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Cыныптан тыс шара "The leader of the XXI century"

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The leader of the XXI century

The theme: The leader of the XXI century
The aim: To study English language, good pronunciation. To teach to be cultural person, to grow interest to the English language. Developing memory, reading, speaking skills.
Good afternoon dear teachers and pupils! Welcome to our competition.
We are glad to see you. The theme of our competition is «The leader of the XXI century».
Let me introduce our competitors:
The jury of our competition are:
Our competition consists of 4 tasks.
I. “Baige”
II. “The proverbs”
III. “Polyglot”
IV. “Zhorga”

Dear pupils it’s time to check your knowledge. Dear pupils be very active in our competition. Be polite and if who knows the answer, raise your hands, please.
I. “Baige” For each correct answer we’ll give 10 points. The questions:
What is the official language of Kazakhstan?
a. German b. English
Kazakh d. Russian
2 What is the Capital of Wales?

A Edinburgh b Cardiff

C Belfast d Birmingham

3 Australia is famous for its:

A horses b cows

c sheep d pigs

4 the Statue of liberty was a gift from:

A Greece B France

C England d Greece 5

5 British people celebrate Halloween on ____________

A the 31st of October b the 31st of November

c the 31st of December d the 31st of September

6The famous …….. in London is called Big Ben

A House b Shop

c Clock tower d museum

7 The first president of the USA was

A George Washington b John Adams

C Abraham Lincoln D Bill Clinton

8 In which city is Hollywood?

A New York b Los Angeles

c Wels d Atlanta

9 Which is the biggest state of the UAS?

A Florida b Alaska

c Texas d Florida

10 the British money is………

A dollar b frank c pounds d crones

II. “The proverbs”
I’ll read proverbs, you must find Kazakh equivalents. For each correct answer we’ll give 10 points.

1 Four eyes see for than two.Кеңесіп тіккен тон келте болмас

2 Art is long, life is short. – Ұста өлсе, істеген ісі қалар, Білімді өлсе, қағазда аты қалар.

3 Take a hair of the dog that bit you- Демі бардың емі бар

4 Live and learn.- Өмір бойы үйрен

5 In doing the learn. - Өмір үйретеді, еңбек ширатады.

6 Little stokes fell great oaks.- Тамшы тама берсе, тас жарады

7 A good beginning makes good ending-Басы жақсы болса аяғы тәтті болады)

8 First think, then speak- Аңдамай сөйлеген ауырмай өледі
9 Many men, many minds -
Қанша адам болса сонша ақыл бар
10 Better late than never-
Ештен кеш жақсы

Thanks for you.
The second task is over.

III. “Polyglot”
In this task I’ll read riddles, you must find the word and translate it into Kazakh and Russian.

1.What can you catch but not throw a cold – салқын – холодный

2.No sooner spoken than broken. What is it a secret -құпия –секрет

3.I can be cracked, I can be made.

I can be told, I can be played. What am I? a joke- әзіл- шутка

4.What jumps when it walks and sits when it stands?  a kangaroo -кенгуру – кенгуру

5.I fly, yet I have no wings. I cry, yet I have no eyes.

Darkness follows me; lower light I never see. a cloud –бұлт – облака ,туча

6Give me food, and It will live;

give me water, and It will die. What is it ? a fire- от -огонь

7What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks,

has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? a river –өзен – река

IV. “Zhorga”
I’ll read you questions, you must answer it quickly.
1st pupil:

1 What is the longest river of GB ? the Severn

2 The national emblem of Wales . daffodil

3 What is the official language of the UK? English

4 When did the Great fire of London take place? 1666.

5 Who was the 1st man on the Moon ? Neil Armstrong

6 What is the real name of Jack London ? John Griffith
7 Where is the Lake Loch Ness situated ?. Scotland

8What country do you live in? (Kazakhstan)
9The country with the largest population? (China)
10How many states in the USA? (50)

2nd pupil

1 What is the deepest river of the UK? The Thames

2 The national emblem of England. Rose

3 What is the official language of Kazakhstan ? Kazakh

4 When did Elizabeth II become Queen of Britain? 1952.

5 Who discovered America ? Christopher Columbus

6 What is the real name of Mark Twain? Samuel Langhorne Clemens

7What is the highest mountain of Wales? Showdown

8What’ the capital of Kazakhstan? (Astana)

9.The hottest continent of the world? (Africa)
10The oldest university in England? (Oxford)

Thank you, that all of our questions
Let’s see our results.

The winner of our competition is …………..
My congratulations, I wish you success and luck.

Dear teachers and pupils our game is over. Good bye!
See you soon!

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