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Wales. The Nothern Ireland

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Күні: 02.03.2015

Тоқсан: III


Wales. The Nothern Ireland


English book for 7 grade


1) educational

- to continue the topic “Great Britain”, teach the words- queen, capital, prince, royal family, name of national symbols

- to introduce and fix the new topical vocabulary

- to practice the grammar: modal verbs

2) developing

-to stimulate the developing of the listening skills

- to help the developing of the psychological processes( memory, mind, imagination, attention)

- develop reading and speaking skills.

3) up bringing

- forming of the positive motivation toward the studying of English.

- forming of the intellectual working skills.

Күтілетін нәтиже:

To practice pupils’ communicative skills by learning new vocabulary

To acquire a new theme and learn words

To practice grammar with interesting exercises.

Түйінді идеялар:

This lesson helps to improve student’s critical thinking, work in group and individually.

Сабақтың әдіс- тәсілі:

This lesson helps to improve student’s critical thinking, diverse and beneficial games healp to work in group and individually, texts like “Great Britain” help to develop reading and speaking.

Пәнаралық байланыс:


Ақпарат көздері:

computer with multimedia projector, slide presentation “ Wales. The Nothern Ireland ,books, pictures, cards

Блум бойынша


Мұғалім іс- әрекеті

Оқушы іс- әрекеті


2 мин

T: Good afternoon , students! How are you?

S: Good afternon teacher. We are fine and you?

T: I’m great! Who is on duty today?

S: I’m on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

S: …

T: What day and what date is it today?

S: Today is Monday, the 2nd of March.

T: Thank you. Take your seat.

During these 2 minutes teacher create foreing language atmosphere in the classroom. Greet the teacher , answer the questions.


9 мин

Work with book:

Task 1

Work with new words

Task 2

Read the text and mark the information which is new to you. Today we have a very interesting theme to be discussed.

Task 3

Group work: ask and answear the questions.

  1. Students will connect the pictures and learn new words by heart.

  2. Students will read the text one by one. “Great Britain.”

  3. They will work in group and improve their speaking.


15 мин

Work with poster

Сергіту сәті

2 мин

Students will stand up do exersizes

Warming up for our brain and body! ”

Are you tired, students? Let`s do some exercises Children have to listen very carefully!

On GO - children must stop still.

On STOP - children must move around the space either walking or running.

On UP - children must sit or lay down.

On DOWN - children must stretch up to the ceiling.


8 мин

1) Today we shall take the theme “Wales. The Nothren Ireland ”, but for the first I want you to listen and read the words on our theme. Tell me, what words do you know?

2) Slide presentation about

Wales. The Nothren Ireland

Listen and read, write the new words, using pictures.


5 мин

Modal Verbs

Write some examples


2 мин

Evaluate students with the method of Chiksentmikhay

  • Are they active or not

  • Their working with portcards

  • Their working with text

  • Students will evaluate themselves like this:

  • It was interesting lesson

  • It was boring lesson

  • Games were beneficial for me


1 мин

Students will write in their postcards what they have learned from this lesson. It will be like connection between teacher and students.

Students will write in their postcards:

What they want to learn and read in the next lesson, as the result they will show their own ideas about the lesson.

Үй тапсырмасы

1 мин

They will work with new words and write an essay

Students will write the number of their homeworks on their diaries.

English teacher: Estybaeva Gulzira

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