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Competition 8-10forms detective show

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School №222 after T.Riskulov

Open lesson:

I want an apple”

Form: 2G

Teacher: Mirzabekova A.

Kyzylorda 2015

The Theme of the competition: “Detective show”

The objectives of the competition:

  1. To teach to enlarge pupil’s knowledge about the countries which they study

  2. To develop their understanding and speaking skills.

  3. To enrich the dialogicaj and monological speech

The visual aids: Active board , placards,cards.

Teams: “Ingenious friends ”, “Bright stars”, “Erudits”

Plan of the competition:

1.Introduction of the teams


3.Make up sentences

4.Doing grammar and lexical tasks


6. Competition of Leaders

7.Who is the quickest ?

8.I want to tell about ….

9. Singing with Karaoke

The contents of competition:

Teacher: Good afternoon,everybody! We are happy to see you at our game. The game will pass as a competition between three teams .

Let me introduce you the juries of our competition. They are the teachers of our school.

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of books and got useful information about the English speaking countries. This competition will show your achievements and your knowledge of the matter. I wish you success. Be active, honest, industrious and helpful and you’ll be sure to win.

Now it’s time to introduce yourselves.

  1. Introduction of the teams.

  2. Brainstorming.

Teacher: Listen to my questions and answer. The right answer is one point.

The 8th form.

1.What school do you study in?

2.What foreign language do you speak?

3. What are the parts of Great Britain?

The9th form

1.How many lessons do you have every day?

2.Who is the headmaster of your school?

3.What is your favourite hot drink in Great Britain?


1.Who is your class teacher?

2.What is the most difficult subject for you?

3.What is the official name of the Great Britain?

3.Make up sentences

For the 8th form

Make up sentences:

1 Is/ Kazakhstan /the / Astana / of / capital/

2 Kingdom / of / parts /consists / the /four /United/

3 the / England/is/ capital / of/ London/

  1. the /industrialised /one / is /of / the / UK /most countries/

  2. largest /the / is/ Kazakhstan / state / in/the / Central Asia

For the 9th form

  1. country / is / the / head / our / President / The / of/

2 .university/ oldest / Oxford/ is / Great/ in / Britain/

3. national / Kazakhstan / what /of / is / symbol/

4. the/ hot / favourite /drink / Britain / tea/ is / in/

5. Christmas / popular/ is/ the/ holiday / most

For the 10th form

1.Abbey /church / a / is / very / Westminster/ beautiful

  1. British/ the / Parliament / of / The/ seat / Houses / is / Goverenment

  2. world / Hamleys / is / largest / the / toyshop

  3. Thames / on / lies /the / London / river/

  4. a /clock / is / name /the/ Big Ben / of / huge/

4.Doing grammar and lexical tasks


8th form

  1. Елбасы-

  2. Оқушы –

  3. Халық –

  4. Тіл –

  5. Ту –

  6. Астана -

9th form

1.ел –

2. ауа –

3. әнұран –

4.отан –

5. жеңіс –

6. білім -

10th form

1 жұмыс –

2. патшалық –

3. маңызды –

4. шөлейт –

5. әйгілі –

6. міндетті-

The competition of leaders

Letter A

1 The name of the fruit - apple

2 The name of the month – april

3 The capital of Kazakhstan - astana

4 The first letter of the alphabet - A

5 What cannot we live without – air

6 One of the oceans - atlantic

7 The famous Kazakh Writer – Abai

Letter B

1 the little child – baby

2 The name of the fruit – banana

3 The antonym of the good – bad

4 the capital of Germany – Berlin

5 The name of the school subject – Biology

6 The lake in Kazakhstan - balkhash

7 The room where we sleep -- bedroom

Letter C

1 The name of the domestic animal - cat

2 The place where people see films – cinema

3 The place where we have a meal – canteen

4 The antonym of the word hot - cold

5 One of the English speakihg country - Canada

6 The name of the vegetable - carrot

7 The capital of Australia - Canberra

Who is the quickest ?

1The capital of Kazakhstan – Astana

Your father’s father – grandfather

White,blue, grey are ….. colours

The fourth letter of the English alphabet –

Who wrote the music of Kazakhstan anthem -- Sh.Kaldayakov

How old are you

Nineteen and eight is … 27

What is English for ‘’саяхат’’ – travel

Name the 2parts of the body - head, nose

Who works at school - a teacher

The capital of the USA – Washington

Your father’s mother -- grandmother

Winter, spring, summer are …. Seasons

Where do you live - Kyzylorda

What is English for «Кеме» -ship

Name the school subjects - history

What is English for ‘’Knowledge’’ –білім

How is called the flag of the USA –Union Jack

8.I want to tell about ….

9. Singing with Karaoke

10. The conclusion of the competition.

Teacher: Dear friends! It’s a pity that our competition has just finished.

Thank you for coming and taking an active part in the games. You are really bright and industrious.You can do different kinds of work. You know a lot about English –speaking countries. And I’m sure that your good knowledge of English will help you in your future life.

Remember 10steps to success:

Reserve- сдержанность

Silence- молчание

Order- порядок

Resolution- решительность

Moderation- умеренность

Industry- трудолюбие

Frugality- бережливость

Sincerity- искренность

Justice- справедливость

Cleanliness- чистоплотность

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