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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Britissh and Kazakh holidays
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  • Иностранные языки

Britissh and Kazakh holidays


Theme: «British and Kazakh holidays"

Мақсаты: 1.Оқушыларға өтілген оқу материалын сайыс түрінде қайталату.
Ауызша сөйлеу, тыңдау, түсіну дағдыларын жетілдіру.
Оқушылардың пәнге деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру.

Visual aids: the flags of the two countries , the pictures of holidays, national symbols.
Procedure of the lesson:
Teacher: Dear guests and pupils! Welcome to our game. Today we have an interesting theme ‘Holidays’ Today we shall revise some materials and speak about some popular holidays.
I'm very glad to see you at our game-lesson, which will be held in the form of competition between our two teams: Each team consists of four pupils and a captain. First they introduce themselves. I’m sure you will demonstrate what you know about these two great states: Kazakhstan and Great Britain.
1 .Organization moment: Who is on duty today? Who is absent today? What the weather like today?

How many days we have in a week?

2. Phonetic drill: I like Sunday best

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday less

Thursday, Friday are not bad

Saturday are better yet

I like Sunday best

3. Homework “Many wonderful things’

  1. How many activities do you know?

I go to school

I go to the cinema

I play computer games

I help my mum

I read books

3. Clap you hands when I say about holidays:

A sofa, Victory Day, an apple, Halloween, a book, a computer, Women’s Day, New Year, a dog, a cat, Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, a milk, orange, Nauryz, a clock, Christmas, a television, Women’s Day.

4. 1- round "Greetings"
1) The 1-st team is - "
SI, S2, S3, S4, S5
My name is...
I am from...
I like...
I want to win...
If I win…
2) The 2nd’ team is- "
Great Britain".
S1, S2, S3, S4, S5
Teacher: Now, you must tell us about your country (national flags, places of interest, about holidays)
The team "Kazakhstan"
S1: Kazakhstan
Oh, Kazakhstan, I'm in love with you
Remember, Kazakhstan, you are great
Not in the green fields full of wheat,
And forests, gardens free of dust.
I love you deeply, dear land,
Your hills and rivers, lakes and seas,
Which give me always much delight!


My flag is blue.

My flag is bright

I like it very much

The yellow sun.

The blue, blue sky

And the eagle is flying high.

S2: Kazakhstan is our Motherland. It is the largest state in the Central Asia. Kazakhstan has its own national flag and anthem and national traditions and holidays.The national flag of Kazakhstan is blue. Blue colour of Kazakhstan flag expresses peace and calm, the cloudless sky, the symbol of peace.
In Kazakhstan live over 100 nationalities. They live in friendship and peace. Kazakh people are friendly, kind, hospitable, sociable.

S3: Kazakhstan’s holidays are: New Year's Day, Women Day, Nauryz, Constitution Day, Republic's Day, Independence Day, President’s Day, Victory Day, The 1st of May.

Nauryz is one of the traditional holiday in Kazakhstan. We celebrate Nauryz on the 22nd of March. It means a new day, a new year. It is a holiday of spring and renovation. Nauryz is a Persian word. It means “ a new day.’ This holiday comes on March 22, when a day is as long as a night.

Ұлыс күні қазан толса

Ол жылы ақ мол болар

Ұлы кісіден бата алсаң

Сонда ол жылы жол болар.

S4: The main traditional meal of the holiday is Nauryz Kozhe. It is made of 7 components: meat, water, salt, airan, wheat, rice, onion.
Nauryz Day a happy Day

We are nice and very gay

We all dance, sing and say

Welcome, welcome Nauryz day

Welcome, welcome, Nauryz day

Happy Nauryz day, my friends

Happy Nauryz day today

5. 2- team “Britain’
My heart's in the Highlands.
My heart is not here
My heart's in the Highlands A-chasing the deer
A-chasing the wild deer and following the roe,
My heart's in the Highlands wherever I go.

The English flag, white with a red cross.
S5: Holidays

Every nation and every country has it’s own holidays
• There are fewer public holidays in Great Britain than in other European countries. They are: Christmas Day, Halloween, New Year’s Day, Easter Monday, Valentine’s Day,Mother’s Day.

The most popular holiday is Christmas.
Felt Stocking or Christmas Stocking means a long sock which children leave out when they got to bed on Christmas Eve so that it can be filled with presents .Christmas Day- 25- th of December- birth of Jesus Christ, Religious holiday Stocking to receive gifts, Christmas pudding, a big turkey.

Halloween: You take alarge pumkin and cut of a piece from the top. Then take out what is inside with a knife and spoon. Then you cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and put a candle inside a lantern.

