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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Авторская разработка на тему «Праздники и традиции Великобритании»

Авторская разработка на тему «Праздники и традиции Великобритании»

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Авторская разработка урока по английскому языку в 5 классе

на тему

«Праздники и традиции Великобритании»

Подготовила Соловьева М.Н.

учитель английского языка

Цели урока:

- развитие навыков говорения

- развитие навыков аудирования

- формирование навыков самостоятельной работы

- знание праздников и традиций страны изучаемого языка

Ход урока:


- Good morning boys and girls.

- P. Good morning.

- Sit down please. Who is on duty today?

- I’m …

- Who is absent today?

- … is/are absent today.

- What is the date and day today?

- ….

- What is the weather today?

Цели и задачи урока.

Сегодня на уроке мы повторим праздники Великобритании и традиции. Сравним с праздниками и традициями России.

Фонетическая зарядка

[b] [d] [ei] [w] [ai] [h] [p] [e]

  • Very good. Guys please tell me what is your favourite holiday?

  • P1 New Year.

  • P2 Christmas.

  • P3 Birthday.

  • P4 …

  • P5…

  • Well done. Boys and girls please look at the cards and repeat after me:

Sing a song Christmas tree make a present party

Good. Now please combine sentences from the words.

  • P 1 I like sing a song

  • P 2 I with my parents decorate Chrisms tree.

  • P3…

  • P4…

Very good. Pupils please tell me. What kind of holiday do you know, and when do the celebrate.

  • P1 Christmas

  • P2 New Year

  • P3 St. Valentines day

  • P4…

  • P5 …

What can you tell about this holiday?

  • P1 Christmas or Xmas a Сhristian holy day held on December 25th (or in some churches on January 7th) in honour of the birth of Christ. Mainly used in writing for example on shop signs and Christmas cards.

  • P2 St. Valentines day February 14th on which a greeting card is sent to someone loves, but usually without giving the name of the sender. Sometimes presents are exchanged or red rose are given, as a sign of love.

  • P3 Guy Fawkes’ Night November 5th when in Britain people light fireworks and burn a guy on a bonfire. This is in memory of the time when Guy Fawkes tried to destroy Parliament in London in 1605. The historical meaning of the occasion is no longer important.

  • P4…

Excellent. Guys do you know the song about Christmas?

  • Yes.

  • Let’s sing a song.

You are great. Now let’s check how you know and remember holiday. Please look at the blackboard and combine words and dates.

Marks for the lesson. Open your diary and write your home task. Now please draw a house in which floor are you?

Very good! Our lesson is over see you next week.

Использованная литература:

Л. Клементьева , Шеннон « Счастливый английский» учебник 9 класс

М.Биболетова « Английский с удовольствием» учебник для 5-6 классов

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