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Биболетова тесты 5 класс

  • Иностранные языки

Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:


Variant 1

  1. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.

  1. Let’s ---- a picnic at the weekend.

  2. The ---- programme was very interesting.

  3. Our ---- football team went abroad last week.

  4. Mr. Stephen Wooding invited a ---- of Russian students to London.

  5. They go to the ---- every Saturday.

  6. Russian students and teachers got an ---- letter.

  7. Our school tennis team will play with their ---- next month.

  8. My mum ---- me and says “Goodnight” every evening.

  9. How many ---- did you read the text?

  10. a)cinema b)times c)invitation d)arrange e)group f)responsible g)stay h) partners i)local j)social k)kisses

  1. C

  2. won’t we

isn’t it

isn’t there

doesn’t she

do you

could they

didn’t she

wasn’t he

hoose the right tag endings.
  1. It’s nice to invite British students, ------ ?

  2. You don’t like sweets, ------ ?

  3. His grandfather was a doctor, ------ ?

  4. Mike and Jack couldn’t do the exercise, ------ ?

  5. Kate enjoyed the party , ------ ?

  6. Ann plays the piano very well, ----- ?

  7. We will spend our holidays in the country, ------ ?

  8. There is a monkey in the cage, ------ ?

  1. M

  2. Yes, he does.

No, he isn’t.

Yes, we can.

Yes, they did.

No, they won’t.

Yes, I am.

atch the questions and the answers.
  1. You are in the 5th form, aren’t you?

  2. He is not from Scotland, is he?

  3. We can speak English very well, can’t we?

  4. Your parents will buy a car next month, won’t they?

  5. My friends went skating last weekend, didn’t they?

  6. Your dad always helps you with your homework, doesn’t he?

  1. Make up sentences and questions. Use to be going to.

  1. My grandfather/watch TV.

  2. I/not/have a party.

  3. we/play chess?

  4. It/not/rain.

  5. Tom/take pictures.

  6. When/Ann/buy a present?

  1. Fill in the blanks with appropriate words (for, during, at, in, of, with, to),

where it is necessary.

  1. I would like to invite my friend ---- Chelyabinsk.

  2. We came to school ---- September.

  3. Who is responsible ---- the sweets at our party?

  4. Russian students will stay ---- British families.

  5. How nice ---- him to come and help me!

  6. He broke his leg ---- the trip to the mountains.

  7. I usually get up ---- 7 o’clock.

  8. We arrived at the station ---- time.

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