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Ағылшын тілінен сыныптан тыс іс-шара 5«А» ,«Ә»класстарында «I know everything» ойыны .

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Ағылшын тілінен сыныптан тыс іс-шара 5«А» ,«Ә»класстарында

«I know everything» ойыны .

Ойынның мақсаты:оқушылардың ағылшын сабақтарынан алған білімдерін жетілдіру және тілдік қорын байыту .

Тапсырма: оқушылардың School,Professions тақырыптарына байланысты лексикалық сөздерді және грамматика Present Simple and Present Continuous шақтарын бекіту,

Оқушылардың бойындағы жақсы қасиеттерін дамыту, топта жұмыс жасау және бірге шешім қабылдау қабілеттерін дамыту;

Өз елінің және оқып жатқан елінң тілінің мәдениетін құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу.

Сыныптың безендірілуі:

Тақтада «I know everything» ойынның аты,шетелдердің тулары ,Ұлыбританияның картасы, ойын ережесі.

Ойынның барысы.

  1. Ор.момент.

Teacher: Good afternoon, children and our guests! I’m very glad to see you here. Now we shall organize a competition called “ I know everything”. Two teams will take part in a game of the most quick-witted and the cleverest. It’s time to introduce yourselves. Who is the captain of the 1st team?

P1: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Moon”.

Teacher: Who is the captain of the 2nd team?

P2: I’m the captain of the team. The name of our team is “Sun”. Teacher: Today all of you have a good chance to improve your English during the game. I have invited a competent jury to count the points. The members of our jury are your teachers Kekenadze Svetlana Sergeevna, Nietalina E.B. and Salauatova J.K..

Now I’m going to teach you how to play this game. The game has 7 contests, they are:

  1. The ABC game.

  2. «My dear school».

  3. «Lazy sentences.»

  4. «Who is quicker?»

  5. «Who is the best interpreter?»

6 .Professions

  1. Well, I wish you success. Be active, honest and helpful!

Бастапқы бөлім.

Teacher: And now we come to the 1st contest of the game called “The ABC game”. Kids, you’ll get some letters from the English alphabet. You must put the letters in the right order, so as to get the name of the countries. You have 3 minute at your disposal. Each team can get 5 points.

(Әріптер жазылған карталар: 1. Е, N, G, L, A, N, D. 2.F,R,A,N,C,E.

You can get 5 points for the right answer.

Quiz-master: And now we come to the 2nd contest which is called “My dear school”.

-Your task is to name as much things connected with school as possible.
The difficulty is that you shouldn’t repeat one and the same word two times.
-Ready, steady, go!!!
мектеп тақырыбына байланысты зат есімдерді атау,)

Оқушылар сұрақтарға тез және көңілді жауап беруде.Команда мүшелері бір-біріне көмектесті.

Teacher: The 3rd contest is called “Lazy sentences” -Let us do one more task. Now we will give you some cards with 5 sentences. But be careful! The words in the cards are put into wrong positions. You are to correct the mistakes. Start doing the task. You are given 2 minutes.
Сөздерден дұрыс сөйлем құрастыру керек. )

-Cooking, is, she, now ___________________________________________
-Football, Peter, is, at the moment, playing ____________________________________
-My, is, mother, TV, watching ____________________________________
-Alice, homework, doing, is, her ___________________________________
-Are, what, doing, you? __________________________________________

Teacher: Our next contest is called “Who is quicker?”

Your task is to guess the word quicker than others. Ready, steady, go!!!
1. The first day of the week…

2. The colour of the sun…

3. You drink this when you are thirsty…

4. Move quickly…

5.The month that follows October…

6. A bright colour…

7. A domestic animal…

8. You grow flowers in a…

9. Eight plus one is…

10. A very big animal…

11. A spring red flower…

12. Boys and girls at school are…

(Answers: Monday, yellow, water, run, November, red, dog, garden, nine, elephant, tulip, pupils.)

Teacher: Attention, please! The 5th contest is called Who is the best interpreter?”. This round is for the captains. They must read the text and try to translate it.

Text 1. Hi! My name is Barbara. I’m from London. Im 10 years old. I have many friends. My favourite school subject is math. My hobby is dancing and singing. My family isn’t large. I love my family

Text 2. My father is a doctor. He is 42 years old. He works at the hospital.

He likes his job. He goes to work by car. He has blue eyes and black hair. My father is very kind.

Teacher: The 6th contest is called “Professions”

The pupils must match the professions of people and the places where they work.


Places of work


A housewife

A farm


A librarian

A hospital


A teacher

A theatre


A doctor

A canteen


A computer programmer

A factory


A driver

A school


An actor

A house


A farmer

A library


An engineer

A car


A cook

An office

Each team can get 1 point for the right answer.


Шешуші кезең.

Jury: The score is55 and 53. The team “Sun” is the winner.

(Ойын жеңімпаздарына журналға жақсы баға қойылады )

Reflection. Do you like our game? Will you take part in such games more?

If you didn’t win the game, don’t worry, you are all clever guys.

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