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Английская поэзия для 5-6 классов для конкурса чтецов

Напоминаем, что в соответствии с профстандартом педагога (утверждён Приказом Минтруда России), если у Вас нет соответствующего преподаваемому предмету образования, то Вам необходимо пройти профессиональную переподготовку по профилю педагогической деятельности. Сделать это Вы можете дистанционно на сайте проекта "Инфоурок" и получить диплом с присвоением квалификации уже через 2 месяца!

Только сейчас действует СКИДКА 50% для всех педагогов на все 111 курсов профессиональной переподготовки! Доступна рассрочка с первым взносом всего 10%, при этом цена курса не увеличивается из-за использования рассрочки!



Falling Snow


See the pretty snowflakes (Глядите, красивые снежинки)

Falling from the sky; (Падают с небес;)

On the wall and housetops (На стены и кровли)

Soft and thick they lie. (Легко и густо они ложатся.)

On the window ledges, (На подоконниках,)

On the branches bare; (На голых ветвях;)

Now how fast they gather, (Сейчас как быстро они собрались,)

Filling all the air. (Заполонив весь воздух.)

Look into the garden, (Посмотрите в сад,)

Where the grass was green; (Где трава была зелена;)

Covered by the snowflakes, (Укрыта снежинками,)

Not a blade is seen. (Ни травинка не видна.)

Now the bare black bushes (Теперь голые черные кусты)

All look soft and white, (Все выглядят мягкими и белыми,)

Every twig is laden, (Каждая ветка присыпана,)

What a pretty sight! (Какое прелестное зрелище)

The Snowman

I made a great tall snowman

With two huge coal black eyes

And just to reach around his neck

Took two of Daddy's ties.

I put a hat of mother's

Upon his rounded head

And then I ran and left him

And hurried off to bed.

When I awoke next morning

Imagine my surprise

My snowman had run away

And left his hat, ties, and eyes!

Big Ben

Big Bеn is high above the town,
It is a symbol of the Crown.
Its sight is handsome in the noon,
At night, it's shining like a moon.
It has as many as four faces.
The deep voice's heard in many places
Its work is industrious, in fact.
It tells the time to everyone,
The job is said to be well-done.
Sometimes its stroke is like a call
Of old Sir Benjamin Hall.

Follow Me

(by Michelle Newton)

Take my hand and follow me
to that place I long to be.
Take my hand and trust my way,
in that place forever stay.
Follow me toward the sand;
we'll run and play, hand in hand.
Take my heart and hold it true;
forever I'll stay close to you.
Seize my words and listen well,
then forever I will tell.
Release your heart and feelings too,
just as I will do for you.
Trust your heart and follow me,
to that place we long to be.

You Are My Best Friend!

by Katherine James

Best friends we are ,
Best friends we'll be,
For always forever,
You and Me!

Longer than a phone call,
Deeper than the sea,
All this belongs to us,
You and Me!

Put it in a bottle,
Never let it free,
keep it in your heart,
You and Me!

I hope you read this poem,
Remember it for me,
Look after it with care,
You and Me!

Traffic Lesson

Be very, very careful

When you cross the street.

Use your eyes and use your ears,

And then use your feet.

Look to the left,

Look to the right,

Then look up

And check the light.

When all the cars have stopped,

It’s time for you to go.

Walk between the lines.

That’s the safest way I know.

My Promise

[Моя клятва]

Each day I'll do my best, (Каждый день я буду делать все необходимое,)

And I won't do any less. (И не буду делать меньше.)

My work will always please me, (Моя работа всегда будет радовать меня,)

And I won't accept a mess. (И я не допущу беспорядка.)

I'll color very carefully, (Я буду красить очень осторожно,)

My writing will be neat. (Мое письмо будет аккуратным.)

And I simply won't be happy (И я просто не буду счастлив)

"Till my papers are complete. (До тех пор пока мои работы не будут в порядке.)

I'll always do my homework, (Я всегда буду делать домашнее задание,)

And I'll try on every test. (И я буду старатся на каждом тесте.)

And I won't forget my promise - (И я не забуду свое обещание -)

To do my very best! (Что-бы стать самым лучшим!)

What Does A Hound Dog Do All Day?

He sleeps. He eats. He chases flies.

He looks for pheasant in the skies.

He barks. He growls. And then he snores.

He wakes and begs for out-of-doors.

He hunts. He howls. He loves kind words.

(He won't admit he's scared of birds.)

He runs. He jumps. He fetches sticks.

He finds your face and then he licks.

He gets his pets. He gets his pets.

He gets his kicks from chasing cats.

He sniffs. He tracks. He likes to roam.

He finds your lap when you are home.

The Quarrel

1 I quarreled with my brother, 2 The start of it was slight,

I don`t know what about, The end of it was strong,

One thing led to another He said that he was right,

And somehow we fell out. I knew that he was wrong.

We hated one another.

The afternoon turned black.

Then suddenly my brother

Thumped me on the back,

And said, “Come along!

We can`t go on, all right

I was in the wrong.”

But he was in the right”.

What is it all about?

(by unknown author)

First you come and than you go,

Then you smile and than you cry.

Then you whisper and than you shout.

Can`t you tell me what it`s all about?

Why do you sit and then stand?

Why do you sleep and then wake?

Why do you walk and run?

This really isn`t very much fun!

Why did you go up and not come down?

Why did you talk and not listen?

Why did you eat and not drink?

What really should I think?

Come and go, smile and cry,

In and out, whisper and shout.

Now you can tell me

What it`s all about…

My House

(by unknown author)

Let's go to my house.

Let's go today.

I'll show you all the rooms

Where we work and play.

Here is the kitchen

Where Mother cooks for me.

Here is the living room

Where I watch TV.

Here is the dining room.

We eat here every day.

And this room is my room

Where I sleep and play.

It's Valentine's Day

(by Jack Prelutsky)

It's Valentine's Day. And in the street

There's freezing rain, and slush, and sleet.

The wind is fierce. The skies are grеy.

I don't think I'll go out today.

But here inside the weather's warm.

There is no trace of wind or storm.

And you just made the morning shine.

You said you'd be my Valentine.

A Valentine for my teacher

(by Jack Prelutsky)

My teacher's very special,

So I'm making her a heart.

A Valentine that's sure to be

A proper work of art.

I've worked on it all morning,

So it should be ready soon.

I'd like to slip it on her desk

Before this afternoon.

It's colored in with crayons,

And it's trimmed with paper lace

It has flowers, hearts, and Cupids.

I can't wait to see her face.

Five Little Dogs

1 Five little dogs 2 Four littlу dogs

At the house door. Playing near a tree.

One runs in, One runs away,

Then there are four. Then there are three.

3 Three little dogs 4 Two little dogs

Say, “What can we do?” Sit in the sun.

One runs away, One runs away,

Then there are two. Then there is one.

5 One little dog

Plays here with May

Tom runs to see him,

But he runs away.

What is travelling for me?

(by unknown author)

What is travelling for me?

It is the shining sun? the sea?

The golden sand which looks like beads;

The blue-eyed sky and tender breeze...

What do I see when I close my eyes?

A milk-white ship with two red stripes;

The limpid cloud at the dawn

And the sun that rises all alone...

And when the twilight falls from height,

The night appears from heaven’s gate.

I see the moon in magic light,

The stars that sparkle in the night.

That’s what I’m looking in my dreams,

And they are my inspiring beams!

I want to see it, to behold

My travels all the world enfold!

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