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Английский язык тема "Условные предложения"

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Date: 11 12 15

Form 11

Session title

Your letter from the heart


Teacher’s book, Whiteboard,

Learning aims

  • Students will be able to learn how to use I, II, III conditionals correctly;

  • Students will be able to develop speaking skills using grammatical and lexical theme of the lesson.


Students know and use the structure of conditionals for developing monologue and dialogue speech.






Warm up

Ss answer the questions.

  • Can you tell about the time when you were frightened?

  • What makes you happy?

  • What do you feel when you read or watch the news on TV and see all the terrible things happening in the world?

  • Has your friend ever let you down? What did you feel?

  • What makes you feel embarrassed?

  • Have you ever had a lucky chance? What was it?

Ss look at the board and give the synonyms or the meaning of the adjectives

  1. heartbreaking ['hɑːtˌbreɪkɪŋ] - something that is heartbreaking makes you feel extremely sad and upset.

  2. hilarious [hɪ'leərɪəs] - it is extremely funny and makes you laugh a lot.

  3. ridiculous [rɪ'dɪkjələs] - If you say that something or someone is ridiculous, you mean that they are very foolish. absurd , preposterous , comical , laughable, outrageous , scandalous , shameful

  4. devastated ['devəsteɪtɪd] - If you are devastated by something, you are very shocked and upset by it.

  5. relieved - If you are relieved, you feel happy because something unpleasant has not happened

Whole class


Reading and speaking task

Ss read the text and answer the questions.

Ss look at the sentence and answer the questions to make up the grammar rule.

Pair/group work


Grammar practice

Have a look at the active board and answer the questions:

  1. Does the sentence talk about the past, present or future?

  2. Did Amy find her brother? yes

  3. What tense is used after if? Past Perfect after if

  4. What forms are used in the other part of the sentence? Would + have +past Participle

  5. We use the 3rd conditional to describe situations that didn’t happen in the past and it expresses blame, regret or relief.

Ss do ex.4 they complete the sentences using the 3rd conditional.

Individual/pair work


Speaking, reading and writing task

Ss discuss the conditionals sentences and match them

Group work



Ss tell their opinion

  1. Have you ever had some situations you felt regret (pity), blame or relief?

  2. Remember or make up a story using the 3rd conditional.

  • What I liked about the lesson?

  • How I felt before, during and after lesson?

  • What I learned in the process?

Individual work


Home task

Ss write down Ex 1-6 p68-69

Pair work

57 вебинаров для учителей на разные темы
ПЕРЕЙТИ к бесплатному просмотру
(заказ свидетельства о просмотре - только до 11 декабря)

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