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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Ағылшын тілі пәні бойынша "Law of Canada" тақырыбындағы сабақ жоспары (10 сынып)
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  • Иностранные языки

Ағылшын тілі пәні бойынша "Law of Canada" тақырыбындағы сабақ жоспары (10 сынып)


Sarsengaliyeva Asem




10th grade


Law of Canada

Main idea/Негізгі түйінді идеясы:

Canada`s constitution governs the legal framework of the country and consists of written text and unwritten traditions and conventions.

Aim of the lesson/Оқу мақсаты:

to give some information about law of Canada, to give some grammar material about the use of the second conditional, to develop their skills of listening, speaking and critical thinking on the theme, to encourage group interaction and discussions

Сriteriа/Табыс критерийлері:

All students/Барлық оқушылар:

Most students/Көпшілік оқушылар:

Individual students/жекелеген оқушылар:

will be able to use the second conditional, to work in group, to show their abilities of reading, writing and listening

will be able to use the second conditional, to work in groups and in pairs, to show their abilities of speaking and listening, to answer the questions on the theme “Law of Canada”

will be able to use the second conditional, to work in groups and in pairs, to show their abilities of speaking, to express their opinions on the theme “Law of Canada”, to use grammar structure in a meaningful way





Teacher’s activity/

мұғалімнің әрекеті

Student’s activity/оқушының әрекеті





I.Organization moment

Ұйымдасты-ру бөлімі

3 min

-greets with the students

-checks up the attendance of students

-pays students’ attention to the lesson

-makes a good atmosphere:

Teacher: Gulsezim, you are clever!

Gulsezim: Aman, you are active! etc

-divides the class into 2 groups using pictures by the method “Mosaic”

-greet with the teacher

-act on duty

-prepare for the lesson

- tell each other good compliments

- choose a piece of picture and assemblage them



A flower





2 min


-What is the theme of our lesson today?

-What can you say looking at the pictures?

First of all let`s learn grammar of our lesson.

Starting with contextualized examples.

– “Do you play the lottery?”
– “How much money can you win playing the lottery?”

– “If you won the lottery, what would you buy?”

They answer the questions.

When they can’t answer this, they usually understand the concept behind it.

Interactive board

III. The main stage/негізгі бөлім

1.Grammar presentation/

Грамматикалық таныстырылым

2.Individual work/ жеке жұмыс

3. Pair work/

Жұптық жұмыс

4. Group work/Think,pair, share”

Топтық жұмыс

5. Vocabulary.

6. Group work. Numbered heads together.

7. Individual work.

35 min



4 min

4 min



2 min

10 min

5 min

The Second Conditional Sentence

Listen to the song by the Barenaked Ladies. It’s called “If I had a Million Dollars.”

-What would the singer of the song buy or do if he had a million dollars?

Find the missing half of the sentence and fill in the gaps with the correct form of the verb. Combinations must be grammatically correct and logical.

1 group – Problem Solving and voting.

What would you do...?

1) ...if you were in a river and suddenly saw a crocodile swimming towards you?

2) ...if you were in a forest a very large bear came towards you?

2 group- Chain Story.

I would be happy if ……

framework- құрылым

to amend -өзгертулер енгізу

inception -басы

legislation- заң шығару

interpret- түсіндіру

prevail- басым болу

predominate- үстемдік ету

Jigso” method. Read the text “Law of Canada” in groups .

a)True/false activity.

1.Canada is a constitutional republic with Prime Minister, as head of state.

2.In 1867, Canada was just a colony with internal autonomy.

3.Since 1935, it has been an independent state in the world community.

4.The basic framework of the Canadian constitution is contained in the Spanish North America Act 1867

5.It renamed the Constitution Act 1867 in 1989.

6.Canada's judiciary plays an important role in interpreting laws.

b)Giving situations with the numbers below.

1867 1931 1982 20 2000

They learn the use of the Second Conditional Sentence

-If he had a million dollars, he would buy a car.

- If he had a million dollars, he would buy

They work in pairs.

1 group - to present their ideas on what they would do if they were in a river and suddenly saw a crocodile swimming towards them,etc and then students can vote for the best.

2 group – to make a story about the situation using their imaginations. A minimum of 4-5 sentences for the situation should be used.


If I went to the country, I would get up early.

If I got up early, I would see the sunrise.

If I saw the sunrise, I would be happy.

They study the new words with the teacher

They discuss the text and make poster. Then they present their poster and evaluate each other’s work.

They correct the false statements.

They give situations with the numbers.


Traffic lights

Two stars and an offer

Interactive board




Flipcharts, a poster, stickers, smiles


Қорытынды бөлім

Catch a question/

«Сұрақты ұстап ал»


Үй жұмысы


Criteria evaluation/




8 min

-If you could be anyone in the world, who would you be?

-If you were an animal, what animal would you be?

-If you went back in time, what year would you go to?

-If you changed your name, what name would you choose?

-Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

- How can you characterize Canada`s Constitution?

- What is the basic framework of the Canadian constitution contained in?

-How did it rename in 1982?etc

to make up sentences using the second conditional sentence

If I were a President, …. ” ;

to find information about constitution of Canada

She puts summative assessment

Box with questions


- Have you a question on the theme of the lesson?

They answer the questions.


They put their scores onto evaluating papers

They write their questions.

A question bag

evaluating papers


VI. Reflection / рефлексия

What was successful?

Не сәтті болды?

What wasn`t successful?

Не сәтті болмады?

What would I do better?

Нені жақсартуға болады?

What could I develop in my habits?

Мен өз дағдыларымда нені дамыта алдым?

What would I change?

Нені өзгертуге болады?

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