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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Ағылшын тілінен жарыс сабағы тақырыбы "Enjoy English"
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Ағылшын тілінен жарыс сабағы тақырыбы "Enjoy English"


The plan of the lesson

The date: 17.02.16

The group: 6

The Theme: Enjoy English

The aim: Оқушылардың ағылшын тіліне қызығушылығын ояту.

Жарыс, ойын арқылы тілді меңгерту .

Оқушыларды достыққы , мейрімділікке және өз тілін құрметтеуге ,өзге тілді білуге тәрбиелеу

Assessment: medals great people of England and couloring papers

Point of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

Pupils’ activity

Org. moment




8 min





5 min

Кім тез?

Топтық жарыс

1,2 team

3,4 team

5 min

Капитандар жарысы

1, 2 team

3,4 team

Good afternoon, dear boys and girls, teachers and friends!

We are happy to meet you here.

Today we`ll have a great competition between 4 teams from the 6-th form. The topic of our competition is: “Enjoy English”.

Most children like to learn English. I also like it very much, because it is my life. And what do you think about learning English, boys and girls? Why do we learn English?

Now, let`s meet 4 teams. Come to the blackboard.

Who is the Capitan of your team? - I am. My name is ….

Who is the Capitan of your team? - I am. My name is ….

Now, _________,introduce your team.

Our team is_____________________________

Our motto is____________________________

Our emblem is ____________________________________

Cartoon heroes

Now we have the game. Our teams should guess a riddle. I’ll say some words about the famous characters of English and American books and cartoons. You should guess whom I mean.

1. This character is a funny bear. He is fat but very nice. He likes honey and doesn’t like bees. He enjoys to make up rhymes. He likes to visit his friends Rabbit and Piglet.

2. This is a very kind girl. She is very beautiful, much more beautiful than her stepmother. That’s why her stepmother sent her to the forest. But the girl found seven friends there. They were Seven dwarfs. They all lived very happily together.

3.This man is a character of English folk rhymes. He is very fat. He is always hungry. He can eat everything: bread and butter, cheese and meat, churches and people. He says that his stomach is never full.

4. This funny mouse is a character of the American cartoon. This mouse was created by Walt Disney. The mouse is very clever, but he always has a lot of problems with a cat. He has to make many tricks to run away from this cat.

1) East or west

a) is my castle

2) There is no place

b) has its customs

3) Every country

c) can love nothing”

4) Byron: “He who loves not his country

d) home is best

5) My home

e) like home

6) Home…

f) sweet home

7) Rome wasn’t

g) built in a day

Who is quicker?”

The next contest is “Who is quicker?” Your task is to guess the word quicker than others. Ready, steady, go!!!

1. The first day of the week…

2. The colour of the sun…

3. You drink this when you are thirsty…

4. Move quickly…

5.The month that follows October…

6. A bright colour…

7. A domestic animal…

8. You grow flowers in a…

9. Eight plus one is…

10. A very big animal…

11. A spring red flower…

12. Boys and girls at school are…

1.     How many letters are there in the English alphabet? (26 letters)

2.     How many seasons are there in a year? (4 seasons)

3.     How many days are there in a week? (7 days)

4.     What day comes after Friday? (Saturday)

5.     Who is my mother’s mother? (My grandmother)

6.     Who is my mother’s daughter? (My sister)

7.     When do the English celebrate Christmas? (In December)

8.     When do the Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day? (In November)

9.     What is Coca-Cola? (a drink)

10.  What is a hot dog? (a sandwich)

1. The little old woman who has twelve children: some short, some long, some cold, some hot. What is it? (A year.)

2. What has a face but no head, and hands but no fingers? (A clock.)

3. In what month do children talk the least? (In February.)

4. If yesterday two weeks ago it was Saturday, what day will it be tomorrow? (Monday.)

6. What can fly but has no wings? (Time)

7. It hears everything and says nothing? (An ear.)

8. What has a hundred teeth but cannot eat? (A saw.)

9. What is it that a cat has but no other animal can have? (A kitten.)

Captains, come to the blackboard. Stand here. We are going to ask you some questions and you’ll tell us “Yes” or “No”. If you are right, you make a step. If you are wrong- stand still. The closest to the jury is the winner.

1. Етістік “to be” – сөйлемді байланыстыратын сөз (иә)

2. Present Simple шағы келер шақты білдіреді. (жоқ)

3. Зат есімнің көпше түрінде “a” артиклі қойылады. (жоқ)

4. Демеулік “ behind“ қазақ тіліне арасында деп аударылады (жоқ)

5. Ағылшын тілінде 26 әріп бар. (иә)

6. Ағылшын тілінде 12 дауысты әріп бар. (жоқ)

7. Cөз nobodyқазақ тіліне ешнәрсе деп аударылады. (жоқ)

8. Сөзdouble-decker” – бір қабатты автобус. (жоқ)

9. Сын есімнің шырайлары good. (good – better – the best) (иә)

10. Сын есімнің шырайлары bad. (bad – worse – the worst) (иә)

11. Етістіктің 2-формасан ата go. (went)

12. Етістіктің 2-формасан ата say. (said)

Көмекші етістік “do,does” (иә)

Future indefinite Осы шақты білдіреді (жоқ)

Зат есімнің көпше түрінде “the” артиклі қойылады. (иә)

Демеулік “ between“ қазақ тіліне арасында деп аударылады (иә)

Ағылшын тілінде 36 әріп бар. (жоқ)

Ағылшын тілінде 6 дауысты әріп бар. (иә)

сөз “nobody” қазақ тіліне “ ешккім” деп аударылады. (иә)

Сөз “double-decker” – еті қабатты автобус. (ия)

Сын есімнің шырайлары much. (much – more – the most) (иә)

Сын есімнің шырайлары many. (good – better – the best) (жоқ)

Етістіктің 2-формасан ата think. (thought)

Етістіктің 2-формасан ата swim. (swam)

Children, make up the proverb. Read the proverb and try to give Kazakh, Russian equivalents.

(Apple never falls far from the tree)

What do you think about this proverb?

I see most of you like school and it is very good at school you get knowledge. Knowledge, as you know, is power.

Do you like todays lesson? What do you like? What don’t you like?

Thank you for your work. Our lesson is over. Good bye, my dear friends


Good afternoon

English helps us to learn a lot of things about different people from different countries.

- English gives us a chance to travel.

- English helps us to read books in origin.

- English helps us to make friends with children of other countries.

Pupils try to answer the questions


(Snow White)

(Robin the Bobbin)


Оқушылар сұраққа мүдірмей жауап беру керек

Әр топқа үш жұмбақтан беріледі

Жұмбақтың жауабын табу

«иә», «жоқ» деп жауап беру керек


try to say the III form of the verb

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