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Competition of readers (конкурс чтецов)

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Competition of readers

Конкурс чтецов

-Good morning boys and girls!

Good morning now.

Wake, body,wake,mind!


Eat breakfast,dinner too,

Wash,brush,sing,dance,and do!

Good morning now.

-We shall recite English poems and find out who can do it very well.


Away from you,I hold hands with the air,

Your imagined untouchable hand.Not there,

Your fingrers braid with mine as I walk

Far away in my heart,you start to talk

I squeeze the air,kicking th auburn leaves,

Your hand is holding mine,the way

It would if you were here.What do you say?

In my heart?I bend my head to listen,then feel

Your hand reaches out and strokes my hair,as real

As the wind caressing the fretful trees above

Now I can hear you clearly,speaking of love

(Carol Ann Duffy)


Slowly,silently,now the moon

Walks the night in her silver spoon;

This way,and that,she peers,she sees

Silver fruit upon silver trees

One by one the casements catch

Her beams beneath the silvery thatch

Couched in his kennel,like a log

With paws of silver sleeps the dog

From their shadowy cote the white breasts peep.

Of doves in a silver-feathered sleep

A harvest mouse goes scampering by

With silver claims and silver eye

And moveless fish in the water gleam.

By silver reeds in a silver stream

Walter de la More

It’s high time for Ted to go to bed

It’s time for Tina to have a dinner

It’s time for Lucy to feed her pussy

It’s time for Sue to come to you

It’s time for Ruth to tell the truth

It’s time for Marty to come to the party

It’s time for Bess to press her dress

It’s high time for Steve to say goodbuy and leave

It’s high time for Chris to learn about this

It’s high time for us to come to the class.

The Snowman

He shines like a candle and melts slowly

He is white and black and gets smaller all the time

He is as white and black and gets smaller all the time

He is as white as feather and white horses and snow

He glows in the dark like a glow-worm

He stands on a flat place and makes a shadow in the light

He crumples in a circle like a circus tent

He turns to ice and slush like a camel’s hump.

He runs away like milk and melts like moonlight in sunshine

In the morning he is gone like the moon

The Little Jumping Girls

Jump,jump,jump,jump away

From this town into the next today

Jump,jump,jump,jump over the moon

Jump all the morning and all the moon

Jump,jump,jump,jump all night

Won’t our mother be in a fight?

Jump,jump,jump over the sea

What wonderful wonders we shall sea

Jump,jump,jump,jump far away

And all come home some other day

-You have receited the poems very well.Now it’s time to choose the best pupil.Can you help me?I will name the name of the pupil and you will clap your hands.

At the end of the event teacher read a poem

Sometimes you say “Hello”

Because the bell has gone

And every day you say

Good day,good day,good day”

It’s time to say” goodbuy “

Goodbuy my children buy

Winners are rewarded with certificates.

Краткое описание документа:

Aims:to improve reading and retelling poems accuracy;to learn new vocabularies and grammar structures;to develop interest to a poems of the foreign languge.

Materials:pictures of writers and poets;certificates for best readers.

At the begining of the lesson teacher greets and tells the theme and the aim of the competition.This competition lesson can be devoted to several poets or writers.Several pupils can read long poems.To mark readers you can  call guests to be judge .

At the end of the competition judge will say some words and to finish the competition of readers.If you couldn't find judge teacher will name readers name and listenrs will clap.And the pupil who was applaused louder is the winner.

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