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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Адаптированная аудиокнига "The Piano" и подборка упражнений для прослушивания ( Pre - Intermediate)
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Адаптированная аудиокнига "The Piano" и подборка упражнений для прослушивания ( Pre - Intermediate)

Выберите документ из архива для просмотра:

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12.56 КБ chapter4.docx
12.78 КБ the piamo 6.docx
13.24 КБ the piano 3.docx
14 КБ the piano 5.docx
12.65 КБ the piano 8.docx
2.74 МБ The Piano 1.mp3
2.98 МБ The Piano 2.mp3
3.38 МБ The Piano 3.mp3
4.98 МБ The Piano 4.mp3
4.03 МБ The Piano 5.mp3
2.94 МБ The Piano 6.mp3
5 МБ The Piano 7.mp3
1.27 МБ The Piano 8.mp3
13.42 КБ the piano1.docx
13.13 КБ the piano2.docx
10.07 КБ на урок.docx

Выбранный для просмотра документ chapter4.docx


Chapter 4



To get rid of sth


Fill in:

Wooden building

To borrow sth

To mend a hole

A sweet smile

1) 'Now,' said Mr Wood. 'My __________ will arrive here next week. I want this building for a_________. Get the _________ out of the building. Then clean it really well. I want to keep the car in it.'

2) The three boys opened the doors of the building. They looked at the rubbish, then they looked at _______________.

'This is going to take a long time,' said Tony.

He went to the________ of the building. He saw something behind a lot of __________. It was very big.

'What's this?' asked Tony. 'Is it a__________?' asked Pip.

John came and moved some of the boxes. 'It isn't a cupboard,' he said in____________. 'It's an old piano.'

3) 'We can't_____________this,' he said. 'We really can't.' He found an old, broken chair and sat down at the piano. His fingers______________ the keys. He closed his eyes. Half-forgotten music______________ his mind. His fingers began to move. They moved up and down the keys. He began to play an old song. He was ___________- very happy.

4) At seven o'clock Tony washed in cold water and _________ his clean shirt. Then he went to the kitchen with Pip and John. They sat down at the big kitchen table and Mrs Wood put the food on three hot plates. Then she went to have supper with Mr Wood and Linda.

5) 'How can I tell them?' he thought. 'How can I tell them how I feel about it?' He looked at his hands. He wanted to feel the black and white keys under his fingers again. He wanted to hear the music in his mind . . . 'What's happening to me?' he thought.

Here are some more Irregular Verbs, find the translation:





Выбранный для просмотра документ the piamo 6.docx


Chapter 6 Mr Gordon finds a Musician


A thief


At once

Fill in:

Have to

To practice


1)Mr Gordon was the teacher at the_________________ school. He was a kind old man and the children liked him. They enjoyed his lessons and he enjoyed teaching them. There was no piano at the school. This _____________ made him a little unhappy, because he loved music very much. But he sang with the children. He____________________ with songs and stories. It was a happy school.

2)'Oh dear!' thought Mr Gordon. 'I forgot______________ the door. Now somebody is in the school. Perhaps it's_______________! What can I do?' Then he heard the music . . .

3) Mr Gordon visited the farm and talked to Mr and Mrs Wood.

'Tony is very_____________,' said Mr Gordon. 'I have been a teacher for forty years, but I have never met a boy like Tony. He__________ have music lessons___________. Then he must go to the College of Music in London. He needs to work with other_________________ boys and girls.'

Finish the sentences:

1)'But his mother and father are poor,' said Mrs Wood. 'They can't pay for music lessons. They can't send him to college…

2) I'll be very happy to teach this wonderful boy…. …time for me.

3)Tony knew

4)You are going to go to the school at four o'clock every afternoon. You will

5) Give me three

Circle the correct words in each sentence.

1 Mr Gordon went to the school to get a key/a book.

2 Mr Gordon smiled/cried when he heard the piano.

3 Tony's first music lessons were free/cheap.

4 Mr Gordon/Mr and Mrs Wood decided to pay for Tony

to go to the College of Music.

5 Mr Wood thought that good musicians/farm boys were

special people.

6 Mr Mood could easily find another farm boy/ another teacher.

Make 10 different questions to the chapter.

Выбранный для просмотра документ the piano 3.docx


Chapter 3 The Farmer’s boy

Translate into Russian, use these words in retelling the chapter.

