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Ағылшын тілінен сабақ жоспары "Health" (9-сынып)

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30.09. 2013y



The aims

- to develop the students’ abilities in speaking on the theme Marathon Different activities Comparative adverbs as…as

The objectives:

- to create a nice physiological climate in the class through the group work

The expecting results:

-to enrich students knowledge about Marathon

-to develop critical thinking through creative tasks

-to develop communicative skills in speaking, reading and writing

- students enrich their vocabulary and can discuss and express their opinions

- students get the habits of critical thinking

- students get the communicative habits in English

- to use Comparative adverbs as…as

- to require the material


interactive board, letters multimedia projector, notebooks video film, Cambridge Audio CD, cards, posters, electronic books, pictures

Methods of teaching

Critical Thinking and New Approaches in Education (the module) interaction, presentation, explanation, question – answer, individual work, pair and group work.

Activity of the teacher

Activity of the pupils



a) Greeting b) Talk with a teacher

Introducing the theme

Speaking and talking, about Marathon

Group work

Discussing, making the dialogue and guessing what : A marathon


To introduce with the theme, aims and topical words

Words connected with sport



Let’s work with our notebooks.

Working with a partner

Comparative adverbs as…as

Doing activites

Making the project work

Now I want you to draw and then two pupils from each group tell us about sport . Work together in group.

Children draw a poster, discuss, share their opinions and write down some words.


Working with a partner , additional reading about, speaking, answering questions

Ex9 ab p22 SB ,ex6 ab p14 WB

Listening to the text about a marathon


Children listen a text and do activities,

Sing a song SB “ Run that body down by”


So it’s high time for us to draw the line of our lesson and to say what you’ve done at this lesson and what you’ve learned to do.

How can you assess your work? If you think everything was perfect show me green cards. If you suppose that you’ve worked not very well – yellow cards, and if you’ve worked bad, on your point of view – red. Evaluation

Ok. You’ve been working hard.

Your marks for the lesson are excellent.

The lesson is over.

Thanks for your work.

Give you marks each other


WB: Ex7ab p15

Motivation of pupils

It is necessary to know about sports for the purpose of application of the acquired knowledge in the conditions of hit on language , and is there ar in further training

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