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Clothes. “Not Judging People by their clothes”.

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Topic: Clothes. “Not Judging People by their clothes”.

Цели: пополнить, закрепить и активизировать словарный запас по теме “Clothes”; развивать навыки изучающего чтения; воспитывать толерантное отношение к людям, не судить людей по одежде


1) Answer questions about time.

2) Describe what they are wearing

3) View a presentation about judging people based upon their appearances.

4) Read the text “Hungry Clothes”.

5) Students will answer comprehension questions from the text.

I. Warm Up:

1) Teacher will ask the class questions about the time: (4 min.)

1. What day is it today?

2. What day was it yesterday?

3. What day will it be tomorrow?

4. What is today’s date?

5. What month is it now?

6. What was last month?

7. What will be next month?

2) Have students write the date in their copybooks.

3) Ball Toss: “What clothes are you wearing today?” (5 min.)

1. Teacher will throw a ball to a student and ask the question, “What clothes are you wearing today?”

3. Students will say, “I am wearing a ….”

4. After the student answer the question, the student will toss the ball to the next student and repeat the same question to that student.

II. Pre-reading 1.Presentation

Judging People based on their clothes. (7 min.)

1. Teacher will show a presentation of people wearing various clothing and jewelry articles.

2. Students will ask for their opinions if they would associate themselves with the various people.

3. Teacher will ask the students a question, “Would you hang out with this person?”

4. If Yes/No, why?

5. After this presentation, Teacher will explain that people should not judge other people based on their clothing, but who the person is.

2. Introduction

1) Introduce new vocabulary words (repeat after teacher 5 times) (5 min)

1. to judge, stereotypes, Hungry Clothes, poor man, Rajah, to get (got), soldiers, old, dirty, to push, better clothes, to agree, together, instead,

III. Reading (10-12 min)

  1. Students will read each paragraph from “Hungry Clothes”, and try to understand or translate each paragraph into Russian.

Hungry Clothes

A poor man heard that the Rajah enjoyed talking to clever people and was always glad to see them. “People say I’m clever,” the man said to himself. “If I go to the Rajah’s palace perhaps he will help me.”

When he got to the palace the soldiers at the door stopped him and asked what he wanted. “I want to see the Rajah and talk to him, the poor man explained. The Rajah was just leaving the palace and heard what the poor man was saying. “Send him away,” he said to his soldiers. “His clothes are old and dirty. I don’t enjoy talking to such people or looking at them.” The soldiers pushed the poor man away from the door and promised to beat him if he came back.

The poor man had a friend who lived not far away, so he went to that man’s house to rest before returning home. The poor man described his meeting with the Rajah to his friend and said, “It’s clear that without better clothes I’ll never get into the palace.” “Yes, I think you are quite right,” his friend said. “Take my new clothes and put them on. Then try again.”

The old man agreed, and the next morning he put on his friend’s new clothes and again went to the palace. The Rajah came to the door and said, “Come in, come in. I’m glad to see you. I’m just going to have dinner and you will be my guest. I don’t like to eat alone.”

They went in together and sat down to table with all kinds of good things on it to eat. But instead of eating the Rajah’s visitor began to put the food into the pockets of his clothes. The Rajah looked at him in surprise. “Why are you putting the food into your pockets?” he asked. “When I came here yesterday in my old clothes, the poor man explained, “you refused to see me or talk to me. I came today in these fine clothes and you invited me to dinner. So I understand that the food is not for me. It is for my fine clothes.”

IV. Post-reading (7 min.)

Reading comprehension questions from the texts, “Hungry Clothes”.

Teacher will give assign 5 questions for the students to answer.

1. What type of people does the Rajah enjoy talking to?

A) Clever B) Talkative

2. What did the poor man want?

3. What did the poor man do after leaving the palace?

4. What did the poor man do at his friend’s house?

5. What did the poor man put into his pockets?

V. Home Work (5 min)

1. Drawings with clothing articles.

2. Students will describe their pictures in front of the class using vocabulary words from clothes and colors.

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