track37). Then I give you riddle, you must find it. It is the methods of our text.

Methods is “Traffic-light”

Үш көзді батыр,

Жолды аңдып жатыр.


Text “A vet”


This is Murat. He’s a vet.

He’s looking for a job. He’s reading

a newspaper.

Our farm needs a vet.

If you like working outside…

If you like getting up early…


If you like farm animals…

Come and work with us!

Our phone is (723) 2615478.

Our address is “Aksu” village.

Murat’s on the farm. He’s

working now. Oh, poor sheep,

you’re sick!


Oh, poor sheep,

you’re sick!

He is giving some medicine

to the sheep. He is fixing the

horse’s leg. He’s giving a shot.

He’s looking after the cow’s

baby. He loves his job.


T: I give you these words, you find sentences in text.

Words: Murat, Job, Loves, Fix, A vet, Phone number.

1.4. Doing exercises (Writing work)

Let’s play “loto”

Words: Medicine, farm, after, at

  1. Murat works on the farm because he loves animals.

  2. When an animal is sick, a vet gives it medicine.

  3. Murat is at work.

  4. Vets look after baby animals.


Presentation “My job-my dream”

I’m a cow, I’m not ill!”

I’m a camel, I’m not ill!”

I’m a horse, I’m not ill!”

I am a sheep , I’m not ill!”

All together: “We are strong!

Come here our ,vet

Thank you our, vet.”

A vet:

I’m a vet

I wish you health!”

T: Do you love English?


We learn English!

We speak English!

We love English!

  1. Homework

T: Your homework will be write the short topic “My job”

  1. Giving marks

T: Your marks are -------------------.

Now, pupils, our lesson is over. You were very active today. I think that our lesson were interesting. Thank you, for your hard work and for your attention.

P: Good-bye, teacher. Thank you, for your hard work


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