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Читательская грамотность по английскому языку

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МОАУ «Покровская средняя общеобразовательная школа»

Гуряева Евгения Николаевна



Читательская грамотность

Сборник текстов по английскому языку

2 – 9 классы


Покровка, 2023

Text №1 for the 2 class (Мой питомец)

Прочитайте название сказки и посмотрите на картинки. Как вы думаете, о чем эта сказка?

Прочитайте сказку и скажите, почему собака не хотела играть с цыплятами?


The dog and the chickens

            Rex is a little dog. He is black and white. He lives in a little doghouse. Rex likes to play. He wants to have somebody to play with.



He sees three little yellow chickens. He wants to play with the chickens. Rex runs after the chickens. The chickens run away from Rex and say, "Peep, peep, peep…"

Rex runs and jumps, but the chickens don't want to play with Rex. They say, "Peep, peep, peep…"

            Mother Hen sees Rex. She runs up to Rex and pecks him on his black nose. Little Rex says, "Bow, wow – ow…!"

            Now Rex doesn't want to play with the chickens.


Ответьте на вопросы.

1.      What's the dog's name?

2.      How many chickens does Rex see?


Выберите и прочитайте предложения, которые соответствуют содержанию сказки.

1.      Rex is grey.   Rex is brown.   Rex is black and white.

2.      Rex wants to play with the puppies.

Rex wants to play with the chickens.

Rex wants to play with the kittens.

3.      Mother Hen pecks Rex on his nose.

Mother Hen plays with Rex.

Mother Hen doesn't peck Rex on his nose.


А сейчас я предлагаю вам разыграть эту сказку по ролям.


















Text №2 for the 3 class (Произведения детского фольклора)

Прочитайте сказку и выполните задания.


The Turnip

Grandpa planted a turnip. The turnip grew bigger and bigger. Grandpa came to pick the turnip, pulled and pulled but couldn't pull it up!

Grandpa called Grandma. Grandma pulled Grandpa, Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled but couldn't pull it up!

Granddaughter came. Granddaughter pulled Grandma, Grandma pulled Grandpa, and Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled but couldn't pull it up!

The doggy came. Doggy pulled Granddaughter, Granddaughter pulled Grandma, Grandma pulled Grandpa, and Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled but couldn't pull it up!

A kitty came. Kitty pulled doggy, Doggy pulled Granddaughter, Granddaughter pulled Grandma, Grandma pulled Grandpa, and Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled but couldn't pull it up!

A mouse came. The mouse pulled kitty, Kitty pulled doggy, Doggy pulled Granddaughter, Granddaughter pulled Grandma, Grandma pulled Grandpa, and Grandpa pulled the turnip. They pulled and pulled and pulled the turnip up!


1.      Сколько героев в сказке?


2.      В какой последовательности герои появляются в сказке?

cat ,    Granddaughter ,   mouse □,   Grandpa □,  

dog □, Grandma □.


3.      Придумайте имена для героев сказки.


4.      Кем бы вы хотели быть в этой сказке?














Text №3 for the 4 class (Моя семья)


My Little Sister Kate


Прочитайте первую часть рассказа и скажите, что случилось с Катей.



            I've got a sister. Her name is Kate. She is little. She is five. She is a nice and funny girl. She likes to play of course. She likes to play with her friends and with her toys.

            But Kate doesn't want to play now – she is ill. Mother gives Kate her nice toys to play with – a brown monkey, a yellow giraffe, a little white duck, a big black bear, a red fox and a big doll. But Kate doesn't want to play with her toys – she is ill.

            When Pa comes home and sees Kate in bed, he say: "Kate, why are you in bed? What's the matter with you?"

            "I am ill," says my little sister.

            "Oh, what a pity," says my father. "Do you want to play? Come on. Let's play. I know you like to play."

            "No, thank you, I don't want to play," says Kate.

            "If you don't want to play, then you are ill," says Father. "I think a doctor can help you."

            "I don't want a doctor! I don't like doctors!" says my sister.

            "But the doctor is my friend. He is very, very nice. He helps those boys and girls who are ill. He can help you, too. And he has got a very nice little black bag with many things in it."

            "What things?" asks Kate. "I want to see the things."

            "Ok," says Pa.


 Найдите в тексте отрывок, в котором автор описывает девочку Катю.

Выберите из предложенных игрушек те, которые были у Кати:

1    2            3

 4   5      6

 Скажите, так ли это:
1.      Kate is a big girl.
2.      She is five.
3.      She likes to play.
4.      The doll is little.
5.      Kate is ill.

