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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Английские глаголы с фиксированными предлогами
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  • Иностранные языки

Английские глаголы с фиксированными предлогами



Study the use of the verbs. Do tasks using the table.

Hear of

Know sth about

Pay attention to

Take notice of someone or something

Laugh at

make the sounds and movements of your face that show you are happy or think something is funny

Look at

Turn the eyes in some direction

Look after

Take care of smb/smth

Look for

To try to find, to search for sb/smth

Look forward to

To expect sth with pleasure

Look up

To try to find a word, name, number

Look through

Study, examine

Make fun of

 laugh at, or joke about (someone) in an unkind way

Rely on

Depend on with full trust

Depend on

Be controlled or able to trust

Send for

to ask somebody to bring something to you, to ask or tell somebody to come to you

Speak of/about

to talk to somebody about something

Talk about

to say things; to speak in order to give information or to express feelings

Think of

Have a specified opinion of

Listen to

Make an effort to hear something; be alert and ready to hear something:

Provide for

to give something to somebody or make it available for them to use

Explain to

to tell somebody about something in a way that makes it easy to understand

Operate on

to cut open somebody’s body in order to remove a part that has a disease or to repair a part that is damaged

Pay for

give payment to

Complete with the prepositions. 1.Diana was very happy because all her friends laughed.....her jokes.2. Eduard thinks … doing his homework this afternoon. 3. Don't forget to pay ……your meal before leaving the restaurant.4. Do you agree …… our proposal? In such case, please fill ………. the contract and send it ……. to us as soon as possible.5. Look, I don’t want to look …… it. I don’t care anymore. 6. They had a break-in next door last night. The police are looking ……the matter. 7. Don’t forget to look …… me when you get to the hotel. I will be waiting …… you at the reception desk.8. Why don’t you talk …… me? Hey, what is wrong with you? 9. When I am abroad, I always think ……. you.10. We are looking forward ……going on holidays. 11. Why did you laugh .....him? 12. We're looking.... a new house. 13. I look ... my sister on Sundays.

Fill in the correct particle 1.Look…the baby while I'm out.2.If you look… it carefully, you'll see the mark.3.I've been looking…my spectacles for half an hour and can't find them.4.He looked… the book to see if he had read it before.5.Why are you here? Tom is looking …you downstairs. 6.She looked…the canvas with some interest trying to guess whose work it was.7.Have you looked… the papers yet?8.Don't worry! The children will be looked….9.He looked… me for a few moments and then said he would never forget what I had done. 10.He asked me to look…the document and then sign it.11.The buses are often late, so you can depend…them.12. Keep enough money to pay…your tickets. 13.She listened…me very attentively.14.Can we rely….him to support us?15.Can you explain this word…me?16.

Complete with these verbs:

look, talk, listen, explain, laugh, speak, pay, depend, hear, think

1.I think Ben likes his job, but he doesn’t ….it much. 2.Helen’s car is very old, but it’s in excellent condition. She…it very well. 3.I look stupid with this haircut. Everybody will …me.4. I don’t understand this. Can you …. it to me? 5.Sue and Kevin had an argument and now they are refusing to … each other. 6.I am not sure where we are. I’ll have to … the map.7. Please …. Me! I’ve got something important to tell you. 8.When you went to the theatre with Peter, who …the tickets? 9.We hope to go to the beach tomorrow, but it … the weather. 10.She is not a well known singer. Not many people have … her. 11.It was my idea. I … it first. 12.I can’t make a decision yet. I need time to … your proposal.

Which is correct?

1.Can you explain this word to me? Can you explain me this word?

2.I need somebody to explain me what I have to do. I need somebody to explain to me what I have to do.

3.Don’t listen what he says. Don’t listen to what he says.

4.What are you laughing at? What are you laughing?

5.I am lonely. I need somebody to talk with. I am lonely. I need somebody to talk to.

6.Can I speak to you a moment? Can I speak with you a moment?


Complete with the prepositions.

1.at 2.of 3.for 4.with, in 5.for/forward 6.for 7.for, for 8.to 9.about 10.to 11.at 12.for 13.after Fill in the correct particle

1.after 2.through 3.for 4.through 5.for 6.at 7.through 8.after 9.at 10.through 11.on 12.for 13.to 14on 15.to

Complete with these verbs:

  1. Talk about 2.looks after 3.laugh at 4.explain to 5. Speak to 6. Look at 7. Listen to 8. paid for 9. Depends on 10. heard of 11.thought of 12.think about

Which is correct?

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