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Lesson plan for 11th form.

Theme: ҰБ-ның қоршаған ортасын қорғау

Objective aim: to improve the pupil’s knowledge

To develop reading, writing, speaking skills;

To introduce new words and activate them.

Equipments: blanks, blackboard, chalk, book.

Organization moment: a) Greeting.

b) Asking date, day, weather, month, season and so on.

Checking homework: What was your homework for today?

Let’s check your homework.

Introducing new theme: Today at the lesson we speak about “Environmental protection in GB: And we’ll develop reading, writing, speaking skills. And, also we review previous words about environment.

Speaking skill: Environmental protection in GB.

Reading skill: Read the text and translate

Speaking skill: What kind of Environmental rules do you know?

Do you have any tree planting projects in your country?

What will you do If you are Environmental person?

Grammar revision: First Conditional

Future Simple + If + Present Simple

e.g. If I l study English better I will speak with foreigners.

The first Conditional expresses a possible situation and its result.

Second Conditional.

The Second Conditional expresses an unreal situation and its result.

e.g. If I saw A UFO in the park. I wouldn’t be afraid of it

Work with blanks:

  1. If we ____ (look after) the world the world ___(be) beautiful.

  2. If we ____ (Plant) trees every year the air ____ (be fresh)

  3. If we ____ (protect) seas from pollution any sea ____ never (die)

Writing skills: Write your own idea the rules of environment.

  • We shouldn’t throw away the rubbish out.

  • We should protect woods and forests.

  • We shouldn’t pollute the atmosphere on the land or on the sea.

Conclusion: Today at the lesson we spoke about “Environment.” and reviewed previous words also do exercises. At home you should write rules of environment

Marks: “5” “4” “3”

Lesson is over Goodbye

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