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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / An essay for the Great Holiday "Victory Day" -" The 9-th of May"
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An essay for the Great Holiday "Victory Day" -" The 9-th of May"


Essay is written by Eleybek Zhadyra - the student of the 10-th form,

school # 1 after K. Muhamedjanov, Kyzylorda.

Teacher of English : Seitbembetova Zh. S.

The 9-th of May is Victory Day.”

For more than 69 years we and former Soviet Republics have lived and worked in peace. The Great Patriotic war ended in May, 1945. That spring day of May 9 remarked in the history of our country as “The Great Victory Day”.

Time will not take that historic day away from us. It shows still brighter the world-historic significance of our victory.

The 9-th of May is a special day. It’s a wonderful holiday different from all other holidays. It is a national holiday and at the same time a very personal one.

Young generations know about the Great Patriotic War only from books and films. But it is difficult to believe that their hearts are not excited on Victory Day. Especially when they meet with war veterans. And you cannot find a family where those who fell for our Motherland are not commemorated on the 9-th of May.

Victory was won at a high price. The Soviet people had to fight against the fascists from the White Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south. The heroic people not only defended their own country, they saved the world. People from Kazakhstan also took an active part in that war. For courage and heroism displayed on the fronts of the Great Patriotic War, four hundred and forty representatives of Kazakhstan are awarded the honorary title of the Hero of the Soviet Union, and over 56 thousand are awarded the orders and medals of the USSR. Among them are Manshuk Mametova, Aliya Moldagulova, Nurken Abdirov, Sergey Lugansky, Sultan Baimagambetov, Leonid Beda and many others. The names of war heroes will live in our memory .

In Almaty there is ‘The 28 Panfilov’s Guardsmen Park’ where the Glory Memorial with its Eternal Flame and the Memorial Lane is situated . The division was raised in Almaty and was led by general Ivan Panfilov. During the Moscow Battle, in 1941, 28 fighters of the 1075-th regimen of the 316-th infantry division destroyed 400 German tanks and wiped out 85 thousand fascists, more than 40 airplanes. The everlasting glory is achieved by soldiers of the legendary Panfilov division, who fought to death on the approaches of Moscow. For this heroism 34 fighters were awarded the Heroes of Soviet Union, 29 bestowed on order upon Lenin, 371- orders of the Red Banners. Our veterans traditionally go to this memorial to honour the memory of war heroes.

During the Great Patriotic War all nations heroically fought for peace and freedom of the lands and saved the world from fascism. That’s why the veterans of the war are respected not only by one nation, but by the people of the whole world. People of the world honour the memory of those who died in the war. There are demonstrations with the photos of the heroes in the streets on that day. There are many streets, schools and buildings named after the heroes’ names. You often see the tabloes in their houses.

We thank our veterans who took part in this war owing to them we live in peace nowadays. We wish to be peace, happiness and gladness in each home, by each child. Let always sun will shine brightly.

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