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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Ағылшын тілі. ҚМЖ 9-сынып Тақырыбы: "Alternative medicine"
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Ағылшын тілі. ҚМЖ 9-сынып Тақырыбы: "Alternative medicine"


Lesson plan

Theme:Alternative medicine


Teacher:Delmukhambetova M.A.


11 spezialized physics-mathematical school

Aims: to learn pupils to speak about health, health problems, healthy life, alternative medicine. To introduce idioms.

Оқушылардың сөйлеу, грамматикалық қабілеттерін арттыру.

Type: combined

Methods: question-answer, individual and group work, technology by Karaev (сұрақ-жауп, топтық, жеке жұмыс, Караев технологиясы)

Viasual aids: the interactive board, pictures, cards, textbook, posters (топқа бөліну пазылдар, кестелер, флипчарт қағаз, түрлі-түсті қарындаштар, фломастер, маркер, бағалау парағы, сызғыш, стикерлер, смайликтер).

Expected results: pupils will be able to use topical vocabulary in their speech, they also will be able to analyze and compare new information and communicate their opinions through various activities.( Сұрақ-жауап арқылы диалогтік сөйлеу қалаыптасады. Өз пікірін ауызша білдіруге үйренеді. Қабілетті оқушылардың қабілеттері анықталады. Өзін-өзі және өзгені бағалау дағдылары қалыптасады. Өз ісіне жауап беру мүмкіндігіне сүйене отырып танымдық іс-әрекетін жүргізеді. Өз беделі мен қадір-қасиет сезімін дамытады).

Procedure of the Lesson

The stages of the Lesson




I. Organization moment.

1. Greeting:

-Good morning, dear pupils!

-How are you today?

-I'm fine, thanks! I'm very glad to see you!

Good morning, dear teacher!

-We are OK, thanks! And you?

-We are too.

2. Talking with duties:

-Who's on duty today?

-Is anybody absent today? Who is absent?

-I'm on duty today.

-Today....is/are absent or all are present.

3. Talking with other pupils:

-What date is it today? What day of the week is it today? What season is it now? What is the weather like today?

-It's the ______ of _______.

-It's ________ today.

-It's autumn now.

-It's sunny/windy/rainy today.

II. Warm-up:

As a warm activity pupils match therapies with their definition.

1-c 2-a 3-e 4-f 5-b 6-d

1. herbalism-c. treatment with plant remedies

2. hydrotherapy-a. treatment with water

3. aromatherapy-e.treatment with scented oils

4. homeopathy-treatment with remedies producing sympoms similar to the disease

5. acupuncture-treetment with needles

6. massage-treatment with stroking and pressure(especially muscles)

pupils match therapies with their definition.

III. Checking the home task:

Checking up the homework.

Ex.5 p. 26

1. There are many ____ between two brothers. They aren't similar at all.

2. Your diet may cause _____problems for you.

3. Drivers must be ____especially in rush hours.

4. You've to take _____for yourself.

5. He can't make any ____. I decide where to go, what to buy.

6. Who is the ____ of this shop?

7. _____ is harmful for your health.

Ex. 5 p. 26

Complete the сharts.

1. There are many differences between two brothers. They aren't similar at all.

2. Your diet may cause painful (мучительные, тяжкие, ауыртатын) problems for you.

3. Drivers must be careful especially in rush hours.

4. You've to take responsibility for yourself.

5. He can't make any decision. I decide where to go, what to buy.

6. Who is the owner of this shop?

7. Smoking is harmful for your health.

IV. Dividing into groups.

Now, pupils I want divide you into 3 groups.

Parts of the body



Қиынды сөздерді таңдап, үш топқа бөлінеді.

1. Brainstorming:

Which advice from the ex.1 could you follow? Can you add some more advice to this list?

Do you think you are fit or unfit?

Pupils say their opinions about this.

V. Introducing the new lesson.

Let's start our lesson. The theme of today's lesson is "Alternative medicine".

Pupils write down the date, the day and the theme in their notebooks.

Practical work on the group:

Танымдық кезең:

Phonetic drill-new words:

herbalism- шөппен емдеу

hydrotherapy- сумен емдеу

aromatherapy- хош иісті маймен емдеу

homeopathy- гомеопатия, способ лечения болезни заключающейся в применении малых доз лекарств, которые в больших дозах вызывают у здорового человека признаки данной болезни, использование сильно разведенных препаратов.

acupuncture- инемен емдеу

6. massage- уқалау, сылау, массаж жасау

Pupils read and repeat after the teacher and write down the words in their dictionary notebooks.

VI. Reading

Бірлескен оқу. You are going to read the text "Herbalism" ex. 4 p. 27

Feedback: discuss them as a class.

Before reading the text asks the students discuss the sentences in ex. 3 p. 27.

They are not allowed to look at the text, so I ask them to cover it.

Then I ask them read the text. After they've finished reading I ask them to discuss the same sentences in ex. 3 saying if they are true of false according to the text. feedback:

Work in pairs: ex. 5 p. 27

Students match the words in this ex. with the words in bold in the text.

Тиімділігі: Таныс емес сөздерді аударып, айтылуын меңгеріп, сөздік қорларын молайта алады.

Pupils read the text on page 27.

Pupils read and discuss the text in groups.

Answers: treatment-healing, production-manufacture, extremely large-vast, quickly-rapidly, reason-cause, disease-illness

VII. Vocabulary.Writing.

Ex. 3 p. 27

Do the ex. 3 p. 27

VIII. Speaking.

Ex. 6 p. 28

Have a discussion in small groups and to tell partners about a time where you or someone you know well:

Used an alternative medicine, had food poisoning, had very bad flu, had an allergic reaction to something, had to spend some time in hospital

Idioms: time on his hands

button your lip

sweet tooth

on the tip of my tongue

the apple of his eye

Do the ex. 6 p. 28

Idioms: time on his hands-көп бос уақыт болу

button your lip- ауызды жабу

sweet tooth-тәттіні жақсы көру

on the tip of my tongue-тілімнің ұшында тұр

the apple of his eye-көздің қарашығы

IX. Conclusion.

What I know?

What I want to know?

What I learned?

Pupils write in box what are they know, what are they want to know and what they learned at the lesson (in class).

6 hats of Edward de Bono

X. Evaluation.

Giving marks

Formative assessment (assessment for learning)

Summative assessment (assessment of learning)

Жасаған постерлерін топ болып қорғайды.

3-топ бірі-бірінің постер бойынша жасаған жұмыстарын "Екі жұлдыз, бір тілек"-"Two stars, one wish" бойынша жетістіктерін айтып, бағалайды.

XI. Giving the home task.

Ex.8 p. 28 learn by heart new words and idioms

Write down the home work in their diaries.

XII. Reflection.

Did you like the lesson? Was it useful for you? You all worked very well. I'm pleased with your answers. Thank you for your participating. Now, pupils, at the end of the lesson let's write your opinion for this lesson.

The lesson is over! Good-bye!

hello_html_7732f9c2.jpgVery well! The lesson was very informative. I've got a lot of useful information. I was active. I answered well.

hello_html_389bca1.jpgGood job! The lesson was quite interesting. I've got some information. I understood almost everything. But I was a little tensed. I've made a few mistakes.

hello_html_276d772a.jpgTry again. Good luck! The lesson was dull. It was difficult for me to take part in it. I've made a lot of mistakes. I wasn't ready for it.

Қандай нәтижеге жеттім?

Не қиын болды?

Не оңай болды? Нені жетілдіру қажет?

Қандай өзгертулер қажет? Оқушылар қандай жетістіктерге жетті?

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