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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Рабочие программы / “Celebrations” 5 сынып ағығылшын тілі
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“Celebrations” 5 сынып ағығылшын тілі


The plan of the lesson №2

The date:

Grade: 8

Theme of the lesson (Сабақтың тақырыбы): “Celebrations”

The aims of the lesson (Сабақтың мақсаты):

  • To describe special occasions

  • To talk about results and superstitions

  • To listen to tape recorder and extract the main information

  • To read and understand new theme of the lesson

The aids of the lesson (Сабақтың көрнекілігі): student’s book, active book, CD-ROM, teacher’s book,

The type of the lesson (Сабақтың түрі): new lesson

The methods of the lesson (Сабақтың әдісі): work in group, in pairs, individual work


I. Greeting (амандасу): - Good morning pupils!

- How are you?

-I’m very glad to see you, take you seats

2. Calling the register

- Who is on duty today?

-Who is absent today?

-What date is it today?

Let’s start our lesson!

II. Checking h/t. Ex. 1-3 pg.33


III. Following - up activities:

Presentations of the lessons (Жаңа сабақ):

Ex.1 Key vocabulary

Special occasions-әдейі жағдайлар

a) Look at these expressions. How do you say them in your language?

(Мына сөздерді өз тілдеріңде қалай айтар едіңдер)

1. Happy Birthday! -Туған күн!

2. Happy New Year! -Жаңа жылыңызбен!

3. Congratulations!- Құттықтаймын !

4. Happy anniversary!- Мерейтойыңызбен!

5. Good luck! -Сәттілік!

To ask children to translate and repeat all the new words.

b) Match the words with the pictures (сөздерді суреттермен алмастыр).

Cake [keik] -тәтті тоқаш

Candle [kәndl] –шам-шырық

Costumes [‘kast ju: ms] -костюм

Decorations[dekә ‘reisәnz] - әшекейлеу

Fireworks [faiә ’wokz]- нұршашу, отшашу

Guests [gests]- қонақтар

Presents [preznt]- сыйлық

Processions [prә ‘sehn]- лек, шеру

Play recorder: Listen and check!

hello_html_7aeb1bac.pngTo ask students to repeat.

  • To ask pupils to say appropriate expression.

  • For example: I’ve got married on this day three years ago!

(Happy anniversary)

Ex.2 Key pronunciation

Final \s\ and \z\

  • To ask children to read the words first.

  • Focus attention on the final sound of each word. Then play the recording while students listen.

  • To play the recording again and to ask students to repeat!

First conditional
with if and unless

Шартты рай нәтижесі, келешекте болатын іске асыруы мүмкін іс-қимылды көрсету үшін қолданылады.


If+ present simple, will/won’t+verb

Eg. If learn English better, I will pass my exams.

unless егер деген мағынаны білдіреді (if you don’t+doesn’t )

Eg. Unless you leave now, you will miss the bus.

Unless you wear = If you don’ wear

IV. Warming up: Just let’s relax. (Сергіту сәті)

Practice the lesson: Ex.5(a) Complete the sentences with if or unless. (Сөйлемдерді if және unless қолдана отырып орнына қойыңыз)

1) ………it’s a nice day tomorrow, we’ll have lunch outside.

2) What will you do …….it rains?

3) The bus is late. We’ll miss the beginning of the film…….it comes soon.

4)…… you ring me from the station, I’ll come and meet you.

5) That plant will die, ……. you give it some water.

a) Complete the sentences with If or Unless. If немесе unless-ті қолдана отырып сөйлемдерді толықтырыңыз.

Ex 5 (b) Complete the sentences. Use the right form of the verbs. (Етістіктерді дұрыс шаққа қойыңыз)

1)If you …….(visit)our town during the carnival, you…….(have)a great time.

2) If my brother ......(pass) his exams, we …..(organise) a big celebration.

3) I …..(not go) to the party unless you…..(come) with me.

4)If it …..(not be)too hot on Saturday, we ….(have)a barbecue on the beach.

5)We …..( not be able to) dance unless someone …..(bring) a CD player

6) David’s meal …..(be)cold if he ….(not come) soon

7) I ……(not listen) to you unless you ….(stop) shouting.

VI. Round or the lesson ( Жаңа сабақты бекіту):

I variant 1)B. 2)A. 3)C. 4)D. 5)A. 6)A. 7)A.

II variant 1)D. 2)B. 3)C. 4)A. 5)A. 6)D. 7)B.

VII. Giving home task:

Ex.1-2-3(b), of w\b

Our next lesson will be “Future plans”

The lesson is over. Good bye!

Краткое описание документа:

The aims of the lesson(Сабақтың мақсаты):

ØTo describe special occasions

ØTo talk about results and superstitions

ØTo listen to tape recorder and extract the main information

ØTo read and understand new theme of the lesson

 The aids of the lesson(Сабақтың көрнекілігі): student’s book, active book, CD-ROM, teacher’s book,

The type of the lesson(Сабақтың түрі): new lesson


The methods of the lesson(Сабақтың әдісі): work in group, in pairs, individual work

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