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Буклет на английском языке на тему "Этикет в разных странах"

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Customs and Traditions in Great Britain

Almost every nation has a reputation of some kind.

The English are reputed to be cold and reserved. In reality they are steady, easy-going and fond of sport. But these statements can't be universal.



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Great Britain consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Inhabitants of all these parts have a lot of differences. For example, the Scots are not English. The Scots are thought to be kind, but at first glance they are not so amiable. They don’t like to compromise, lean much upon logic and run much to extremes. The Scots are more extravagant, their traditions are more colorful and exciting. The Gaelic language and songs, the tartan, the bagpipes are completely Scottish.

The main difference between the Irish and the British is their religion.

There is no other part of the British Isles where national spirit is stronger, national pride more intense and national traditions more appreciated than in Wales. The Welsh still wear proudly their national dress on holidays. The Welsh language is still very much a living force and is taught side by side with English at schools. Welshmen, who have a highly developed artistic taste, have contributed heavily to poetry, songs and drama. The national Welsh Eisteddfod is devoted to music, literature and the arts. It is a competitive festival and is held in the first week of August. Prizes are awarded for music, prose and verse, painting and drama. Many thousands of people attend it every year.

But there are some things that unite them all together. One of them is gardening. The love of gardens is deeply rooted in all the British people. You will seldom see a suburban garden neglected. Britain is also a nation of animal lovers. Every family has a pet, which is paid much attention to.

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Great Britain

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