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Class: 5 Theme: “What’s this?”

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Class: 5

Theme: “What’s this?”

The types of the lesson: combined

Aims: Pupils will be able to speak about “what’s this?”.

Educational: To teach to write new words on the theme “what’s this? ” . Teach to read correctly.To teach to learn by heart the new words while doing exercises.

Developing: To develop pupils habits and skiils in reading ,writing, speaking; to develop thinking ability’s.

Upbringing: To bring up communicate.

Aids: book, exercises, dialogue, picture.

I. The organization moment

a) greeting

b) checking up attendance

c) asking the day and date

II. Warm-up

III. Checking up the homework

What was your homework ?

IV. New theme

1) new words

2) text

V. Grammar

The Procedure of grammar

1.The Organization moment

T: Hello pupils!

P: Hello teacher!

T: How are you?

P: We are fine. Thank you. And you?

T: So do I. Thanks. Take your place.

-Ok. Who is on duty today?

P: I’m on duty today

T:What date is it today?


T: Who is absent?

P: All are present.

T: What was your homework?


T:Thank you. Take your seat.

II. Warm-up.

Look at the blackboard. Listen to me.

Put the pencil on the table,

Take the pencil off the table

Put the pencil on the table

Be quick, be quick, be quick.

Repeat after me. Who wants to read?

III. Checking up h|t

T:What was your homework?


T:Ok.Are you ready?

P: My I read?

T: You may. Very good. Thanks.

T:Now let’s begin our lesson. Open your books and copybooks and write down.

IV. New theme.

Today the theme of our lesson’s “what’s this?”

1)new words.

Look at the blackboard and listen to me.












Ok. Repeat after me. Who wants to read new words?

Ex.1.Listen and point.

31-thirty one

32-thirty two

33-thirty three

34-thirty four

35-thirty five

36-thirty six

37-thirty seven

38-thirty eight

39-thirty nine


Ex.2.Listen .

Carol: Hello, Colin.

Colin: Hello, Carol.
Carol: Is it a pencil?

Colin: No, it isn’t. It’s a pen.

Carol: What’s that?

Colin: It’s calculator.

Ex.4.Look at the picture, write numbers in the boxes and read.

1.pencil -2 2.rubber – 7

3.ruler -1 4.pen – 4

5.table - 8 6.calculator – 6

7.computer - 5 8.chair – 3

9.book – 9 10.notebook – 10


Demonstrative pronouns : this, that, these, those

What is this? – it’s a rubber.

What’s that? – it’s a book.

What are these? - they are pencils.

What are those? – they are pens.

Ex 5. Listen and repeat.

What’s this? – It’s a table.

What’s that? – it’s a chair.

What are these? – they are rulers.

What are those? – they are notebooks.

Ex 6. Complete the sentences with this, that, these, those.

1.I like _______ computer. 2. _________ cat is nice.

3._______ flowers are beautiful. 4. _________ calculators are new.

Ex 9. Match the colours with the words and in the boxes with letters. Use the picture above.


J-brown H-orange

B-black I-violet

K-green L-blue

J-beige C-yellow

D-grey F-pink

A-white E-red

Task: Үш тілде жазыылған түстерді сәйкестендіру.

Black Ақ Красный

Yellow Қара Коричневый

White Қызыл Серый

Red Қоңыр Желтый

Green Сары Белый

Pink Қызғылт Черный

Orange Қызғылтсары Синий

Blue Боз Фиолетвый

Beige Көк Бежевый

Violet Жасыл Розовый

Grey Сұр Зелёный

Brown Күлгін Оранжевый

V. Giving h/t

Exercise 7 p.96

VII. Conclusion.

The lesson is over. Good-bye pupils!

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