Прочитайте вторую и третью часть рассказа и скажите, почему Катя с нетерпением ждёт доктора.


            Now Kate wants to see the doctor very much. She wants to see those things in his little black bag. When the doctor comes, Kate says, "Hello, doctor! Where is your little black bag? What have you got in it? Can I have a look in it, please?"

            "Here it is," says the doctor and he gives Kate his bag.

            "And you, open your mouth," the doctor says to Kate. Kate opens her mouth.

            "Good girl," says the doctor. Then he says, "Now I know why you are ill – you like to eat too much ice-cream. Do what I say and you will be all right again. Kate, now give me my bag, please! Goodbye, Kate!"

            "Goodbye, doctor, and thank you!" says Kate.





            Kate is well now. She plays with her friends. She plays with her toys. She plays with Pa and Ma. And she plays with me.

            Now she is not ill – she is all right

С кем Катя играла в конце рассказа?


Придумайте заглавие для каждой части рассказа.


Как вы думаете, кто автор рассказа?


Разыграйте данный рассказ по ролям.
























Text №4 for the 5 class (ЗОЖ: режим труда и отдыха)


Look at the picture.

What do you think the text is about?

Match this picture with 3 verbs and 3 nouns:










Read the text and think of a title.


I live with my parents and I have to help about the house. Every Sunday I do my room. I dust the furniture and vacuum the carpet. I water the flowers once a week.

I help my mother to lay the table. I wash the dishes after dinner. We take turns with my brother.

Sometimes I help my mother make cakes and pies. I seldom go shopping only when my mother asks me. I buy bread and fruit.

I understand that I must help my parents because they work hard. And I don’t mind doing it.


We select a title for the text from those invented by the children.

Answer the questions:

Can you tell me if the words you came up with match the text?

Do you agree with the author of the story and why?

Please tell us how you help around the house.












Text №5 for the 6 class (Жизнь в городе/сельской местности)


Read the story, write down unfamiliar words and translate them into Russian using a dictionary.


Five years ago my grandparents lived in the village of Smalville in Florida. We visited them every summer.         

Every day we helped with their farm. They didn't have a car, but they had a brown horse and a cart. They also had two cows and a very big bull. I wasn't afraid of him because he was good. He was three years old and was born on the farm. My grandparents had some hens and sheep too and a beautiful dog, Ted, but they didn't have any cats.


Near their house there was a river. My grandad swam but I didn't because I was too small. We liked the farm. We were very happy there.

Last year my grandparents sold their house and some of their ani­mals and moved to a village near Los Angeles. I am glad they didn't sell their horse or their dog. Last month we visited them. Their new house and village are beautiful. I want to visit them again soon.


Choose a title for the story from the list provided:

1.      My grandparents.

2.      I love summer.

3.      Life in the village.

4.      I love my grandparents.

Why does the author of the story love summer?


Answer the questions:

1.      List the animals that lived on the farm.

2.      What is the name of grandparent's dog?

3.      When did grandparents move to another village?

4.      Which animal did they take with them?


Your voice

Do you like living in the countryside and why?








Texts for the 7 class (Покупки: одежда, обувь

 и продукты питания)


1.      Read and complete the following dialogues using the sentences given below.



Customer: I'd like to buy the hat in the window.

Assistant: There are several hats in the window. ….

Customer: Can you show me the one over there? The leather one.

Assistant: Ah! The leather one. Now, this is another leather hat, madam. It's better than one in the window. ….

Customer: I'd rather have the one in the window. ….

Assistant: Certainly, madam. ….

Customer: I'm not sure.

Assistant: …. It sixteen and a half.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Assistant: ….


1.      What size do you take?

2.      Would you like me to measure your head?

3.      It's smoother leather.

4.      It goes with my clothes.

5.      Thank you for the purchase.

6.      What sort of hat do you require? Felt, leather, the one with feathers or with a brim?



Assistant: Hello, how are you doing today?

Customer: Fine, thanks. How are you?

Assistant: I am okay, thank you. ….

Customer: I'd like half a pound of butter, a pound jar of strawberry jam, a large bottle of vinegar and a tin of sardines.

Assistant: Will that be all?

Customer: No, I'd like a small-sized packet of mushroom soup and a piece of smoked bacon.

Assistant: …. It's all we have at the moment, I'm afraid.

Customer: No, it's much too fat. I wanted it leaner. I think I'd better take some ham instead. ….

Assistant: Eighty pence a pound.

Customer: Good. …. That'll be all. How much does it come to?

Assistant: Five pounds thirty seven pence, please.

Customer: Right. …..