Valentine’s Day: People buy or make Valentine cards and send them to people they love.

Mother’s Day: Children help their mothers at home and give or send them to people they love

6. Answer the questions:

1. What holiday do people celebrate on the 31 of the October?

2.When do people wear green hats, shirts, dress?

3. When do people have parties where they dress up in costumes and cover their faces with masks?

4. When do children leave their stockings or socks at the end of their bed?

5. When do people send special cards people they love?

7.“ Who is the fastest?’

  1. What is the symbol of freedom?

  2. What is the capital od Great Britain?

  3. A dwelling where Kazakh live an ancient time?

  4. In what month is Kazakh New Year celebrated?

  5. When do we celebrate the Independence Day?

  6. Who is the Head of Kazakhstan?

8.Well, this is a traditional “Christmas tree” but it has no brances, please let’s coat it, make up words and put them in the fir tree. Mix the words

Vic - tory Valent - ine Wo - men’

Day Indepen - dence Eas ter

Christ - mas Nau - ryz Hal - loween

Teacher: Dear pupils! Dear Guests! Our game is over.
(The teacher announces the results of the competition and names the winner-team).
Thanks a lot to our participants for their active participation. Also thanks to our jury and our guests.

Let’s play today

Let’s dance a lot

Let’s sing a song about love.

I love my dad

I love my mum

I love my warm and happy home.

  1. Dear pupils thank you for your participation.

  2. You are active and hardworking.

  3. I am satisfied with you.

  4. I wish you success and luck. See you soon!

Aрхарлы негізгі мектебі

ағылшын пәні мұғалімі

С.А. Аманкулова

Елбасымыз Н.Ә. Назарбаев өз жолдауында Тілдердің үш тұғырлы” cтратегиясында тіл мәселесін қатты назар аударған болатын.Қазіргі мектебіміздің басты мақсаты ана тілі, орыс тілі, ағылшын тілдерін қатар үйрету болып отыр. Мысалға: Қазақстандағы және Британиядағы мерекелерді білуі тиіс, өз білімдерін ана тілімен салыстыра отырып, бір- бірімен айырмашылығын ұқсастығын түсіндіре отырып, пәнге деген қызығушылығын артып, тапсырманы өз бетімен орындай білу қабілеті артады.

1.Ағылшынша баламасын табу

2.Жалғасын тап

3. Суретке байланысты мерекелерді тап.

4. Тілдік материалды есте сақтау т.б.

5. Сөйлеу қабілетін арттыру.

Целью данного мероприятия “Праздники в Казакстане и Британии” является усовершенствование полученных на уроках английского языка знаний и навыков , развитие эстетических вкусов и мировоззрение учащихся, поддержание их мотивации к овладению английского языка в целом.

Во время уроков у учеников совершенствуется их прозношение, знание всех праздников и их даты, разучиваются песни, стихи, отвечают на вопросы,сотавляют предложения по картинке и т.д

Задание к теме должны содержать элемент загадочности, вызывать любопытство, быть творчески продуманным, направленым на формирование любознательности и воображения.

Every nation and every country has it’s own holidays. In Great Britain and in Kazakhstan holidays play very important role in the life of people. Almost in every culture in the world there is a celebration. People of different countries celebrate in various ways. Although a holiday means ‘ a holy day’ most holidays are not religious but commemorative in nature and origin. The pupils working in pairs, reading, speaking, writing, listening about holidays in both countries.

3. Clap your hands when I say about holidays

A sofa, Victory Day, an apple, Halloween, a book, a computer, Women’s Day, New Year’s Day, a dog, a cat, Patrick’s Day, President’s Day, a milk, orange, Nauryz, a clock, Christmas, a television, Women’s Day, a pen, a TV, the 1st of May.

  1. What is the symbol of freedom in Kazakhstan?

  2. What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

  3. A dwelling where Kazakhs live an ancient time?

  4. In what months is Kazakh New year celebrated?

  5. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

  6. When do we celebrate the Independence Day?

  7. Who is the head of Kazakstan?

  8. What kind of state is Kazakhstan?

  9. The greatest mountain in Britain?

  10. Where us London situated?

Pat rick Day

Hal loween

Nau ryz

Wom en’s Day

Presid ent’s Day

Valen tine’s Day

  1. What holiday do people celebrate on the 31 of the October?

  2. When do people wear green hats, shirts, dress?

  3. When do people have parties where they dress up in costumes and cover their faces with masks?

  4. When do children leave their stockings or socks at the end of their bed?

  5. When do people send special cards people they love?

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