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Control work, the 6th form, the 2nd term

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Control work, the 6th form, the 2nd term.

Control work.


Read Janet’s mother’s story and answer the questions after the text


In the Music Shop I was just browsing. I didn’t want to buy anything. In the shoe shop I was looking for a pair of shoes. It took me half an hour. I didn’t buy anything because I didn’t like the colours. When I left the shoe shop the purse was in my bag. I remember it very well. While I was in the shoe shop Dad was waiting for me in the Salad Bar. We were having lunch there. In the ‘Cool Clothing’ shop I bought a dress and I paid for it. In ‘Meg’s Bags’ I was trying to choose a fancy handbag… Oh, yes… I remember. I wanted to see whether one of those fancy handbags was big enough for my purse. I put the purse into the handbag and… I left it there inside the bag! Oh boy!

1. Which of the outfits below Janet’s mother

A. wanted to buy? a) a fancy handbag

B. bought? b) a pair of shoes

C. was going to buy? c) a dress

2. Where did Janet’s Mom leave her purse?

A. in the Salad Bar

B. in the Music Shop

C. in ‘Meg’s Bags’


1. Put in there is/are or there was/were

1). … three rooms in our old flat. 2). But now … four big rooms there. 3) In the middle of the living-room … a table, where I can play games. 4). When I was small I played on the floor, because … a big carpet on the floor. 5). My brother has his own room. … a computer on the desk in his room.

2. In the evening the Browns discuss the day. They have done a lot.

Fill in the gaps with the right form of the verb from the brackets.

1). - ___ you ___ the flowers ___, Jane? (water/yet)

2). – I ___ the flowers ___. (water/yesterday)

3). Today Steve and I ___ ___ the paths in the garden. (sweep/already)

4). Tom ___ ___ the room. (already/clean)

5). ___ you ___ Jimmy, the dog, ___ ? (feed/yet)

6). The father ___ ___ it. (feed/just)

7). He ___ it ___ . (every day/do)

3. In what shops can one hear the following conversations? Match.

1). These shoes or those ones? A. in a toy shop

2). That game isn’t for big children, it’s for small ones. B. in a music shop

3). You look great in this dress! You should buy it, I think. C. in a book shop

4). A kilo of oranges, please! D. at the greengrocer’s

5). A loaf of bread, please! E. in a clothes shop

6). A CD player, please! F. in a shoe shop

7). - Is this book for teens? G. at the baker’s

- This one?

- No, that one.

4. What do people say in the following situations? Fill in the gaps with “a” where necessary.

1). Please, go shopping! … few of your friends will come to see you!

2). Wow! You’ve got … little Cola! Let’s drink it!

3). There are … few books in our local book shop. You’d better go to some other one!

4). Can you give me some onions? I’ve got only … few.

5). Go and buy some butter, please! We’ve got only … little!

5. Any party should be well organized. A lot of things should be done beforehand.

What were the children and their parents doing the whole day before a school party?

What did they do? Underline one of the two suggestions that fits.

1). From 10 to 12 five girls (were cutting/ cut) sandwiches.

2). Neil and Nelly (were drawing/drew) some pictures and decorated the classroom with them.

3). Jane (was choosing/chose) presents for her classmates the whole day yesterday. It was not easy.

4). Jack, Tom and Charlie (were colouring/coloured) the invitation cards very nicely!

5). Jane’s and Betsy’s mothers (were making/made) cakes the whole morning.

6). Jennifer and Susie (were writing/wrote) invitation cards yesterday evening.

7). In the end Kim’s and Tom’s fathers (were buying/bought) a lot of chocolate bars for the whole company.

Выберите курс повышения квалификации со скидкой 50%:

Краткое описание документа:

Данная котрольная работа помогает проверить знания учащихся по темам: " Home sweet home", "Do you like to go shopping"

Учащиеся должны выполнить лексические и грамматические задания. Желательно учащихся рассадить по одному человеку за парту, чтобы меньше было списываний. Слабым учащимся учитель модет подсказать как выполнить то или иное задание.

Итак, в контрольной работа разделенна на две части:

1.  READING COMPREHENSION( в данной части дается текст, который нужно прочитать и ответить на тест)

2.USE OF ENGLISH (GRAMMAR/VOCABULARY) ( в этой части проверяются знания грамматики и лексики).


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