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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыАғылшын тілінен ашық сабақ "Homes" (9сынып)

Ағылшын тілінен ашық сабақ "Homes" (9сынып)


Teacher of English

Bigarimova Dinara Espenkyzy

Semey city

Plan of the lesson


Date: 25.01.2017 y.





Additional materials, teacher’s book


- To develop student’s speech, critical thinking

- To work in group

- To teach them to respect opinion of each other

The expected results

- Students develop their lexis by the new theme

-By working in groups they develop their critical thinking

-By working in groups they learn to respect opinion of each other

Type of the lesson

Mixed lesson

Visual aids

Active board, handout, pictures, posters, presentation.

Stages/time (45/)

І stageThe procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Student’s activity

Organization moment

ІІ stageЖаңа тақырып бойынша тапсырмалар

Greeting with students,Psychological mood for the lesson

Dividing into groups: by the pictures “Homes”

- Can you tell me according by these pictures what will be the theme of our lesson?

- What do you think about home?

- Your associations about home.

Dividing Roles in Groups.



A detached house – особняк
●a block of flats –
тұрғын үй
●housing estate –
тұрғын үй кешені
●cottage -
●bungalow -
●A caravan -
●A semi – detached house -
жартылай особняк
●A terraced house –
террасалы үй


ІІІ stage

There is no place like home.

East or west home is best.

Men make houses, women make homes.

«Reading the text»

After reading each group will work by their own tasks.

Many english families live in flats,but a lot of people have got their own houses. There are two floors in the traditional English house: the ground floor and the first floor. The bedrooms and a bathroom are upstairs on the first floor. The living room,the dining room,the kitchen and a hall are usually downstairs.The living room is often the largest room in the house . There is always a sofa,some chairs and armchairs in it. There is often a carpet on the floor. It makes the room comfortable. English people usually have a fireplace in the living room. They often spend evenings in armchairs near the fire .They read books,watch television, sit around and talk. People in England like their homes and often say,"There is no place like home"and"East or West,home is best."

Explain the meaning of the proverb.

Working in groups

Group 1: working on flipcharts

Group 2: preparing presentation



  1. Match the words in the box with the pictures. Write the words in the spaces. Then listen, check and repeat.

To be going to…

Келешекте болатын іс әрекетті білдіру үшін қолданылады.

1. Алдын ала жоспарланған істі білдіру үшін

I`m going to watch the next programme

He is going to go to London tomorrow

2. Айдан анық фактілерді білдіру үшін

My sister is going to have a baby next month

This bag isn`t very strong. It`s going to break


  1. The door is locked. Get the key. Make sentences using be going to.

  1. D detached house

  2. A a block of flats

  3. G housing estate

  4. B Cottage

  5. F bungalow

  6. C caravan

  7. E semi – detached house

  8. H terraced house

He is going to buy a house.

He is going to clean a carpet.

They are going to sing a song.

They are going to draw pictures.

He is going to write on blackboard.

They are going to have breakfast.


Dancing to the song “Taka ta”


Dream tree


Firstly, students will write own dreams. They will give interesting facts, express their negative and positive feelings, new and creative ideas, give general view to the problem and conclusion



Leaders of groups marking their group mates

Home task

Ex7a P63 Vocabulary

Essay – My dream house

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