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At the doctor plan of the lesson

  • Доп. образование

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Директордың ОӘЖ жөніндегі


_______Колесникова Л.Г

«___» тамыз 2015ж.

Ашық сабақ

Ашық сабақтың жоспары

Пән: Professional English

Тақырып: At the doctor

Мамандығы: 0302000 «Медбикелік іс»

Топ: 205”M”

Өткізілетін кун: 24.10.2015

Aim of the lesson


Білімділік: Білім алушыларды ағылшын тілінде дене мүшелері және денсаулық  туралы сөздік қорларын молайту. Дәрігердің жұмысы туралы сөйлей алу, ауру туралы айтып және оларды емдеу, кеңес беріуді

Дамыту: : Адамның денсаулығы үшін жауапкершілігін дамыту, сабақта алынған материалды бекіту, соның нәтижесінде балалардың ауыз – екі сөйлеу мәдениетін қалыптастыру.

Тәрбиелік:Салауатты өмір салтына баулу, жұмыстағы жауапкершілікке тәрбиелеу

Expected results

Күтілетін нәтиже

1. Денсаулық тақырыбына байланысты жаңа сөздерді үйренді. Диалог, монолог құрастыруды үйренту

2.   Оқушылар іс-әрекеттер барысында  бірін-бірі және өзін-өзі  бағалау арқылы ізденімпаздыққа,жауапкершілікке қалыптасту

Main idea

Білім алушыларға аурулардын түрлерін және дәрілердін түрлерін үйрету

Methods of the lesson

Оқыту әдістері

Миға шабуыл.Суреттер мен жұмыс.Постермен жұмыс,

Шағын топтармен жұмыс , топтар арасында жарыс


 Интерактивті тақта,  флипчарт, маркер, түрлі түсті бояу, бағалау парақтары. Мотивациалық сертификат, презенттация

The type of parts


Teacher’s actions

Student`s action

I. Introduction part

  1. Organization moment

Ұйымдартыру кезеңі

5 min

Greeting , marking absents

a.Greeting :Good morning, children. I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please.

b. Marking absents: Who is on duty today? Who is absent?

c.What is the date today? What day of the week is it today?

Good morning!


Glad to see you too.


I’m fine, thanks.

I’m fine.


______, ______ are on duty today.


______, _______ are absent.

Checking up home task

Үй тапсырмасын тексеру


1.Retelling of the text “Headache” ,ex1,2 page 43

2. Mini quiz 20 words

3. Questions

  1. Headache is a symptom of many diseases isn’t it?

  2. What is a symptom of brain tumour?

Teacher check homework

  1. Divide into groups

Топқа бөлу

Divide into 3 groups with smart badge

Students divide into 3 groups with smart badge

  1. Warm up

Миға шабуыл.


I think it is very important to be fit and healthy. Many people in our country now think more about their health.  Many of today`s   problems existed in the past, that`s why there are a lot of proverbs about health. Look at the board! Match two parts of the proverb.

1)  After dinner sit a while,                   a) with eating.
2) An apple a day                                b) quick at work.
3) Quick at meat,                                 c) without health.
4) Health is not valued                          d) after supper walk a mile.
5) Early to bed and early to rise            e) keeps the doctor away.
6) Wealth is nothing                              f) till sickness comes.
7) Appetite comes                                g) better than cure.
8) Prevention is                                     h) makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Students repeat after the teacher

  1. Psychological climate

Психологиялық минут


"Word Chain"

The first person from each team speak any English word on the board. wins. When the time is up, the team with the most words The next player speak a word that starts with the letter that the original word ends in.

For example, if the first player spoke "travel," the second player could speak "love." Provide the teams a specific time limit.

  1. Open questions

Ашық сұрақ


Do you have a sore throat or a headache?

Could you check my blood pressure? 

Have you taken your temperature?

Students answers


Сөздікпен жұмыс. 




