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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Country study test "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"
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Country study test "The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

Выберите документ из архива для просмотра:

Выбранный для просмотра документ Test on the UK in two variants.doc


Test “The UK”. Variant 1.

1. … the UK consist of 4 countries?

a) do; b) does; c) did; d) is; e) are

2. The full name of the country … the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

a) am; b) were; c) does; d) is; e) are

3. Alexander Fleming … penicillin.

a) invents; b) invent; c) invented; d) is invented; e) will invent

4. The Conservatives and Labour and the Liberal Democrates are the … political parties.

a) largest; b)large; c) larger; d) most large; e) more large

5. The UK is situated … the west … Europe.

a) from / of, b) in / of, c) at / in, d) by/ at, e) on /for

6. The UK is washed … the Atlantic ocean and the Irish sea.

a) with; b) for; c) by; d) over; e) on

7. The UK borders … France, Belgium and Ireland.

a) by; b) with; c) in; d) on; e) ---

8. Welsh … by the Welsh people.

a) was spoken; b) is spoken; c) are spoken; d) are spoken; e) were spoken

9. Elections to the Parliament … every 5 years.

a) is held; b) was held; c) were held; d) will be held; e) are held

10. The population of the country … 57 mln people.

a) am; b)were; c) are; d) does; e) is

11. London is situated on the bank of the … Thames.

a) lake; b) sea; c) channel; d) strait; e) river

12.The UK … by the English , the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish.

a) are inhabited, b) inhabits; c) is inhabited; d) inhabited; e) were inhabited

13. The English channel … the UK from Europe.

a) is separated; b) are separated; c) separate; d) separated; e) separates

14. 1 poems, 2 famous, 3 many, 4 by, 5 Shakespeare, 6 were, 7 written

a) 2136754; b) 5416723; c) 3216745; d) 4567213; e) 3251764

15. What industries … in the UK?

a) was developed; b) is developed; c) are developed; d) will be developed; e) develop

16. During our trip around England next month we … Trafalgar Square.

a) visited; b) visit; c) is visited; d) are visited; e) will visit

17. … is the Queen’s residence.

a) the City; b) Hyde Park; c) Whitehall; d) Buckingham Palace; e) the Palace of Westminster

18. Wimbledon is associated with …

a) table tennis; b) soccer; c) rugby; d) horse racing; e) lawn tennis

19. … is Elizabeth.

a) the English Queen name; b) the Queen of England name; c) the English Queens name; d) the English Queen’s name; e) the English Queens’ name

20. The Head of the English Parliament is …

a)a lord; b) a peer; c) Lord Chancellor; d) Speaker; e) Prime Minister

21. Traditional Christmas meat.

a) mutton; b) beef; c) turkey; d) horse; e) chicken

22. … is one of the most developed industries of the country.

a) electronics; b) heavy machinery; c) agriculture; d) clothing; e) shipbuilding

23. … is the business centre of London.

a) the East End; b) the City; c) Westminster; d) the West End; e) centre

24. … is the official head of State.

a) the Queen; b) Prime Minister; c) Lord Chancellor; d) Speaker; e) President

25. The UK is a …

a) republic; b) federation; c) presidential monarchy; d) constitutional monarchy; e) kingdom

26. He … in Liverpool 2 years ago.

a) worked; b) works; c) work; d) was worked; e) is working

27. London is the … city in the UK.

a) most big; b) bigger; c) biggest; d) more big; e) big

28. The Thames is … than the Severn.

a) long; b) longest; c) more long; d) longer; e) the longer

29. 1 London, 2 opened, 3 University, 4 was, 5 when?

a) 15234; b) 25431; c) 12345; d) 54132, e) 54213

30. The famous … Loch Ness is located in Scotland.

a) river; b) sea; c) ocean; d) mountain; e) lake

31. The climate of the UK is …

a) warm; b) hot; c) cold; d) cool; e) mild

32. The English Parliament consists… 2 chambers.

a) with; b) by; c) in; d) of; e) on

33. There are … parts in the UK.

a) 1; b) 2; c) 3; d) 4; e) 5

34. Charlie Chaplin … in London.

a) is born; b) was born; c) are born; d) am born; e) will be born

35. What is the national emblem of England?

a) leek; b) dragon; c) red rose; d) thistle; e) eagle

36. The flag of the UK is known as the …

a) Union John; b) Union Jake; c) Union Jock; d) Union George; e) Union Jack

37. Ireland is …

a) a country; b) a mountain; c) a river; d) an island; e) a capital

38. The capital of Wales is …

a) London; b) Cardiff; c) Belfast; d) Liverpool; e) Edinburgh

39. Prince Charles’ wife was …

a) Princess Ann; b) Sarah Ferguson; c) Sophie Rhys-Jones; d) Princess Diana; e) Elizabeth

40. Scotland is in the … of Great Britain.

a) north; b) south; c) west; d) east; e) centre

Test “The UK”. Variant 2.