Assistant: And here is your change.

Customer: Thanks.

Assistant: Good-bye. Thank you. ….


1.      Come tomorrow, we'll have a new stock.

2.      What can I get for you?

3.      How much is it?

4.      Will this do?

5.      Half a pound, please.

6.      Here is six pounds.



Customer: Excuse me. ….

Assistant: Certainly, madam. What can I show you?

Customer: I'd like to buy a pair of fancy dress shoes.

Assistant: …. Leather, suede, glace or I can offer you glitter stiletto shoes.

Customer: I like them. Can I try them on?

Assistant: Certainly. ….

Customer: They're a bit tight. I have rather a broad foot and high instep. ….

Assistant: I'm afraid not in that style. ….

Customer: Then, probably, leather shoes are better. ….

Assistant: Yes, they'll stretch.

Customer: Very well then. Thank you for your help.

Assistant: You're welcome.


1.      They will give a little after wearing.

2.      Have you got them in a wider fitting?

3.      Can you wait on me?

4.      How do they fit, madam?

5.      Would you like to see another similar style?

6.      What kind of shoes do you want, madam?


2.      In which department of the store does the action take place in the first, second and third dialogues?

3.      Match the store names with the pictures: toy shop, gift shop, furniture store, shoe store, clothing store, jeweller's.

1     2 


3     4 


5      6 


4.      Read and role-play the dialogues.











Text for the 8 class (Каникулы)


1.      Read the text.



            People began to travel ages ago. The very first travelers were explorers who on trips to find wealth, fame or something else.

            Their journeys were very dangerous, but still people keep on going to the unknown lands.

            Nowadays it is not as dangerous and much more convenient. Do you want to go somewhere? Hundreds of companies are there to help you. They will take care about your tickets and make all the reservations needed.

            You don't speak the language of the country you go to? There are interpreters that will help you.

            With modern services, you can go around the world. You can choose the means of transport you like: plane, train, ship, bicycle or you can travel hiking.

            Tourism became a very profitable business because people are ready to spend their money for the great opportunity to have a great time learning about new countries, going sightseeing, resting and enjoying themselves.

2.      Make up questions to the text with the suggested question words: Who, Were, Why, What, When.

3.      Match the Russian equivalents 1-5 with the English a-e:

1)     неизведанные земли;

2)     давным давно;

3)     путешествовать пешком;

4)     вокруг света;

5)     забронировать.

a)      make the reservations;

b)     ages ago;

c)      around the world;

d)     unknown lands;

e)      travel hiking.


4.      Fill in the table: note the positive and negative aspects of traveling by various types of transport.

Type of transport

Positive aspects

Negative aspects

By train




By plain




By car








By water-carriage




5.      Tell us in 2-3 sentences about your best trip.

Text for the 9 class (Промежуточная аттестация)


1.      Look at the pictures and make up a story.

Then the students tell their stories.




2.      Read the text.

The Boy and the Door


There was a small shop in a little street in an old town. In the shop there were beautiful things made of silver and gold. The small shop had a door that opened on the little street. The shopkeeper was standing at the open door.

“Come and buy! Come and buy!” called the shopkeeper. “Come into my shop and see all the beautiful things!” again he called. “Come in!

I shall show you beautiful things made of silver and gold.”

One day the shopkeeper had to go away to the king’s palace. The king wanted a beautiful gold ring and a silver cup from the shop.

The shopkeeper called the boy who worked for him. “I’m going to the king’s palace,” he said. “You must stay here. Do not leave the door of the shop whatever happens. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” said the boy.

The shopkeeper went away, and soon he came to the king’s palace. He gave the king the ring and the cup. Then he went home. Soon he was back at his shop. He stopped and looked up in astonishment. “What is this?” he cried. “Why are so many people going into my shop?” Then the shopkeeper saw that the door of the shop was gone and so was the boy who worked for him.

Just then, the shopkeeper saw the boy. He was in the street near the shop. The boy had the shop door on his back. He was standing in the square looking at some men who were doing tricks.

The shopkeeper ran to the boy.

 “I told you not to leave my shop,” he cried.

“No,” said the boy. “You told me not to leave the door. I did just as you said. I did not leave the door. I have the door here with me.”


3.      Now let's discuss the stories you came up with and this text.


4.      Complete the sentences with words from the text:

1.       The shop had a door that opened on the …. .

2.      The king wanted a … and a … .

3.      Do not leave …  whatever happens.

4.      He … and looked up in astonishment.

5.      Some men were doing … .

6.      … ran to the boy.


5.      Think of a sequel to this story.

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