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Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку для 6 класса

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Административная контрольная работа по английскому языку за I полугодие по УМК Комарова Ю.А.


  1. Write six sentences for the daily routines using these words.

Get up shower get dressed breakfast lunch clean teeth

  1. I _______

  2. I_______

  3. I_______

  4. I_______

  5. I_______

  6. I_______

  1. Complete the sentences using five of the words from the box. Some sentences have more than possible answer.

Listen to write go to play read like watch

  1. I ___________ a book.

  2. I ___________ TV.

  3. I ___________ the guitar.

  4. I ___________ a CD.

  5. I___________ a letter.


  1. Complete the sentences using five of the words from the box.

Go live meet play read write

  1. He _______tennis.

  2. They ______ in a house.

  3. You _______very well.

  4. She ________ to work.

  5. Paola _______ magazines.

  6. We _______ friends at the park.

  1. Make the sentences negative.

  1. He watches DVDs. _____________

  2. Martha and Luis watch tennis. _________

  3. They go to the cinema. ____________

  4. She listens to the radio. ____________

  5. I play computer games. ____________

  6. We listen to music. _____________

  1. Write sentences. Include an adverb in the correct place in the sentences.

  1. I\be\late\for school (sometimes)

  2. She\read\music magazines (usually)

  3. Daniel\tidy\his room (never)

  4. We\do\our homework (always)

  5. You\get up\at six o’clock (often)

  1. Complete the sentences with a word from the box. You can use each word more than once.

At every in on

  1. She plays football ____Sundays.

  2. We go to the cinema ____week.

  3. I have a shower ____the morning.

  4. I study ______the afternoon.

  5. Luisa watches TV ____ evening.

  6. They have dinner _____eight o’clock.


  1. Read the text and complete the table with the words from the box.

Eat something

Have a coffee

Meet friends

Read a book


Play golf

Play an instrument

Play football

Listen to music

Watch a film

There is a lot to do in our town, so there is no reason to be bored.

  1. There is a sports centre, where people play lots of sports. They have got places to play football, tennis, basketball – even golf. There is something for everyone.

  2. If you don’t like sports, there is a music academy. Join a band or listen to some music. There are three different bands for people of different abilities. There is a beginner’s band, an intermediate and an advanced band as well. Everyone is welcome to join in.

  3. There is a large park in the centre of town. It’s a great place to go for a walk or to meet your friends. It’s also a quiet to sit and think or listen to the birds in the trees.

  4. We have got a great new cinema. We watch all the latest films there. After the film, you can have lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the cinema, or simply enjoy a snack in the coffee shop.

  5. Do you like books? There is a bookshop in the shopping centre as well. Sit in the comfortable chairs and read before you buy. The shop also serves coffee.

Sports centre

Music academy





  1. Write a plan for a weekend holiday. Include all the information in the notes. Use complete sentences.

Friday: - arrive (what time?)

- lunch

- the beach

Saturday: - get up (what time?)

  • have breakfast (when?)

  • go to (where?) in the morning

  • play (what?) in the afternoon

  • have dinner (when?)

Sunday: - go shopping (what do you buy?)

  • go home (what time?)

We arrive at …

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