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Апта күндері урок для 3 класса English

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Сынып: 3 
Тақырып: Апта күндері

1.Оқушыларға жыл мезгілдерін және апта күндерін ағылшын тілінде көрсетіп түсіндіру. 
2.Оқушылардың ойлау, сөйлеу және есте сақтау қабілеттерін дамыту
; сөздік қорларын молайту. 
3. Оқушыларды табиғатты аялауға баулу. 

Көрнекіліктер: карточкалар, оқулық. 
Сабақтың түрі: Жаңа материалдарды игеру сабағы
Әдісі: сөздік, сұрақ-жауап

Сабақ барысы: 
I Ұйымдастыру 
1.Greeting. Good morning, class! How are you? Sit down, please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?
2.Warm up.
Describe the weather.
Look at the pictures and write what the weather like today.

ІІ Үй жұмысын тексеру 
What was your home task? Let’s check it. Now I will check. And now who wants to be the first?

ІII Жаңа тақырып және оны бекіту 
To tell the children the theme and the aims of the lesson.

2. The new vocabulary.
Look at the blackboard there are some new words,rewrite them and practice the pronunciation.
Seasons: winter, spring, autumn, summer,
Months: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, England, America, China, Australia.

3. Reading and listening.
Children look at the pictures in their books. Children listen and point. Pay attention to the new words. Read again, pause after each description of the months of the year. Children read in their books and repeat. The new words and the pictures help you to understand the sentences.

4. Writing.
Look at the words, there are months of the year, divide them in four groups.
winter spring summer autumn
February March
May June
August September

5. Time to relax.
Let’s have a rest, sing the song.
One little, two little, three little fingers.
Four little, five little, five little fingers.
Seven little, eight little, nine little fingers.
Ten fingers on my hands.

6. Speaking.
Look at the cards, there are days of the week. Read and pay attention to their pronunciation. Match with the correct word.

The second day of the week
The fifth day of the week
The seventh day of the week
The first day of the week
The third day of the week
The fourth day of the week
The sixth day of the week

7. Speaking
Look at the pictures and describe the weather, use two of the adjectives above in each one.
It is cold and sunny in March in Kazakhstan. In England is hot and wet in September. In America is hot and sunny in Australia. In China is cold and windy January.

8. Pictures.
Look at the pictures, there are some weather description in some countries. Your task is using the word cards to remind children to make up sentences by using them; other should guess whether this weather is like and in what countries.

IV The end of the lesson. 
1. Home task.
2. Putting marks. You were very activity today at the lesson. Give me your diaries for putting marks.
3. Reflex ion. What did you do at the lesson?
What did we talk about?
What the new words did you have today?
Үй жұмысы. 
Open your diaries and write down the home task. Your home task will be learn 7 days of the week.
What can you say about days of the week?
You were very active today at the lesson.

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