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Аттестационная контрольная работа 5 класса

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hello_html_69b7f57b.gifАттестационная контрольная работа 5 класса

Form 5. Final test.


l. Read the letter and mark T, if information is true, and F, if the information is false./ Прочтите письмо и отметьте Т, если информация относится к письму и F,еслли информация не относитяс к письму.

1. His name is Sam.

2. Jack lives in Oxford.

3. He has not got a pet.

4. Jack’s parent presented him a cat.

5. Pet’s name is Dick.

6. The puppy is funny and nice.

7. He doesn’t run and jump.

Dear friend,

My name is Jack. I’m from Oxford. I’m happy to be pen pals with you.

I’d like to write to you about my new puppy. My parents gave him to me as a birthday present. He is very funny and nice. His name is Dick. He runs and jumps all day long and then falls to sleep in my room.

Have you got any pets? Please, write about your pet. If you haven’t got a pet, would you like to have one? Which pet would you like to have?

Best wishes,


2. Choose the correct forms of the verbs./ Выберети правильную форму глагола.

  1. Why do you write/ are you writing this letter now?

  2. Ann, I’m sure you know that my mum is visiting/ will visit Spain in a month. Now she has got the exact route (точный маршрут).

  3. What is she doing/ will she do there? What cities is she going / will she go to?

  4. She is going/ will go to Madrid?

  5. What else is she going to do / will she do there?

  6. I think she will see monuments and buy presents / is going to see monuments and buy souvenirs.

3. Fill in the gaps. Use the verbs in Present Progressive or Present Simple./ Раскройте скобки, используя Present Progressive или Present Simple.

1. George is a good tennis player but he (to play) very often.

2. My mother (to read) magazines in the evening.

3. Listen! Who (to cry) in the next room?

4. Where (to be) your sister now? She (to do) homework in her room.

5. I usually (to sleep) after dinner.

6. Look at this photo! What you (to see) here?

7. I (not write) a test now.

8. My friend (not like) playing hockey.

4. Put in the missing words from the table./ Заполните пропуски необходимым словом из таблицы

London is the ___(1)____ of Great Britain. It is a very ____(2)_____city. It was founded about two thousand __(3)___ ago. London is one of the most ___(4)___and interesting ____(5)______ in Europe. There are _____(6)______of____(7)_____ to visit in London. There are a lot of ____(8)____, art ____(9)____, cinemas, theatres and ___(10)__ parks in London.

Additional tasksополнительные задания.

5. Read the places to visit and place them into their native city./ Прочтие название мест и определите в каком городе они находятся.

Westminster Palace, The Kremlin, The Tower of London, Blagoveshensky Cathedral Spasskaya Tower, The Pushkin Museum, Buckingham Palace, Red Square, the Bloody Tower, Tsar Bell, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Gagarin Square, Ostankino Tower, the Tretyakov Gallery, Tower Bridge.



Arbat Street,

The White Tower,

6. Choose the right word for translation. Выберите правильное слово для перевода.

  1. I have been (побывал, побываю, нахожусь) to so many interesting places! The Tower of London, for example. They built it 900 years ago.

  2. Look at the picture. My father is taking part (принимает участие, примет участие, принял участие) in the famous marathon in London.

He takes part (принял участие, примет участие, принимает участие) in it every year.

  1. It is not my first trip to Britain. I visited (посещаю, посещу, посетил (а)) London and Edinburgh two years ago. My parents and I came (приезжали, приедут, приезжают) to see the festival in Edinburgh. My parents do (делают, сделают, делали) it really every year.


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