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Ашық сабақ Бұл не?

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hello_html_282e9031.jpgThe theme:Unit Three.Step One. “ What’s this?”

(Ашық сабақ 5-сынып)

Аленова С.С., ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі

№57 Елеу Көшербаев атындағы орта мектеп

Қызылорда облысы,Арал ауданы,

Шижаға елді мекені

The aim:a)to develop pupils’ abilities in speech,to teach to work creatively,

to improve pronounciation and to develop oral speech;

b)Presentation of the indefinite articles a,an.

Presentation of the question “What’s this?” and it’s answer “It’s a book.”

с) to enrich pupil’s vocabulary.Presentation of new words a pen, a pencil,a book,

a notebook,a rubber,a computer,a calculator,a table,a chair.

Type of the lesson:A demonstrative lesson.

The visual aids:an interactive board,book.

The Outline of the lesson


The Procedure of the lesson

Time allotted


Organization moment.

3 min



5 min


Checking up of the homework

5 min


New theme:Unit Three.Step One

Practise:New words

10 min


Doing exercises

10 min


Making conclusion

9 min


Giving home-task

1 min



2 min

I.Organization moment

-Good afternoon,children!

- Good afternoon,teacher!

-How are you?

-Thank you,fine!

-Who is on duty today?

-I am

-Who is absent?

-What date is it today?

-It’s 13th of October

-What day is it today?

-It’s Wednesday today.

II.Warm-up.Pupils must devide into two groups.

Group A Group B

What is your name? ABCDE alphabet

Phonetic exercise.

1.Аралар қалай ызылдайды [th]

2.Жыландар қалай ысылдайды [th]

3.Иттер қалай ырылдайды [R]

4.Қасқыр қалай ұлиды [o]

OK,Children today we have guest.Do you know tale about Baursak.Let’s introduce

each other with Baursak.

Baursak:Hello,boys and girls!How are you? What is your name?I’m so naughty that I don’t know how return to gradparent’s house.Please help me.

(Pupils introduce themselves).

Baursak came and meet with rabbit.

Rabbit:Hello Basursak.I want eat you.

Baursak:Please don’t eat me.I’ll help you with the homework in English.


III.Checking up of the homework.

Ex 11.

-Where is Omar from?

-He is from Kazakhstan.

-Where is Andy from?

-She is from London.

Vocabulary:a boy,a girl,a man,a woman,grandfather,grandmother,father,mother,brother,sister,aunt,uncle,nephew,niece,one..-hundred,…thousand.

Baursak meet with wolf.

Wolf:I’m hungry.I want to eat you.

Baursak:Please,don’t eat me.I’ll help you in English.


IV.New lesson.Step 1.What’s this?


A pen- ручка

A pencil-қалам

A book-кітап

A notebook-дәптер

A calculator-калькулятор

A computer-компьютер

A ruler-сызғыш

A rubber-өшіргіш

A table-стол

A chair-орындық

A bag-сөмке

2)What’s this?

Dialogue.Listen and read.

3)Ex.1Суреттерге қарап достарыңмен сөйлес.

-What’s picture 1?

- It’s a ruler

-What’s picture 2?

-It’s a pencil.

Language note!

What’s-what is

It’s-it is

It isn’t-it is not

Ex.2.Listen and repeat.

-Carol:What’s this/

Colin:It’s a pen.

Baursak meet with Bear.

Doing exercises




1.a pencil

2a ruler

3 a book

Giving homework Ex.11.12

Marking P1-5 p2-4p3-3

The end of the lesson.


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