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Business English: Talking about your job.

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Lesson Plan

Business English: Talking about your job

Name of trainee

Class name (or number) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Level Pre-Intermediate

Number of students

Date Duration of lesson 45 minutes


To improve speaking skills according to the topic “Talking about your job”


Revise the verb to be/Present Simple


Simple tense, words and phrases for meeting

Expected problems

Present simple: positive/negative


Business start up – 2 (Student’s book, workbook), CD-recording




Warm up

5 min Students introduce themselves to each other.

Write some job titles on the board. Brainstorm more job titles in English.

5 min Input/Presentation

Board: prepositions (on, after, to, with, for)

Lexis: work in a company/work for a company

Discuss the questions about jobs with the whole class.

  1. What’s your job title in English?

  2. Is your job common or very specialized?

  3. Do you know anyone with a very unusual job?

Look at the photo of trainer, giving the introduction at the start of

course. Listen and complete the information. (task 1)




Practice 1

10 min Individual work, pair work.

Listen to the tape and fill the gaps. (task 2)

Answer the question:

Which other person on the chart is on the course?

Complete the sentences with the prepositions. (task 3)

Work in pairs.

Imagine you are Sue, Dave, Ella and describe your response.

Listen to the sentences. Focus the attention on the reduced vowel


15 min Practice 2

Individual work


long form short form

l am I'm

you are you're

he is he's

she is she's

it is it's

we are we're

they are they're


long form short form

I am not I'm not

you are not you aren't/ you're not

he is not he isn't/ he's not

she is not she isn't / she's not

it is not it isn't / it's not

we are not we aren't/ we're not

they are not they aren't/ they're not

Do the gap-fill activity to consolidate be. (task4)

Complete the sentences. (task 5)

Underline the correct verb form in the sentences. (task 6)

10 min Production

Pair work

Divide into pairs. Look at your cards and do the task. (task 7)


Tell about your job and responsibilities.



1 Length of course: ­­_______ days.

2 Course name: lnternational ___________.

3 lvan's job: ___________ consultant.

# 2

Ella Grady (1) _______ ___ customer service manager.


(2)____________ assistance


# 3

Of, after, to, with, for

  1. I look ______ customer service for Europe.

  2. I report _____ the customer service manager.

  3. He's in charge ______ the department.

  4. We're responsible ______ customers in Europe.

  5. I deal _____ problems most of the time.

# 4

are is I'm he's isn't we're they're aren't isn't

  1. My name's Ella Grady. I’m__ customer service. lt _______ a very big department only six people.

  2. I'm not in charge of the department. David Kemp ________ the manager _____ my boss.

  3. I work with five colleagues ___________ in the European section of the department.

  4. Alicia, Todd, Mike, Eric and Hans _________ all in my team _______ my assistants.

  5. Sue Arpel __________ on the course. There any directors on the course.

# 5

  1. Ivan works for ___________.

  2. He writes reports about ___________ .

  3. The company doesn't pay him, but ___________ .

  4. Ivan is the right person for the job because ____________.

# 6

  1. I work/works for a hotel company.

  2. We check/checks customer service.

  3. | write/writes a report.

  4. lt don't/doesn't take long.

  5. I don't/doesn't pay.

  6. They travel/travels a lot.

  7. I don't/doesn't like the paperwork.

# 7

You are on a training course. Introduce yourself to

your partner who is also on the course. Talk about

your company and your job.

Your company: Context Interiors

Product/Service: design and manufacture of wallpaper

Your department: design

Your job title: design manager

Your team: 4 designers

Your responsibilities:

-manage the design team;

-design new products;

-do market research on competitors' products.

Your boss: product development manager.

Now listen to your partner. Ask questions and make notes about his/her job and company.

You are on a training course. Listen to your partner, who is also on the course. Ask questions and make notes about his/her job and company.

Now introduce yourself to your partner. Talk about your company and your job.

Your company: TD Consulting

Product/Service: management consulting

Your department: export consulting

Your job title: export consultant

Your team: 1 personal assistant, 2 export assistants

Your responsibilities:

-manage the team;

-visit important clients;

-work with foreign agencies.

Your boss: senior export consultant.


Краткое описание документа:

The main purpose of your lesson is to teach'something' to your learners in such a way that by the end of the lesson they will have demonstrated a skill or knowledge they did not have at the beginning of the lesson. It is important to use a range of methods, materials and activities to ensure the learning outcomes are fully achieved. When planning a lesson you should look at what the students and the teacher will be doing at different stages of the lesson. This is important so that you prepare a variety of FOCUS. That means the students are not facing the teacher, listening to the teacher all the time. We have discussed this in many different sections of the course and it is fundamental to good lesson preparation and planning.

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