Look at the blackboard and repeat the words:

New words: Сөздікпен жұмыс. 
Patient — Науқас  Examine — Тексеру  Suggest — Ұсыну
Hurt — Ауырту  Strip — Шешіну Tablespoonful — Ас үй қасығы
Surgery — Хирургия   Sick — Құсқысы келу. Giddy — Басы айналу
Waist — Бел . Swallow — Жұтыну Tonsillitis — Тамақ ауру
To have eyes tested — Көзін тексеру Had better — Жақсы болу

- eat a lot of sweets and ice-cream.
-keep your body clean.
-Wear dirty clothes.
-sleep with your window open
- When you are reading or writing let the light come from your left shoulder.
-have a lot of fruits and vegetables
- sleep with your eyes open
-wear clean clothes.

( should, shouldn’t (тиісті, тиісті емес) work with cards.
Let’s make a “Health code”
1. You should eat vegetables and fruit.
2. You should drink hot milk and honey.
3. You shouldn’t unfresh food.
4. You should sleep 8 hours a day.
5. You shouldn’t drink cold water.
6. You shouldn’t eat a lot of sweets (sal

Students repeat the words after me.

Students read the words after each other.

Students open their vocabularies and write down the words.

I give examples for each word.

With my help students understand the meaning of the words.


Ауызша жаттығулар



Look at the pictures

What do you think the patients will say to the doctor?


What will the doctor tell each one?

Describing symptoms.

Now look at the pictures on the white-board. And say the names of illnesses.

He has a stomachache.

She twisted her ankle.

He has a sore throat.

He has a toothache.

She  has a headache.

He`s sneezing.

He`s blowing his nose.

He`s coughing.

He has a temperature.

Boys and girls.

Please divide these words into 3 groups: a bad headache, pills, a doctor, tonsillitis a dentist, a chemist, tablets, mixture, a toothache, stomackache.

Students give their ideas:

1. I’ve got a rash.

2. I’ve got a cold/ flu.

3. I’ve got a temperature.

4. I’ve hurt my knee.

5. My eye hurts./ I’ve got a sore eye.

Pupils give their ideas:

1. You should put ointment.

2. You should stay at home and keep warm.

3. You should take some medicine, stay in bed and keep warm.

4. You should have an X-ray.

5. You should put some drops in it.

Group work

Топпен жұмыс. 


Work in pairs. One person is the patient and one is the doctor. Make their conversations.

Make dialogues and make poster

The  1st  group –At the doctor

The 2nd  group — At the dentist

The 3th group – Fracture

Students work in pairs, choose their roles, make their conversations. They




T: The lesson is over. You are brilliant students! Thank you very much.

Teacher evaluates Students and comment theirs marks






What have you learned today? Did you enjoy the lessons

Now I want to ask to evaluate our lesson. Like it or you do not like. Before you see a 3 apple red, yellow and green. On board whist garden with apple trees. Choose one of these apples. If you liked the lesson hang red apple. If you do not really like, then yellow. And if you did not like, the unripe green.

Look at the picture please. You can see an apples garden with apples but what is missing. That’s right. The sun is missing.

I also want to evaluate our lesson and so I hang here is the sun, which says that I also really enjoyed our lesson.

That’s all for today.  Today we have done a lot of different exercises. I thank everybody for the lesson. You were very active. Thank you. The lesson is over.

Students answers

Guys come up and hang apples.

Giving home task

Үй тапсырмасы


Your home task are тalk to your partner about your visit to the doctor.

Teacher gives home task

Әдибиеттер тізімі

  1. «Английский язык медицинских колледжей училищ» Л. Г. Козырева, Т. В. Шадская 2005. 40-бет

  2. English grammar in use» Raymond Murphy 2011,26-бет

  3. Opportunities” Michael Harries, David Mover, Anna Sykorzynska 2006.

  4. «1000 сборник новых тем современного английского языка» Кубарков Г. Л,

Тимощук В. А. 2008.

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