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Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыБрейн-ринг по английскому языку для студентов 1 курса

Брейн-ринг по английскому языку для студентов 1 курса

Проверен экспертом




среди команд 1 курса

преподаватель Петрушкина Е.А.




  1. закрепление изученного материала в игровой форме

  2.  расширение кругозора по страноведению

  3. поддержание интереса к изучению иностранного языка


  1. карточки с заданиями

  2. интерактивная доска

План мероприятия.

I. Приветствие, представление жюри, объяснение правил и хода мероприятия.

II. Основная часть: конкурсы для игроков.

III. Итог: распределение мест, награждение победителей.

Ход мероприятия.

I. Организационный момент.

Ведущий приветствует участников игры, представляет жюри, объясняет правила.

Good morning, students! I am glad to see you. Today we shall have a brain-rung of 6 teams. The topic of our brain-ring is “English-speaking world”. Think of the names for your teams and choose the captains.

За представление команда получает максимально 0-2 баллов.

1 команда- American people

2 команда- Irishmen

3 команда- Englishmen

4 команда- Scottish people

5 команда- Welsh people

6 команда- Australian people

II. Конкурсы.

1) Разминка.

The first task for our teams is to answer my questions. They are connected with Great Britain, America and Australia, its history and its parts. Our teams will answer he questions one by one.

1 балл-за правильный ответ

1. Why is the Westminster Palace clock called “Big Ben”?

It is called so after Sir Benjamin Hall, a large man who was the chief commissioner in 1859.

  1. In the sixteenth century King Henry VIII hunted wild animals in this park.

It is Hyde Park.

  1. What is the seventh biggest city in the world?

It is London.

  1. What area is known as the garden of England?

The County of Kent is known as the garden of England.

  1. This monarch ruled for the longest period in the English history, for 64 years.

It was Queen Victoria.

  1. It is the famous Scottish song about Prince Charles Edward Stewart who was a national hero of Scotland.

My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”

  1. The symbol of this country is a thistle, its patron saint is St. Andrew.

It is Scotland.

  1. This festival is known throughout the world and takes place every August and September in Edinburgh.

It is the military tattoo.

  1. It took Sir Christopher Wren 35 years to build this cathedral.

It is about St. Paul’s Cathedral.

  1. Which component of the United Kingdom is the smallest?

Northern Ireland is the smallest component of the United Kingdom.

  1. She said: “I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a King…”

(Queen Elizabeth I)

  1. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of..


    1. Конкурс «Уроки вежливости»

As you know, the English people are very polite. Now you will get the task and choose the suitable variant of your answer in each situation.

Каждая команда получает задание на карточках. На выполнение отводится 20 минут. Максимальное количество баллов за выполнение данного задания – 1 балл за правильно выполненное задание.

Задание для команд (choose the suitable reply):

1) Can I speak to Sam, please?

  1. No problem.

  2. Hold the line, please.

  3. He’s fine. Thank you.

2) Hello, Walter! What’s up?

a) Someone has stolen my bike.

b) It’s nice to see you.

c) The same to you.

3) Let’s have lunch today.

a) That doesn’t matter.

b) OK. Where shall we meet?

c) Yes, I’d love one.

4) Would you mind telling me why he doesn’t go to the cinema?

a) I have no idea, I’m afraid.

b) You are welcome.

c) He looks wonderful.

5) How’s your Dad?

a) Thank, you too.

b) Fine. And how are you?

c) Nice to hear that.

6) We’ve won the football game!

a) Thank you, I will.

b) It’s not a problem.

c) Congratulation.

7) I’m cold.

a) Shall I close the window?

b) Is it my turn?

c) Do you really like it?

8) I suppose there are few good shows on television.

a) Just so.

b) No, thank you. I’ve had a lot.

c) My best wishes.

9) Have a nice weekend.

a) Tastes differ.

b) I’m glad you enjoyed it.

c) Thanks. The same to you.

10) I’m awfully sorry. I’ve torn your book.

a) You are welcome.

b) That doesn’t matter.

c) I don’t like reading now.

11) Do you like coffee or lemonade?

a) Yes, I do.

b) Both of them.

c) I like tea.

12) He doesn’t buy dairy products at the supermarket.

a) Neither do I.

b) So do I.

c) My brother does.

13) Thanks a lot, officer.

a) I’m awfully sorry.

b) Anytime.

c) Sure.

14) Excuse my being late.

a) Don’t worry about it.

b) I’m sorry.

c) You are very kind.