1. … the Parliament make laws?

a) do; b) does; c) did; d) is; e) are

2. Our delegation … England last summer.

a) will visit; b) visits; c) visit; d) visited; e) is visited

3. The UK is … than France.

a) smaller; b) small; c) more small; d) the smallest; e) the most small

4. The Tower of London is one of the … places in England.

a) more interesting; b) most interesting; c) the more interesting; d) interestinger; e) interestigest

5. Great Britain borders … Ireland

a) of, b) in, c) at, d) by, e) on

6. About half a million people work … the City.

a) with; b) for; c) by; d) in; e) on

7. “ Romeo and Juliet” was written … Shakespeare.

a) by; b) with; c) in; d) on; e) for

8. This guide always … many old legends about the Tower of London.

a) told; b) tell; c) tells; d) is told; e) was told

9. Many houses … in Great London Fire of 1666.

a) was destroyed; b) are destroyed; c) destroyed; d) destroy; e) were destroyed

10. The Western part of Great Britain is washed by the Irish …

a) lake; b) river; c) ocean; d) sea; e) strait

11. The English … separates Great Britain from Europe.

a) lake; b) sea; c) channel; d) strait; e) river

12 …. is the capital of Scotland.

a) London, b) Edinburgh; c) Belfast; d) Cardiff; e) Manchester

13. Wales is … part of Great Britain.

a) the smallest; b) smaller; c) most small; d) the smallest; e) the small

14. Scotland ... into 3 parts.

a) are divided; b) divided; c) is divided; d) was divided; e) divided

15. … is the favourite drink in England.

a) coffee; b) tea; c) lemonade; d) juice; e) milk

16. Prince Charles is … eldest son.

a) Queen Elizabeth II; b) Queen’s Elizabeth II; c) Queen Elizabeth’s ; d) Queens’ Elizabeth II; e) Queen Elizabeth II’s

17. … is the most popular summer sport in Great Britain.

a) soccer; b) cricket; c) tennis; d) rugby; e) football

18. St. Paul’s Cathedral … by Christopher Wren.

a) is designed; b) were designed; c) was designed; d) designed; e) designs

19. Agatha Christie … 75 detective stories.

a) write; b) wrote; c) will write; d) is written; e) was written

20. What languages … in the UK?

a) was spoken b) spoke; c) is spoken; d) are spoken; e) speak

21. … is the seat of Parliament.

a) the City; b) Hyde Park; c) Whitehall; d) Buckingham Palace; e) the Palace of Westminster.

22. Carols … at midnight on the 31st of December.

a) sing; b) sings; c) is sung; d) was sung; e) are sung

23. ... is the capital of Northern Ireland.

a) London; b) Cardiff; c) Belfast; d) Liverpool; e) Edinburgh

24. England borders … Scotland … the north.

a) with / in; b) for / on; c) in / by; d) on / in; e) by /of

25. Queen’s power is limited … Parliament

a) to; b) for; c) by; d) with; e) on

26. Big Ben is one of the … sights in London.

a) more interesting; b) most interesting; c) the more interesting; d) less interesting; e) interesting

27. The river Avon … with the name of Shakespeare.

a) associates; b) associate; c) was associated; d) are associated; e) is associated

28. The flag of the UK ... of 3 crosses.

a) makes up; b) make up; c) made up; d) is made up, e) was made up

29. The … is 244, 100 square kilometers.

a) territory; b) area; c) length; d) volume; e) diameter

30. What is the favourite topic of conversation in the UK?

a) soccer; b) weather; c) cats; d) fashion; e) music

31. The street where Government is located.

a) Fleet street; b) Harley street; c) Downing street; d) Whitehall; e) Trafalgar Square

32. There are … parts in the UK.

a) 1; b) 2; c) 3; d) 4; e) 5

33. The Tower of London was …

a) a fortress, a palace, a prison, and a royal treasure; b) a fortress; c) a palace; d) a prison; e) a royal treasure

34. This person is called the “Swan of Avon” by the British people.

a) Geoffrey Chaucer; b) Conan Doyle; c) Agatha Christie; d) Redyard Kipling; e) William Shakespeare

35. The Ashmolin Museum in Oxford ... in 1679.

a) is built; b) builds; c) built; d) were built; e) was built

36. The UK is rich ... iron ore and steel.

a) of; b) with; c) on; d) in; e) by

37. 1 London; 2 can; 3 End; 4 the centre; 5 be; 6 the West ; 7 of; 8 called

a) 63254871; b) 63258471; c) 62358471; d) 12345678; e) 13572468

38. The Derby is associated with …

a) soccer; b) table tennis; c) cricket; d) lawn tennis; e) horse racing

39. The English … by other languages, such as French and German.

a) is influenced; b)was being influenced; c) influences; d) influenced; e) was influenced

40. 1 Circus; 2 of; 3 places; 4 London; 5 Piccadilly; 6 one; 7 the busiest; 8 in; 9 is

a) 147923568; b) 519627834; c) 519627438; d) 519672384; e) 519627384

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