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"Are you a web user” 9 grade

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The grade: 9

The theme“Are you a web user?”

Objectives: - Introduction and fixing of new material on a subject "A role of the computer and the Internet in life of pupils. Advantage and harm of the computer and Internet". To teach to structure a training material, to allocate main and minor.

  • To promote development of a language guess, logical thinking, attention; abilities to carry out productive speech actions in English; to develop skills of interactive reading, ability to draw conclusions.

  • To develop ability to work in group; to cultivate feeling of respect of opinion of the companion.


The methods :group and individual work ,question and answers

The type:new lesson

Procedure of the lesson

Teacher’s activity

I.Organization moment

Greeting,duty, date, weather…

II. Cheaking the homework

Ex 9 p 53 Write advice

III. Introduction of the new lesson:

Today we are going to speak about another your leisure activities. Guest please.

  1. Many of you have it at home.

  2. You have it at school.

  3. You can use it.

  4. You prepare your home work with it.

  5. You can play game on it.

  6. It is very important nowadays, but it can also be dangerous in some way.

  7. What is it? (a computer)

  • You know more about computer. Let’s discuss about advantages and disadvantages of using computer.

  • Make two groups: A – advantages, B – disadvantages.

IV. Work in pairs.

Unscramble letters between brackets to build correct words.

  1. A series of interconnected computers and databases around the world.

(t r i e n t e n) – internet.

  1. A part of a website that can be read on a computer screen.

(e p a w b e g) – webpage.

  1. The first page that you can see when you look at a website.

(h m e g p a o e) – homepage.

  1. To copy computer programs or information electronically.

(l o d n a w o d) – download.

  1. A connection between documents on areas on the internet.

(k i l n) – link.

  1. To press the button on a computer mouse.

(c l c i k) – click.

  1. To organize and design the words on a page or written document.

(r o m t a f) – format.

  1. A computer program which allows you to look at pages on the internet.

(b s r w o e r) – browser.

V. Reading. Ex.3, p. 54. (чтение текста с пометками) + знал, - не знал, v - новое, ? - хотел узнать.

Ex. 4, p. 54 – True or False.

    1. Reflection.

Think way. Развитие умений делать обобщения, делать выводы. Развитие способностей анализа информации.

  1. What? Who? The topic of the lesson. - 1 noun.

  2. What kind? The characteristic of the topic. – 2, 3 adjectives.

  3. What does it do? – 3 verbs.

  4. Personal opinion about the topic. – A sentence – 4, 5 words.

  5. New associations with the topic. – 1 noun – synonym association.

VI. Ending of the lesson

1.Giving marks

2. Giving homework

Ex 7 p54 Find information on the topic given

3.Saying good bye.

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