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Ашық сабақ My family (5grade)

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hello_html_5b8f2137.gifhello_html_73596a8a.gifhello_html_m70efac9c.gifhello_html_225d3bca.gifForm: 5a

Date: 12.10.2011

Theme: My family

Educational aim: To explain the Possesive's of the nouns and possesive adjectives, to read and learn the new words.

Developing: to develop the pupil's speaking, writing habits and listening comprehension.

Brining up: to teach pupils be respectful and gratefultowards the people around them.

Visual aids: electronic, book, interactive board.

The form of the lesson: traditional

The type of the lesson: the new lesson

The procedure of the lesson

I. Organization moment a) Greeting

II. Cheking- up home work.

Game: Guess.

III. Warm up.

At first let's solve the rebus.

Very good. Our new lesson is called: " My family ".

Let's begin our new lesson. Our today's theme is " My family ".We going to speak about the family. And new grammar possesive adjectives and possesive's of the nouns.

Phonetic drill.

Mother, father,

Brother, sister,

Hand, hand

With one another.

New words.

Grandfather – ата

Grandmother – әже

Father – әке

Mother – ана

Brother – аға

Sister – қарындас, әпке

Aunt – немера апа

Uncle – немере аға

Cousin – немере

Twins – егіздер

Listen about Minnie’s family.


New grammar.

Personal pronoun

Possessive adjective

I (Мен)

My (Менің)

You (Сен )

Your (Сенің)

He/she/it (Ол)

His/her/its (Оның)

We (Біз)

Our (Біздің)

They (Олар )

Their (Олардың)


IV. Doing exercise.

Pupils do you know fairly tale about Cоtton girl and cat. Today we are help cat. If want to help cat you must doing a lot of exercise.

1st task.

Ex 1. Complete with his, her, their, my, your, its, our.

  1. This is ____ desk.

  2. Is she ____ sister?

  3. Is this ____ dog?

  4. What’s ____ name?

  5. These are ____ sweets.

  6. Is it ____ birthday?

2nd task. Make three sentences with the possesive's.

Danny – pen

It’s Danny’s pen

Ken – chair

It’s Ken’s chair

Dina – apple

It’s Dina’s apple

Susie – sandwich

It’s Dina’s sandwich

Molly – ice-cream

It’s Molly’s ice-cream

Craig – bag

It’s Craig’s bag


4th task.

5th task.

6th task.

To work with picture.

You have got the picture of your “ family ”

Please tell us about them.


Collecting “Family”

Mother Father


Brother Sister

Giving the hometask.

Puting marks.

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