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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Видеоуроки / “Comparing the systems of education in GB and Kazakhstan ”

“Comparing the systems of education in GB and Kazakhstan ”

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Theme: “Comparing the systems of education

in GB and Kazakhstan ”

Класс: 8

Ағылшын тілі мұғалімі: Тлеужанова А.Б.

The theme: “Comparing the systems of education in GB and Kazakhstan”

The aims of the lesson:

- introduce the systems of education in Kazakhstan and the UK ;

-to explain them useful information about Education

- to answer the questions.


- to develop pupil’s vocabulary and making up sentences ability

- to compare education in UK and Kazakhstan

- to learn new words about Education

- doing different levels exercises which to use grammar structures in a right form.

Method: traditional

The type of the lesson: combined, continue the theme is Education

Visual aids: interactive board, electronic book, cards, textbook

The procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organization moment

  • Good morning pupils!

  • Good morning teacher!

  • How are you?

  • We’re fine. And you?

  • I’m fine too, thank you?

  • What date is it today?

  • Today is 1st of March

  • Who is absent today?

  • ..

  • What was your homework?

  • Schools in GB, to make questions.

  • Ok, let’s check up the homework.

  1. Checking up the homework.

Who is ready?

May I? May I? (pupils read questions and answer)

  1. Phonetic drill.

Now let’s learn the poem “The School”

The school has doors that open wide

And friendly teachers wait inside

Hurry, hurry, let’s go in,

For soon the lessons will begin.

Books and pencils I will need.

When I start to write and read,

Lots to learn and lots to do

I like to go to school, don’t you?

  1. New words

So let’s introduce with the new words.

  • Education білім

  • State school мемлекеттік мектеп

  • Private school жекеменшік мектеп

  • Compulsory міндетті

  • Junior school бастауыш мектеп

  • Infant school бала, сәби мектебі

  • Uniform мектеп формасы

  • Attend көңіл аудару

  • strange жат, бөгде

  • Modern school жаңа заманауй мектеп

  • Grammar school грамматикалық мектеп

  • Comprehensive жан-жақты мектеп

  • Core маңызды


  1. Education in GB

  1. Look at the chart and remember how long education lasts in different types of schools.

  1. Education in Kazakhstan

  1. Answer the questions

  • What kind of schools are there in England?

  • What does a primary school consist of?

  • How many years do English pupil study at secondary school?

  • What school subjects have you got at your school ?

  • What kind of schools are there in Kazakhstan?

  • How many year of study are compulsory in our Republic?

  • What holiday do you have every year?

  • How long does every lesson last?

  • Work with text: « A letter from an English girl»

  • Is she 14 years old?

  • There are not any schools for “ boys or girls” in England

  • Their school is very large

  • They go to school six days

  • The girls name is Nell

  • They have thirteen subjects

  • She has subjects as needlework, art, religious instruction

1Yes 2No 3Yes 4Yes


  • No

  • Yes

  1. Doing the exercises Test

1.Nobody ___ to school on Sundays.

a) Go b) is going c) have done d) goes

2.I am interested ___ mathematics and English.

a) On b) in c) at d) with

3.In English children go to school between the ages _____

a)7-17 years b) 5-16 years c) 6-18 years d) 4-16 years

4.In Britain children have to pass a selection test to get _____ school.

a)Comprehensive b) grammar c) private d) primary

5.Private schools are very _____

a)Expensive b) noisy c) cheap d) interesting

6.Children like ______ languages.

a)Is learning b) are learn c) learning d) to learn

7.Children in Kazakhstan _____ at the age of 17-18

a)Have left b) are leaving c) leave d) leaves

8.The man ____ is reading a book is my brother.

a) What b) which c) who d) whom

9.______ project is good.

a)This student b) this student’s c) this students’ d) this

10.Knowledge ___ power.

a)Are b) is c) has d) is being

Keys of the test 1.A 2.B 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.C 8.C 9.B 10.B

  1. Conclusion

Compare schools in GB, KZ, and the USA

  1. Giving the homework.

Your homework will be to retell one of the education systems in 3 countries.

  1. Evaluating

Today you were very active. I’ll evaluate all of you.

So “5”- “4”- “3”-

The lesson is over Good bye! You may go. You are free. Have a rest.

Good bye teacher!

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