15) You look great!

a) He’s fine, thank you.

b) Well, have a good trip.

c) So do you.

16) It’s cold outside. It’s bitter cold.

a) Is it going to snow?

b) How’s the weather?

c) It certainly does.

17) Do you like it when it rains?

a) I like snowy weather.

b) No, I don’t. I can’t stand it.

c) No, he doesn’t.

18) I would like tomato soup, turkey and chicken for dinner tonight.

a) I think, I’ll have the same.

b) Yes, here you are.

c) Certainly. I like eggs very much.

19) Oh, Mary. You’ve done so much for me. Thanks a lot for everything.

a) It’s nice to see you.

b) Congratulations.

c) It was my pleasure, Bill.

20) We are going to an art exhibition after classes. Would you like to join us?

a) I wish I could but I’m afraid I can’t.

b) Come at 6, if you can.

c) Meet my sister Ann.

21) Good morning, Peter. How are you?
a) How do you do?

b) Morning.

c) Fine. Thanks. How are you?

22) May I help you?

a) Wait for a moment, please.

b) Well, have a good trip.

c) I have a reservation for tonight.

23) Can you speak English?

a) Yes, please.

b) I can speak it fluently.

c) My mother can speak English.

24) It might be an idea to go to the theatre.

a) Great!

b) What’s the matter?

c) Take it easy.


1- b 2-a 3- b 4-a 5-b

6-c 7-a 8-a 9-c 10-b

11-b 12-a 13-b 14-a 15-c

16-a 17-b 18-a 19-c 20-a

21-c 22-c 23-b 24-a

3) Give opposites to these words:

1 балл за правильный ответ: по 2 слова на команду

  • teacher Student

  • happy sad

  • day night

  • well bad

  • to finish to begin

  • to hate to love

  • to answer to ask

  • to buy to sell

  • parents children

  • many few

  • easy difficult

  • never always

4) This part of our competion is called “ Big – endians” (перевёртыши). Try to turn the words over to make a new word.

Каждой команде предоставляются карточки с заданиями. Время выполнения 15 минут. За каждое правильно составленное слово – 1 балл. По 2 слова каждой команде.

 Change Eat into a drink Tea

Change Tone into a brief letter Note

Change Bleat into a piece of furniture Table

Change Beard into something to eat bread

Change Sore into a flower rose

Change Rat into something in a museum art

Change Sent into a bird`s home nest

Change Heart into world earth

Change Hose into footwear hose

Change Ape into a green vegetable pea

Change gizanema into something you read magazine

Change lichd into a baby child

5) The game “Rest and Get more points”

Answer my questions in Russian. 1 правильный ответ-1 балл

1. Денежная единица Великобритании? (фунт стерлингов)

2. Денежная единица Канады? (канадский доллар)

3. Как называется парк, где животных держат на воле, а посетители рассматривают их из машин? (сафари)

4. Старая крепость в Лондоне, которая была дворцом, затем тюрьмой, а сейчас – музей (Тауэр)

5. Предместье Лондона, где проводятся знаменитые теннисные турниры? (Уимблдон)

6. Что изобрел Грэхем Белл? (телефон)

7. Что можно делать в день Гая Фокса без опасения быть наказанным? (жечь костры, устраивать фейерверки и т.д.)

8. Когда в США отмечают День Независимости? (4 июля)

6) English Lotto

На столе раскладываются карточки с разными группами вопросов: лексическими, грамматическими и задания на перевод. Все команды должны взять равное количество карточек из разных групп.

1 правильный ответ-3 балла

Задания лексической группы

Назовите дни недели

Назовите части тела

Назовите виды транспорта

Назовите школьные предметы

Назовите черты характера

Назовите цвета

 Задания на перевод

Вспомните значение слова "magazine

Вспомните значение слова "firework”

Переведите пословицу "Two heads are better than one”

Переведите пословицу "East or West home is best”

Переведите пословицу "A friend in need is a friend indeed”

Переведите пословицу "A tree is known by its fruit”

III. Подведение итогов

Do you like our brain-ring today? What do you like best of all? Thank you for your work. You were clever, active and attentive. I hope you have revised a lot about Great Britain, America and Australia. The brain-ring is over. The winner is… Have a nice day.

Курс профессиональной переподготовки
Учитель английского языка
Найдите материал к любому уроку,
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Общая информация
К учебнику: Английский язык (базовый уровень), 10 класс, Афанасьева О.В., Михеева И.В. и др., Изд. "ДРОФА"

Номер материала: ДБ-810191

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