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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Are you a web user?
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Are you a web user?


Theme: “Are you a web user?”

Aim:   The introduction and consolidation of new material on the theme "The role of the computer and the Internet in the lives of students.

Benefits and harms of the computer and the Internet ".

To teach structured learning material, highlight the main and secondary.

To promote the development of language guess, logical thinking, attention; ability to carry out productive speech acts in English; develop the skills of interactive reading skills to draw conclusions.

Educational objectives: To develop the ability to work in a group; develop a sense of respect for the views of Comrade.

Objectives of the lesson:

- To consolidate and strengthen studied lexical units and grammatical structures in reading, speaking and writing,

- Prepare for the mini-project on the topic, «Internet and me».

Type of lesson: Combined lesson, the lesson administration and consolidate the knowledge.

The result of this lesson: Students will learn how to build a monologue and dialogue statements on the subject using the methods of this technology will form the search skill of reading, develop associative thinking and language guess

Equipment and materials needed for the lesson:

Markers, A3, stickers, textbook and workbooks.

The course and content of the lesson:

I. The introductory part.

1. Welcome. Start of communication to attract attention, getting in touch.

Good morning everybody. How are you today? Who is on duty today? What date is it today? Who is absent?

2. Speech charge. Hold attention, including memory, mood into a foreign language. Improving vocabulary, grammatical skills.

During some lessons we were talking of interesting theme. Now answer my questions:

What is your favourite TV program?

Do you prefer listening to the radio or watching TV?

Do you think is TV educational?

Do you like to have a party?

What do you think about guests?

3. Organizing the time. To acquaint students with lesson plans, create a motivational base.

- Today we are going to speak about another your leisure activities. Guest please.

Many of you have it at home.

You have it at school.

You can use it.

You prepare your home work with it.

You can play game on it.

It is very important nowadays, but it can also be dangerous in some way.

What is it? (a computer)

II. Basic part.

The development of speaking skills, improvement of vocabulary and grammar skills. Development of memory, attention.

You know more about computer. Let’s discuss about advantages and disadvantages of using computer.

Make two groups: A – advantages, B – disadvantages.

Students discuss the problem, perform the task. On A 3 proposed a cluster for further protection. The Group appointed time keeper. It is necessary to determine the time to do the work.

1.Abide by the rules of group work. Students evaluate themselves according to criteria:

(Write on the board)

1. carry out their duties in the band.

2. to help others in the group.

3. offer their ideas.

4. Carefully listen to others.

5. The discussion was.

At the end of the work - protection.

2. Protection Cluster.

Students choose the speaker (speakers) to protect the project.

3. Assessment - note two positive moment - what you liked and one - which needed improvement. (Strategy - "two stars and one desire")

Work in pairs.

Unscramble letters between brackets to build correct words.

A series of interconnected computers and databases around the world.

(t r i e n t e n) – internet.

A part of a website that can be read on a computer screen.

(e p a w b e g) – webpage.

The first page that you can see when you look at a website.

(h m e g p a o e) – homepage.

To copy computer programs or information electronically.

(l o d n a w o d) – download.

A connection between documents on areas on the internet.

(k i l n) – link.

To press the button on a computer mouse.

(c l c i k) – click.

To organize and design the words on a page or written document.

(r o m t a f) – format.

A computer program which allows you to look at pages on the internet.

(b s r w o e r) – browser.

Grammar revision

Complete with the Past Perfect Tense

  1. I ________ never _______ (see) such a beautiful beach before I went to Hawai.

  2. Tony knew Istanbul so well because he _________ (visit) the city several times.

  3. _______ Susan ever ________ (study) Thai before she moved to Thailand?

  4. She only understood the movie because she _________ (read) the book.

  5. When I arrived at the cinema, the film ______already ______ (start).

  6. If you _______________(listen) to me, you would have got the job.

  7. When we arrived there, he _______ already _________. (leave)

  8. She looked familiar to me. It seems like I ____________ (meet) her  before.

  9. When we got to the airport, we realized we _____________  (forget) our passports.

  10. She told me she ____________ (study) a lot before the exam.


Think way. The development of skills to generalize, draw conclusions. Building capacity analysis.

What? Who? The topic of the lesson. - 1 noun.

What kind? The characteristic of the topic. – 2, 3 adjectives.

What does it do? – 3 verbs.

Personal opinion about the topic. – A sentence – 4, 5 words.

New associations with the topic. – 1 noun – synonym association.

III. Final part.

1. Homework, his explanation - to perform a mini-project on the topic, «Internet and me».

2. Summing up the lessons, evaluation of the work of the most active students.

3. Farewell.




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