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What sh ould you do to keep fit?

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The plan of the lesson

Grade: 7 “A”

The date of the lesson: 28.01.2015 year At 17:25 o’clock

The theme of the lesson: What should you do to keep fit?

The aims of the lesson:

 Educational: a/ to teach students to speak about health

 b/ to encourage students in dialogue and to express their opinions

Developing: a/ to develop logical and critical thinking in solving problem;

 b/to develop the students’ speaking, listening, writing habits

Bringing - up: a/to bring up healthy way of life;

 b/ to train students to work in groups.

The type of lesson: Combine

The methods of the lesson: creative work, practical question-answer, group work games.

The visual aids: cards, an interactive board, pictures, slides, Evaluation cards, pupil’s book, proverbs,postcards


  1. «Алматы «Атамұра», 7 сыныпқа арналған Ағылшын тілі» кітап

  2. «Республикалық ғылыми-әдістемелік журнал «Ағылшын тілі» 2014 жыл

  3. «let’s use English grammar» журнал 2014 жыл

  4. «Bilimland.kz» сайты

  5. «Urazimbetov.jimbo.com/сергіту сәті/ағылшын тілі» сайты

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment.

 a/ greeting;

b/ divide into 2 groups

 Now, children, today we’ll have our lesson in a competition form. First of all divide into 2 teams. One of them is called “Sportsmen”, the 2nd is “Vitamins”. Our lesson is about health. That’s why you have taken these names.

c/talking with the pupil on duty

  1. Checking up home work.

What was your home task for today?

Ex 4 page 107

Read the sentences about things in food and decide if it is good or bad. Tick the correct form

  1. Protein gives you energy and helps you grow

  2. Fat is also gives you energy but animal fat in meat, eggs and cheese has got cholesterol in it.

  3. A lot of sugar can make you fat

  4. Vitamins help you grow and stay healthy

  1. Phonetic drill – сергіту сәті


  1. Warm-up

Today we’ll speak on the theme “Health”. We’ll discuss how sports, balanced diet help us to be fit, healthy and strong. We’ll speak about problems. You will know something interesting and new for you. I hope that our lesson will be important and useful for you. You see that your health is in your own hands.

New words:

to do exercises              жаттығу жасау
get up                            
go in for sport               
спортпен шұғылдану
нөсер (душ)
қажет, керек

V. Explaining new lesson


Work with grammar

some/any pronouns (some/any есімдіктері)

Some/any есімдіктері – бірнеше, бір қанша дегенді білдіріп, көпше түрде қолданылады.
Some болымды сөйлемдерде қолданылады. 
Madi has some marks – Мәдиде бірнеше бағалар бар.

Any болымсыз және сұрақ сөйлемдерде қолданылады. 
I haven’t any mistakes – Менде бірнеше қателер жоқ.
Have you any exams? – Сенде бірнеше емтихандар бар ма?

Much and many мағыналары бірдей. Екеуі декөпдеген мағынаны білдіретін сөздер, бирақ

Much саналмайтын зат есімдермен қолданылады, ал many саналатын зат есімдермен пайдаланылады.

  1. Doing exercise


Exercise 11

Circle the correct word in the rules and complete the gaps with the suitable words

1.I want ______ bread

2.I never drink _____ alcohol. I don’t want ___ mineral water, thanks

3.Would you like ____ cake?

4.-Is there ___ milk left?

-No, there is only ____

5. There are not ____ cans of coke left and there are only ____ cans of orange juice.


Exercise 1 Read each of the following list of four words. One word does not belong in each list. Find it and put a circle round it



Take care of
Look after

A sore throat

Exercise 2 here are some things a person can do to take care of his/her health. Which two do you think are most important

Not smoking

Taking regular exercises

Eating good quality food

Having regular check-ups

Dieting to keep your weight down

Not drinking alcohol

Exercise 3. Now complete one of the sentences

  1. is the most important things you can do to take care of your health because …

  2. The things I do to take care of my health are: …

  3. I think that … is more important for your health than … because ….


Exercise 4. Imagine your are giving advice about diet and fitness. Write two lists.

  1. Conclusion 


Choose your answer to each question, then add up your score

How fit are you?


Write a wish

  1. Putting marks

Count your fish cards and put your marks

  1. Home task

Exercise 12

Exercise 14

The end of the lesson

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