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Ашық сабақ. Would you like some more tea?

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Form: 6

Theme: Would you like some more tea?

Aim: to introduce the pupils with new words, to develop pupil’s speaking habits, to teach in written and orally forms, to introduce with grammar: “I would like”

Visual aids: pictures of food and drinks.

Procedure of the lesson

I Organization moment

- Good afternoon children.

- Good afternoon teacher.

Who is on duty today?

- I’m.

- Who’s absent today?

- All are present.

- What is the weather like today?

- The weather is fine.

II Checking the home task:

Task 1. Now children please look at the blackboard: This is Colin’s basket. He went shopping. He bought food, drinks and vegetables at the market. Let’s help Colin. We must divide it into 4 groups

Fruit Vegetables Drinks Other food

bananas carrots tea fish

apples potatoes juice bread

Task 2. Countable or Uncountable nouns

-Good. – What was your home task for today? Are you ready? Up your hands please. Who is ready? Ex. 7 p. 50

III New theme

Proverb: The appetite comes with eating.

The appetite comes with …….

The appetite comes ………….

The appetite …………………

The ……………………………

Presentation: Dear pupils! Today we’ll have unusual lesson. Today we are going to speak about meals. Now, boys and girls, I would like you to answer my questions:

Do you like chocolate?

Do you like ice-cream?

Do you like pizza?

Do you like fruit?

What kind of fruit do you like?

Do you like apples?

Do you like oranges?

What is you favorite dish?

1.Phonetic drill

How much money do you have?

Not much. Not much

How much money do you have?

A few dollars. A few dollars

How much money do you have?

It’s mine. It’s mine

How much money do you have?

Here’s dime. Here’s dime.

IV. Vocabulary. (to repeat the new words)

Mineral water [minerəl wͻ:tə] – газды сусын

thirsty [θə:sti] – шөлдеу
hungry [hʌηgri] -
аш болу

salad [sæləd] – салат

dime [daim] – ақша

waiter [weitə] – даяшы

waitress [weitris] – даяшы әйел

customer [kʌstəmə] – сатып алушы

order [ͻ:də] – тапсырыс беру

hamburger [hæmbə:gə] – гамбургер

biscuit [biskit] – тәтті тоқаш (печенье)

soup [səup] – сорпа

V. Work with dialogue (p 43. Read and translate into Kazakh)

Carol: I’m thirsty.

Colin: Would you like some tea?

Carol: No thanks.

Colin: Would you like some milk?

Carol: I don’t like milk.

Colin: Would you like an apple juice?

Carol: Oh, yes please. I’m hungry too.

Colin: Would you like a biscuit?

Carol: No, thanks. I’d like a sandwich.

Colin: Cheese? Ham?

Carol: A cheese sandwich, please.


Introducing the grammar
I like -
Маған ұнайды
I would like ( I’d like) -
Маған қажет
Do you like?-
Сізге ұнай ма?

Would you like? – Сізге қажет пе?

I like hamburgers.

I’d like hamburger.

I like apples.

Do you like orange juice?

Ex 4 p 51 Drinks


a) I’m thirsty. Would you like some…. ? coffee

Yes, please. / No thanks. Mineral water


orange juice



hot dog

b) I’m hungry. Would you like a …. ? sandwich

Yes, please. / No, thanks. hamburger



VI. Ex 5 p.52 Listen and practice the conversations.

Ordering a meal

Waiter: What would you like to order ?

Jennifer: I’d like a hamburger and potatoes.

Waiter: All right. And would you like a salad?

Jennifer: Yes, I’d like a small salad.

Waiter: O.K. Would you like anything to drink?

Jennifer: I’d like a coke, please.

Waiter: Thank you.

VII. Role play. Ex 6 p. 52

Have a dialogue with your partner. “ In a café ”

Student A: This is what you want to order for lunch:

a hot dog

a large salad



Student B: You are a waiter/waitress. Take your customer’s order.

VIII. Pronunciation Practice. Listen and repeat

[ju:] [ʌ]

pupil bus

student much

music up

tube butter

Ex 7 p. 52 Find the words with [ʌ] and copy them in your notebook

tune cup sun music number sugar use much building

pollution butter subject museum

IX. Conclusion

-Good children. Today we had a very good lesson. You were very active today! Well done! Try to remember our new vocabulary. Your marks for today…

The lesson is over. You may have a rest.. Good luck.

IX Giving the home task and marking the pupils.

Home task : Ex 8 p 53

And I’ll mark you. The lesson is over. Good –bye.

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