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Британияның билік жүйесі 11

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Күні: 18.12 Сынып:11

Тақырыбы: Ұлыбританияның билік жүйесі. The system of the Government in Great Britain.

Мақсаты: Оқушыларды жан-жақты болуын тәрбиелеу

Сөйлеу дағдыларын дамыту

Жаңа сөздерді үйрету

Шартты сөйлемдер ережесінің қолданылуы

Сабақ барысы

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:

1 Амандасу

2 Үй жұмысын тексеру

3 Жаңа тақырыппен таңыстыру


Lobbie – орын политиктердің кездесетін орны және журналистерге беретін интервьюлары

Treasure- мемлекеттің қаржы жұмыстарына жауапты билік жүесі


Third Conditional


If + Past Perfect + would have + Past Participle (V3)


If I hadn’t fallen ill, I would have gone to the party.


If we had had a map, we wouldn’t have lost our way.


What would have happened if you hadn’t come in time?


Third Conditional өткен уақытта болмай қалған жағдайларды сипаттау үшін қолданылады. Олар шын фактілерге қарама-қайшылықты білдіреді.

If I hadn’t missed my classes (in fact I missed), I wouldn’t have failed the exam (in fact I failed).

Third Conditional өткен уақытқа қатысты. Бірақ жалған іс-әрекетті корсету үшін, біз бір шақ кейін шегінеміз, яғни бағыныңқы бөлікте (if clause-да) Past Perfect, басыңқы бөлікте (main clause-да) would + Perfect Infinitive қолданылады.

Main clause-да (ягни сөйлемнің басыңқы бөлігінде) would-тың орнына might, could модальды етістіктерін қолдануға болады.

If I’d had my mobile, I could have contacted you.

If we’d stopped to buy a magazine, we might have missed our train.


Ex 1 Put the verb into the correct form.

Example: I didn’t know you were in hospital.

If I had known (known), I’d have gone (go) to visit you.

a. I took a taxi to school but the traffic was heavy. It_____ (be) quicker.If I ___(walk)

b. I wasn’t tired last night. If I____(be) tired, I___ (go) home earlier.

c. Five years ago I went to France. I____ (meet) my wife if I___ (go) to France.

d. Sue wasn’t able to fly to Paris. The airport was closed. If the airport____

(be) closed, she_____ (be able) to fly to Paris.

e. George got to the station in time to catch the train. If he ____(missed)

the train, he___ (be) late for his work.

Ex 2. Change the following sentences into Conditional Sentences.

Example: You were late for the show last night and couldn’t see the beginning. If you hadn’t been late for the show last night, you could have seen the beginning

a. We missed the train because we didn’t hurry.

b. I went to the library because I needed that book.

c. We were not invited to Ann’s birthday party. We went to the cinema.

d. I didn’t have an extra ticket to the theatre last night and I couldn’t invite you.

e. 1 didn’t see the new film last week. I could not join your discussion


Ex 17. a) Read the story and finish it.

A story by a detective

So, one foggy November night, Mr.X, wearing a long overcoat, walked along a back street in Liverpool with a box under his arm. He came to a house, put his box down on the ground, and knocked at the door. When a man opened the door, Mr.X. picked up the box and gave it to him. The man in the house nodded, took the box, and closed the door. Mr. X. walked away.

Two days later, Mr. X. read in the newspaper that a dead body had been found in a Liverpool park with its left arm missing and he was extremely shocked.

b) Talk to your partner /class /in groups of 4.

What do you think?

Did Mr.X. know that man?

Could Mr.X. have given the box to the man, if Mr.X. hadn’t known him?

Could the man have taken the box, if he hadn’t known Mr.X?

Would the man have nodded when Mr. X. gave him the box if he hadn’t known Mr.X.?

Why was Mr.X. shocked, when he read in the newspaper that a dead body had been found in a Liverpool park?

Could it have been that man?

Could it have been another man?

The man took the box. So his left arm wasn’t missing.

What do you think of this?

Please, continue thinking, discussing, solving...

c) Write

a) Finish the story using the Third Conditional where it is possible.

b) Read it to your class

c) Hang it on the wall of your class room and let others read it. Everybody should follow the instruction.



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