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Ашық сабақ 9 сынып '' The Earth is in Danger'' Word


Theme: The Earth is in Danger

Aims: 1) Оқушыларды жерге, отанға деген сүйіспеншілікке, махаббатқа тәрбиелеу

2) Мәтінді оқыту арқылы ауыз екі сөйлеуге үйрету.

3) Жылдамдыққа, шапшаңдыққа баулу

Visual aids: textbook, chalk Type of the lesson: travelling Method: explanation

Structure of the lesson.

Organization moment.


Presentation the new grammar and lexical materials.

a) grammar material

b) lexical material

Fixation the new grammar and lexical materials.



Giving up the homework.

Giving the marks.

The end of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.

T: Good afternoon, children.

P: Good afternoon, teacher.

T: Sit down, please. Who is on duty today?

P: I’m on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

P: All are present.

T: What date is it today?

P: Today is the 22nd of October

T: What day of the week today?

P: Today is Wednesday

T: Good! What season is it now?

P: It’s autumn.

T: What month is it now?

P: It’s October

T: What is the weather like today?

P: Today is weather sunny and windy.

T: Very good, children. Sit down.

II. Revision.

T: Children I’ll check up your hometask, what was your hometask?

P: Our hometask ex 5, p48

T: Who is ready? Gulnaz are you ready?

III. Revision ofthe grammar and lexical material.

Children let’s begin our lesson. The theme of our lesson is I could dance…Open your books and copy books, write down the new theme and date. Pupils, all of you look at me and listen to me.

a) grammar material:

Should- модальді етістігі айтушының, сөйлеушінің ойының дұрыстығын және ең тиімді екендігін білдіру үшін қолданылады. Should ақыл-кеңес міндеттілік деген мағынаны білдіреді.

I my

You your

He/ she should his/her best to protect

Flora and fauna

We do our around us

They their

Мен, сен, біз, ол, олар- бәріміз айналадағы өсімдіктермен жануарларды қоғау үшін барлық жағдайды жасауымыз керек немесе маған да, саған да, оған да, бізге де, оларға да бәріміз айналадағы өсімдіктермен жануарларды қорғау үшін барлық жағдайды жасауымыз керек.

They should water their flowers every day

They shouldn’t miss the lessons at school

Should we help each other?

b) lexical material:

meaning- мағына

cry- айқайлау

rise- орнынан көтерілу, шығу

set- бату

nessary- қажетті керекті

polluted- ластау


Environment-қоршаған орта

World-әлем, ғалам


Protect- қорғау


Drinkable-ішуге жарамды

Around- айналасында

IV Fixation the new grammar and lexical materials.

Life Tree Flowers

Water Animals Sun

Ex1, p50. Tranlate this sentences

The sun is the centre of the world.

English is a world languages

The earth is the source of our wealth.

Mineral water in bottles is always drinkable.

He raised he’s right hand to protect his face

Ex7, p52.Put a prepositions from the books into each gap

For, without,on, of, about, before

What do we think___when we use the words “The world around us?”

We see_________us many things such as large lands and mountains, world and rivers.

We know that there are many seas likes and rivers ______the Earth

Water is a source________ life on the Earth

All living begins are not able to live_______ water

Many rivers and lakes are polluted and cannot be used ______drinking.

V. Reading.

Ex4, p51

The Earth is in Danger

We know the the words the world around us have meanings. What do we think about when we use these words? The answer to this question may be that we think first of all about the Earth with people and nature. We see before us many things such as large lands and mountains, woods and rivers, blue or cloudy sky the sun rising or .setting on the Earth. We certainly think about living being such as animals, birds and plants. We see the whole beautiful world before us.

We know there are many seas, lakes and rivers on the Earth. We also know that water is a source of life on the Earth. People, animals, birds and other living being are not able to live without water. People cut down trees, set on fire forests and fields, make rivers and lakes dirty. The Earth is in danger!

Group 1

Land pollution Экология

Life Жердің ластануы

Plants Ауа

Air Өмір

Ecology Өсімдіктер

Group 2

Water pollution Болашақ

Factories Таза ауа

Fresh air Қауіпті

Future Зауыттар

Dangerous Судың ластануы

IV. Giving up the homework.

Ex 3, p 51. Write your own sentences using the expressions

Set on fire

Keep something clean

At the same time

VII. Giving the marks: You are so good today. I give next marks. Give me your diary.

VIII. Conclusion: Pupils, you are understand me.

IX. The end of the lesson: Our lesson is over, you may be free good bye pupils!

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