A field

A village

A bridge

A cow

Fill in the gaps:


To arrive at

To look for


1)The bus stopped in every_____________. Tony saw green fields and small, quiet villages. Every house had a _________. The smell of the flowers______________________ the open windows of the bus.

2)Tony and his mother______________ the farmhouse and walked through the farmyard. Chickens were ______________ food. A fat white cat sat on a wall and watched them with _______________.

3)Tony thought about the factory and the shops. The shops were _____, but the factory was ___________. When people came out of the factory in the evening their faces looked white and ill. 'Nothing can be worse than that,' he thought. He looked into the farmer's _______________ face. 'Yes, sir,' he said. 'Yes, please.'

4) Tony was happy. At the end of every day his back_______________ and his legs hurt, but he slept like a baby. He _________ Mrs Wood's good country food. He drank a lot of milk. Soon he needed_______________. He sent his old clothes home for his brothers. He sent his family money, too.

Retell the chapter as you were:

  1. Tony

  2. Tony’s mother

  3. Mr Wood

Выбранный для просмотра документ the piano 5.docx


Chapter 5

Translate into Russian:

To get up

A quiet road

A tap

To steal

To stand sth against sth


Fill in the gaps:

1) The___________ was near a quiet road. At the side of the road was a small school. It stood in a garden. There were flowers and vegetables and a_______________ trees. But no children were there. The school was___________. It was summer and the children were on holiday.

2) There was a little kitchen. Tony_____________ the tap. He took a long drink and_________ his bottle. Then he decided to___________________ the little school. It did not take him long. There was one classroom. The desks and chairs were very small, because it was a school for young children. Tony______________ into the kitchen. 'It's July,' he thought. 'Everyone is on holiday. School________________ again until September. I can put the piano here. No one will come here. I've got six weeks. And in six weeks perhaps I can find a home for my piano.'

3) 'That's right!' said Tony. 'Listen - the door's open.

The key's in the door. I'm not going to_____________________. I'm just going to keep the piano in the classroom for a week or two . . . Can you help me? We'll put the piano on the__________, and we'll take it to the school.'

Finish the sentences:

  1. The three boys worked very hard. They….

  1. Linda gave the boys their supper that night. Mrs Wood...

  1. 'But . . .' began Tony. He looked into

  2. 'Please come back at half past nine,' she said to Pip. She spoke loudly

  1. It was very heavy, but they were young and strong. They pushed it

  1. That summer was a happy time for Tony. Every evening

  1. Tony learned to read music. Linda brought him

  2. But Tony was not slow. He learned very fast. Linda was a good teacher. Both

Choose the best question-word for these questions, and then answer them.

Who / Where / Why

1 . . . did Tony go into the school?

2 . . . was the school empty?

3 . . . helped Tony to move the piano?

4 . . . did Tony go every evening that summer?

5 . . . taught Tony to read music?

Выбранный для просмотра документ the piano 8.docx


Chapter 8 The End of the Story

To invite



To fall in love with sb

Get rid of sth

To throw

To fill

Put the sentences in the right order, to make a short paragraph.

1 Tony practised for the competition for four hours every day

2 But he always went back to the farm for his holidays.

3 The new shoes hurt his feet, but Tony still played well.

4 For a year, Tony had lessons from Mr. Gordon.

5 He married Linda when he was twenty.

6 He won the competition, and the next day his photograph was in the newspaper.

7 Mrs Wood bought him new clothes and shoes.

8 Now he is famous and has given thousands of concerts.

9 Then he went to the College of Music for three years.

10 One day Mr Gordon told him about a music competition in the town.

This is the beginning of Sally Hill's story about Sir Anthony Evans. Can you find and correct the fourteen mistakes in it?

Yesterday was Sir Anthony Evans' seventieth birthday concert. He played music for the guitar by Mozart, and millions of people came to listen to this very famous guitarist. After the concert, I went to see him and his sister, Lady Linda Evans, in the theatre dressing-room, and Sir Anthony told me his story. He came second in a music competition when he was sixteen, but the story really began before that. One day in an old factory building a boy called Tony found a new piano. He was fourteen at the time. He came from a musical family and he knew a lot about music, and when he touched the keys of the piano . . .

Sally Hill also talked to Lady Linda Evans about Sir Anthony. Put their conversation into the correct order and write in the speakers' names. Sally speaks first (number 3).

