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Аудирование "Мәтінді оқып, сұрақтарға жауап бер!"

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Аудирование Мәтінді оқып сұраққа жауап бер!

1.How old is Mary?

A) Forty B) Fourteen C) Twenty four

2.What time is it?

A) Twelve B) Ten C) One

3.How many students are there in the class? … three.

A) Twenty B) Thirty C) Forty

4.The next bus to London is at … p.m.

A) one B) two C) three

5.She wants … biscuits.

A) any B) one C) some

6.Mr. Rossi is invited to go to the … desk.

A) sports B) check-in C) information

7.Flight AZ677 to Toronto is boarding at gate … .

A) Eight B) Eighteen C) Five

8.Passengers must go to the gate for … .

A) control B) boarding C) information.

9.Kate has a broken … .

A) foot B) arm C) leg

10.The pupils … to study English.

A) want B) wants C) don’t want


Bradley Pitt

William Bradley Pitt was born on 18th December, 1963, in Shawnee, Oklahoma (USA). He had a happy childhood and school life, and he went to the University of Missouri to study journalism and advertising. At university he started acting and in 1987 he left before he took his degree. He went to Hollywood.

Life in Hollywood wasn’t easy. At first he couldn’t find any acting jobs, but by 1989 he started getting small TV and film roles. Then nine years ago, in 1991, he got his first main role as a DJ in the film Thelma and Louise. He was on screen for only 14 minutes but a lot of people noticed him and he started to get bigger roles in films, such as Louise in Interview with the Vampire.

Brad Pitt is now one of Hollywood’s most successful actors. His name almost certainly means a film is going to make a lot of money, but at the moment, he is interested in making more serious films, such as Seven years in Tibet.

1. Brad Pitt was born in Canada.

2. His birthday is in winter.

3. He was happy when he was young.

4. He went to the University because he wanted to be an actor.

5. He took his degree in 1987.

6. His life in Hollywood was difficult.

7. He got his first role as a DJ in 1991.

8. He was on screen for a short time.

9. Brad Pitt has a success in Hollywood now.

10. He is interested in making comedies.

Мәтінді оқып, сөйлем құрастыр:

А) 1,3,5,7,8,10

B) 2,4,6,8,9,10



Мәтінді оқып, көп нүктенің орнына демеулік шылауды қой!

This is the story … (11) a ghost. He lives in the beautiful Canterville Castle . Mr. Otis and his family live there, too. The ghost has got big red eyes, grey hair, a long nose, thin legs and a white face. He thinks he's very frightening. But nobody is afraid … (12) him.

The ghost is very sad and unhappy. He cries in his room … (13) the tower. Mr. Otis' daughter, Virginia feels sorry … (14) him and wants to help him. The ghost tells her … (15) his problem. He can only rest when a girl … (16) blond hair helps him and the almond tree has flowers.

Virginia and the ghost go … (17) a wall. The Otis family looks for Virginia in the rooms, … (18) the beds, behind the doors, on the roof. They finally see her sitting … (19) the almond tree. They look … (20) and notice that the almond tree has flowers. Virginia and the ghost can finally rest. Now they are happy.

A) at B) of C) by

A) of B) about C) in

A) for B) along C) in

A) with B) for C) at

A) in B) about C) for

A) with B) of C) in

A) next B) in C) through

A) above B) under C) of

A) by B) next C) along

A) for B) down C) up

Use of English: Дұрыс жауабын тап:

It’s…..colder today than yesterday.






Andrew…..for this company.



has worked

am working

will works

Who's that girl? … .

A) Is Betty

B) It's Jane

C) She's a pupil

In his free time he likes … with his friend.

A) playing

B) play

C) plays

I … my homework because I left my book in school.

A) can't to do

B) can't do

C) don't make

the room!

A) Not to go into

B) Don't going to

C) Don't go into

these three girls do you know?

A) How many

B) Which of

C) What of

Last week John … his leg.

A) fell and broke

B) felt and broke

C) fallen and broken

Her eyes were as … as the sky.

A) blue

B) blew

C) blow

You can't … jeans to the opera.

A) where

B) wore

C) wear

They washed … faces and went to bed.

A) their

B) there

С) where

North is the opposite direction to … .

A) East

B) West

C) South

Which of the months of the year also means "permission”?

A) March

B) May

C) April

He knows the poem by … .

A) head

B) memory

C) heart

Jim…..in Scotland for five years.


is living

has lived

will lives

have lived

I opened the door, but there was…..there.






Sarah is the prettiest girl….. our school.






Cultural awareness: Сен оқып жатқан елің туралы білесің бе? Дұрыс жауабын тап:

Which of the following is a country?

A) Rome

B) France

C) Paris

Robin Hood lived in … Forest .

A) Black

B) Dark

C) Sherwood

What do people call New York ? The Big … .

A) City

B) Apple

C) Town

Who said "To be or not to be, that is the question”?

A) Othello

B) Romeo

C) Hamlet

Agatha Christie is known all over the world as

the queen of Great Britain

a famous sportsman

a scientist

an artist

the queen of the detective genre

The Union Jack is …

the flag of Scotland

the flag of Wales

the flag of the UK

the flag of England

the flag of Northern Ireland

Great Britain includes…

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Northern Ireland, Scotland and England

Scotland, England and Wales

Northern Ireland, Scotland , Wales and England

England and Scotland

On this day children dress up as ghosts and witches because it's … .

A) Valentine's Day

B) Christmas

C) Halloween

Which is not a university town?

A) Bath

B) Oxford

C) Cambridge

In Trafalgar Square there is a monument to … .

A) Nelson

B) Henry VIII

C) William the Conqueror

In what country is “Guy Fawkes Night” celebrated?

Great Britain


New Zeeland



Great Britain is separated from the continent by …

the Pacific Ocean

the Irish Sea

the Bristol Channel

the English Channel

the Baltic Sea

Writing. Ағылшын тілінде өзің туралы мағлұмат жаз!

Name ______________________________________________

Surname ______________________________________

Home address ______________________________________

Date of birth ____________________________________

Family _____________________________________________

Favorite subjects_____________________________________

What are your hobbies?__________________________

Favorite sports___________________________________

Do you have any pets?___________________________


1-В 2-А 3-В 4-С 5-С 6-С 7-В 8-В 9-С 10-А

11-E 12-В 13-А 14-С 15-В 16-В 17-А 18-С 19-В 20-В

21-С 22- В 23-А 24-В 25-А 26-В 27-С 28-В 29-В 30-А

31-С 32-А 33-С 34-В 35-С 36-С 37-С 38-В 39-В 40-С

41-В 42-С 43-Е 44-С 45-Д 46-С 47-А 48-А 49-А 50-Д

51-1балл 52-1балл 53-1балл 54-1балл 55-1балл 56-1балл 57-1балл 58-1балл 59-1балл 60-1 балл

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