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Can you be leader?

Each positive answer gives you two points.

  1. Are not you afraid to be different from everybody?

  2. Do you like to be critical part it is necessary to do steps in difficult situation?

  3. Do you consider yourself a source of ideas?

  4. Are you sociable person?

  5. Are you always sure in what you do?

  6. Can you pay attention not only to your own ideas but and to ideas of your close people?

  7. Is it important for you that your ideas will be approved?

  8. Do you always keep your promises?

  9. Do you do with fear easily?

  10. Do you get to your aims even if you have some difficulties?

Count points.

0 – 6 points.

You aren’t a leader. But don’t worry. You can be success in life and under one’s control.

8 – 11 points.

Answer yourself if you are ready to do steps quickly and have responsibility for other people. If you are ready, you have a chance to be a leader.

16 – 20 points.

You have all necessary qualities to be a leader. You believe in success and you are very purposeful. It’s very difficult to control you. You are very responsible too.

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