1 'When he played the piano that first time, I knew that he was a real musician - much more than me. And I wanted to help him.'

2 'How did you feel when he won the competition?'

3 'What was Sir Anthony like when you first met him?'

4 'It was wonderful! I was so happy for him. He went away after that, of course - but he always came back.'

5 'Why did you want to teach him?'

6 'I didn't want to tell anybody. It was our secret. Tony liked learning about music — and I liked beingwith Tony.'

7 'He was a big, strong boy. He didn't say very much, but he was very nice.'

8 'Why didn't you tell your parents about the lessons?'

9 'Oh yes! He learnt very quickly, and he remembered everything.'

10 'So you taught him to read music. Was he a good student?'

Выбранный для просмотра документ the piano1.docx


The Piano Chapter 1. The Dressing room

Translate into Russian:

A ticket office

A newspaper reporter

To knock at the door

A corner


To be lost in sth

School yard


MindFill In the gaps:

1)On the wall there was a big________________ of Sir Anthony at the piano. Hundreds of people were waiting outside the_____________________. It was Sir Anthony's eightieth birthday concert and everybody wanted a ticket. I had a ticket, because I was a newspaper reporter. I wanted to talk to the ___________________ before his concert. I showed my ticket to the doorman and went into the theatre. Then I walked upstairs to the dressing-rooms.

2)I ___________, and a tall man opened it. He was very old, but his eyes were blue and___________. He was wearing black trousers and a beautiful_______________. He had a lot of straight, silvery hair. He looked just like his picture on the wall of the theatre.

3) He_________ to a tall woman, who was standing in the corner. She_____________________ at me with friendly brown eyes. 'So this is Lady Evans,' I thought. 'What a nice___________ she has! She looks like a farmer's wife.'

4) Then the__________ fell from my hand and I just listened. I was lost in Sir Anthony's wonderful story. He told me about an old school_________ a high wall in a dirty street. There was broken glass on top of the wall. The school yard was very small. As he spoke, pictures____________ my mind. I saw a little boy called Tony Evans, playing football with an old tin…. . .

Answer the questions:

  1. What was the name of the main character?

  2. How old was he?

  3. 1 How did Sally Hill feel before she met Sir Anthony?

  4. 2 Who looked like a farmer's wife?

  5. 3 How old was Sir Anthony when he first touched a

  6. piano?

  7. 4 When did Sir Anthony leave school?

  8. 5 Where did he work after he left school?

  9. 6 What was Sir Anthony's school life?

Retell the chapter using the words from 1st excercise

Выбранный для просмотра документ the piano2.docx


Chapter 2. A poor boy.

Translate into Russian:

To be tired

To enjoy

To laugh


The keys of the pianothe top of sth

to push away

a tin bath

to need

Fill in:

1)The teacher's name was Mr Grey. He was grey, like his name: he was old and grey and _________. Everything about him was grey: grey________, grey shirt, grey__________ and a long, thin, grey face. When he smiled the children saw his long, grey_______. But he did not often smile. Mr Grey did not enjoy____________. He did not like children.

2) But Tuesday mornings were______________, because Tuesday was music day. Every Tuesday morning an old lady called Mrs Lark came to the school. Mrs Lark played the piano and the____________ sang. She was not a very good pianist, but she liked children and she enjoyed her work. She knew a lot of songs too. Every Tuesday her______________________ flew like birds up and down the_______ of the piano. The children sang like birds, too. Then twelve o'clock came. Mrs Lark said 'goodbye' and _______________ the piano for another week.

3) There were___________ in the town, of course, but poor people did not go to concerts. _______________ an Italian street musician came to town. He had a little piano on_________, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it. The people came out of their houses to listen to his music. Then the monkey went round with a little __________. 'Give us a penny!' sang the musician. But when the monkey came back, the tin cup was always____________. The musician shook his head and ____________ his little piano away.

4) In _________ days, poor children usually left school when they were thirteen. Most of Tony's friends found jobs in shops or_____________ in the town. Tony did not want to work in a shop or a factory. But he ___________ a job because his family needed the money.

Translate some of the Irregular Verbs:














Leave (left,left)





Write out and translate all the words connected with human body and words that help to describe a person.

Выбранный для просмотра документ на урок.docx

















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