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Control work for 10th grade.

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Упражнение 1.

Put the in the Past Simple or in the Present Perfect. Choose the correct form of the verb.

  1. Вариант

  1. Julie has been / was ill since Tuesday.

  2. I didn't see / haven't seen Josh since 1998.

  3. The dog went / has gone to sleep an hour ago.

  4. I had / ‘ve had a cat for two years. It’s  name is Willis.

  5. I’ve waited / waited for a bus for twenty minutes. Then I decided to walk.

  6. I’ve already seen / already saw 'Shrek'.

  7. She has changed/ changed  a lot since she left school.

2. Вариант

  1. We went/ ‘ve been to the seaside last summer.

  2. I finished / ‘ve finished my homework. Can I go out now?

  3. I was /‘ve been ill three month ago.

  4. Have you been / Did you to the shop? I need some stamps.

  5. My hobby is fishing. I’ve caught / caught a lot of fish.

  6. Jenny is in Oxford today, but she was /has been in London yesterday.

  7. I played /'ve played basketball when I was younger, but l don’t play now.

Упражнение 2

Put the in the Past Simple or in the Past Continuous. Choose the correct form of the verb.

1. Вариант

  1. When I saw/was seeing Nick, he wrote / was writing a letter.

  2. At 2 o’clock my mother Fiona cooked /was cooking soup.

  3. The father didn’t sleep /was not sleeping when little Freddie opened the door.

  4. Last summer I go /was going to my granny in Russia.

  5. Aunt Pam got / was getting a postcard from her cousin two days ago.

2. Вариант

  1. At 10 o’clock, Samantha did/was doing homework.

  2. When the old teacher came/ was coming in, the children tolked/were talking.

  3. When my mother was coming /came home, the telephone suddenly rang/ was ranning.

  4. When I was meting/ met my friend yesterday, he was very happy.

  5. Why was /cry Nickolas crying? —He’s lost the…

Упражнение 3

Past Simple Past Perfect. (Put the correct form of the verb).

1. Вариант

1. His parents … already … (eat) when he … (come) home.

2. Last year Susan … (pass) all her tests and exams.

3. When Peter … (arrive) to the airport he … (discover) he … (forget) his passport at home.

4. Our train … already … (leave) when we … (arrive) at the station.

5. Peter and Mary … (get) home to find that thieves … (break) into their house.

2. Вариант

  1. When Heather … (open) her windows the sun … already … (sit).

  2. I … (realize) I … (buy) any milk when I … (come) home.

  3. It … (rain) when I … (be) out so the laundry … (be) wet.

  4. Grace … (fell) bad last night because she … (eat) too many sandwiches.

  5. Amber … (meet) Gregory last October.

Шкала баллов: 0 - 7=2 8 - 10 = 3; 11-14 =4; 15- 17= 5.

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