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"Having pen-friends" (7-класс) тақырыбында өткізілген ашық сабақ


Form: 7

Time limit: 45 min

The theme of the lesson: Having pen-friends

The type of the lesson: traditional


  1. To enrich pupils` knowledge, outlook

  2. To educate the feeling of international friendship

  3. To develop pupils` critical thinking, speaking, reading, listening & writing


Students should be able to

  1. revise all adjectives & verbs

  2. learn the adjective forming negative suffixes un-, in-, im-

  3. speak about their friends

Literature: T.Ayapova “English 7”

Additional materials: 1. “Мектептегі шет тілі

2. Первое сентября «English»

3. Starkov, Dixon “English 5”

Eguipments: posters, cards, tape-recorder

Quotations: 1. “A friend in need is a friend indeed”

2. “Better an open enemy than a false friend”

3. “Many hands make light work”

The plan of the lesson : I. Organization moment a) greeting

b) checking pupil’s attendance

II. Checking home-task

III. Presentation of a new lesson

IV. Practice

V. Generalization a) giving home-task

b) evaluation

The Procedure of the lesson:

Organization moment

Good morning, pupils!

Take your seats. How are you? I’m glad to hear that Are you ready to begin our lesson?

Who is on duty today?

Who is absent?

What’s up with him/her?

Is he/she ill?

  1. Checking home-task

Let’s check up your home task. What was your home task for today?

Your home task was to learn poems by heart. Am I right?

Are you ready? Please, get ready. Now, … begin with you. I give you cards to your answers, at the end of the lesson we count them and I’ll evaluate you according to it.

OK. Be active.

OK, pupils/ Well done.

  1. Presentation of a new lesson

Now, pupils, answer my questions.

  1. Do you have a friend?

  2. What’s his/her name?

  3. What can you say about your friend?

  4. Is he/she clever? Is your friend shy? Etc.

What is it?

You are right. We have got two letters from my pen-friend is.

Do you know who pen-friend is.

Pen-friend is someone you write friendly letters to, especially someone in another country who you have never met. In Britain it is said pen-friend and in American English it is said palfriend. Remember, please.

Now, before reading our letters I want you to find the definition of the word “friend”. Have you got any idea? Please, speak. Write down more sentences using verbs and adjectives that we’ve taken on the last lessons.


A friend is someone

  1. Who always gives you help when you need it.

  2. Who understands you.

  3. You can trust, someone you can play games, do home work together

  4. You can rely on

  5. Who cares for you

  6. You can talk

  7. You can share things together

  8. You like

  9. Who believes in you

Well done, pupils. Let’s revise poems or proverbs about friend.

  1. Practice

Now, let’s read letters. We have two letters: one from Aaron& one from our President N.Nazarbaev.

Letter1. (from Aaron):

“Dear, pupils of the 7 th form! Hi! How are you? I hope good. I was very happy to hear that my friend Aknur is teaching you. Now, I want to introduce myself. I’m Aaron. Ilive in the USA. I’m a teacher of English. I have been teaching for many years. I’m married. I have a son. His name is Philip. I think, we’ll be good friends. Please, write me soon.

Your friend, Aaron”

Letter2.(from the President N.Nazarbaev):

“Dear, my friends! Hello! How are you? May be you are surprised getting letter from the President of Kazakhstan. Aknur is my pen-friend. I;m always glad getting letter from you. Do you have problems? Please, write me. I promise you to find time & write you . Learn English. It’s an international language. I have been learning English for many years. Write me.

Your friend”

Now, let’s do some tasks.

  1. Read & translate the letters

  2. Find out the sentences which is used in Present Perfect Continuous

  3. Fill the diagram (Venn diagram) as in the Ex-6 on page 29

1.The President of KZ

2. He has 3 daughters

3. He lives in Astana


1.They’re married

2. They speak English


1.Teacher of English

2. he has 1 son.

3. He lives in the USA.

Now, take a sheet of paper & markers. Draw your hands as this picture. Your task is to write down 5 adjectives in the fingers. The sentence will be My friend is clever ( lazy, polite, kind, stupid).

Then the 1st person says one of his/her adjective. The 2nd person says the antonym of that adjective, if necessary using the suffixes un-, in-, im-

Then says his/her adjective. Chain by chain. Is it clear?

  1. Generalization

  1. Your home task will be to write a short letter at home to our pen-friend . (5-7 sentences)

  2. Now, count your cards. How many cards do you have?

To my mind, today … is active. I can give you an excellent (good) mark.

is passive (satisfactory mark) Next time be active, OK.

The lesson is over.


Good morning, teacher!

We are fine, thank you.

I am on duty today.

…is absent.

Yes, he/she is ill.

Poem “An old owl” (to learn by heart)

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 3

Yes, I have a friend.

His/her name is … .

My friend is … .

Yes, he is clever./No he isn’t.

I think, …

P1:A friend is someone who always gives you help when you need it.

P2:A friend is someone who understands you.

P3:A friend is someone you can trust, someone you can play games, do home work together

P4:A friend is someone you can rely on.

P5:A friend is someone who cares for you.

P6:A friend is someone you can talk.

P7:A friend is someone you can share things together.

P8:A friend is someone you like

P9:A friend is someone who believes in you

  1. A friend in need is a friend indeed”

  2. Better an open enemy than a false friend”

  3. Many hands make light work”

Pupil 1

Pupil 2

Pupil 3

Pupil 4

Pupil 5

Pupil 6



Yes, it is clear.

I have -------- cards.


The teacher of English: Abisheva Aknur

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