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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Christmas Party.Методична розробка виховного заходу з англійської мови з використанням ІКТ у 1-б класі

Christmas Party.Методична розробка виховного заходу з англійської мови з використанням ІКТ у 1-б класі

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( Методична розробка виховного

заходу у 1-а класі БСШ № 16 з використанням ІКТ)

Учитель-методист англійської мови

Хоменко Н.І

hello_html_26512622.png Бердянськ 2012р.


Christmas Party

(Лунає різдвяна мелодія,класна кімната прикрашена дитячими малюнками та постерами ,в залі всі готові до свята і вчитель звертається до присутніх)


Dear children and parents! On the 25th of December people celebrate Christmas –a beautiful holiday, which is loved by children and adults; when everything is decorated with lights and toys; when we see Christmas trees everywhere; when people buy presents and cook special food, send cards to their relatives and have parties .And we’ll celebrate this holiday now. We’ll play games, sing songs and recite poems. I hope you’ll enjoy this party and have a lot of fun.

Ring, ring the bells. Ring them loud and clear

To tell the children everywhere that Christmas time is here!

Pupil 1: Christmas day, happy day!

We are glad and very gay!

We all dance and say:

Welcome, welcome, Christmas day!”

Pupil 2: Christmas is coming! Christmas is near!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is here!

Pupil 3: Have a holly, jolly Christmas;

It’s the best time of the year.

I don’t know if there will be snow

But have a cup of cheer.

Pupil 4: I am a little Christmas bell.

I like to sing a Christmas song

When I sing you hear me ring

Ding-dong, ding-dong.

(Let’s sing a song “On Christmas Day”)

(Діти співають пісню « В Різдвяний День»)

Teacher: Dear children! Look at our classroom! It is so beautiful and nice. Your wonderful drawings are displayed on the walls. You can see a lot of Christmas symbols. What are they? Can you name them?

(Santa Claus, stocking, holly, candles, stars, reindeer, mistletoe, pudding, robin, bells, presents, turkey, Christmas tree)

Let’s play the game ”What is it?”(Pupils ask questions: Is it a star (a bell, Let’s play the game ”What is it?”(Pupils ask questions: Is it a star (a bell, a stocking, a candle, a turkey?…)

Teacher: Look children! What a nice Christmas tree we have! But it is without toys! Let’s decorate it! We have a lot of nice toys!( Діти прикрашають ялинку)

Thank you! It’s great! You’ve decorated our Christmas tree! And now let’s sing a song about our Christmas tree.

(Children sing a song ”It is winter, it is Christmas…)

Pupil 5: We have a fir-tree in the hall

It is so beautiful and tall.

Around it we dance and play

Because it’s Christmas Day!

(The song ”Merry Christmas”)

Teacher: Christmas magic, Christmas fun! Merry Christmas everyone. My dear children, let’s watch the film Merry Christmas and then answer the questions:

1. What is the girl’s name? (Mary)

2. What is the boy’s name? (John)

3. What present does John get? (A teddy-bear)

4. What present does Mary get? (A doll)

5. How many elves are there in the film? (Four)

6. What colour are they? (Green)

7. How many deer are there in the film? (Eight)

8. How many angels are there in the film? (Two)

9. What does Mary give to Santa Claus? (Milk and cookies)

10. What is the postman’s name? (Peter)

11. What does he bring to Santa’s house? (Letters)

(The bells are ringing.)

Teacher: Bells are ringing. Oh. Hush! Can you hear those bells? That is Santa with his red-nosed reindeer Rudolph coming to our party. But he has a problem, somebody has stolen his sleigh. Let’s play the game ”Santa, Santa” and help him. Do you want Santa come to our party?

Supplies: Santa’s sleigh

How to play: have children to sit down in a large circle and blindfold one child, another child will be given the sleigh and must say:

Santa, Santa, where is your sleigh.

Someone’s come and taken it away. Guess who, guess who?

The blindfolded child gets three guesses. The child who has the sleigh is the next to be blind.

Teacher: Well done! Great job! Children! Listen! Someone is knocking at the door! Who is that? Come in, please!

Santa Claus: Ho, ho, ho! Hello children! I’m glad to see you at your Christmas party. Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’ll have a lot of fun!

Who has a beard that’s long and white? (Santa Claus)

Who comes around on a special night?

Who has boots and suit of red?

Who wears a red cap on his head?

Who has a great big cherry nose?

Who laughs this way “Ho, ho, ho?”

Santa Claus: Thank you for your smart answers! Let’s sing a song” Old Macdonald…” My dear friends! There is a lot of poems about Christmas and Santa Claus. I know some of you have learnt them. Would like to recite them?

(Pupils recite poems)

Pupil 6: It winter, it is cold

Santa Claus is very old.

He is always full of joy,

And glad to give me a nice toy.

Pupil7: Santa Claus lives in Finland

He is funny and merry,

His cheeks are like roses,

His nose is like a cherry.

With a branch of green holly

And robin, his friends,

To all little children Christmas wishes he sends.

Pupil 8: I love Christmas for many things:

Trees, candles, angel wings,

Stars in the heavens,

Snow covered hills,

Little toy trains,

Dolls in their frills.

Pupil9: I love Christmas, ribbons of gold,

Familiar carols, so very old.

Sweet candy canes, bright red sleds

And lovely stockings above the beds.

Pupil10: I love Christmas but most of all

I look forward to a neighbour’s call

A friendly chat, a cup of tea

Love in the home means Christmas to me.

Pupil11: It’s Christmas time!

It’s Christmas time!

Giving-away-the-presents time

Wrap them up and under the tree.

Pupil12: It’s Christmas time!

It’s Christmas time1

Laughing-and-singing-and-happy time.

Here’s bike and there’s a ball.

Wrap them up and give them all.

Santa Claus: Thanks a lot! Well done! Great job!

Teacher: Dear children! Santa Claus travelled a long way to our party. And his rednosed reindeer Rudolph helped him to guide his sleigh at night. Remember, you saw him in the film. He has a very shine nose. So, let’s play the game” Pin the nose on Rudolph”.

Supplies: a big picture of Rudolph, a red circle for each child with adhesive on the back and their names on the front

How to play: Blind fold the player, spin him around and let him try to stick the nose where it’s supposed to go. The player who gets the closest is the winner.

Teacher: Children! Everybody has a chance to pin the nose on Rudolph. It’s not so easy, because you can’t see -you have a scarf on your eyes. The pupil who puts the nose to the right place is the winner. Welcome 2 pupils from each group. So, let’s start.

(Діти грають в гру)

Santa Claus: What a beautiful reindeer we have! Let’s sing a song “Jingle Bells”( Діти співають пісню“Jingle Bells)

Teacher: Traditionally English children hang up a long stocking at the end of the bed on Christmas Eve. Santa Claus is supposed to visit each house at night by climbing down the chimney. In the morning they find their stocking filled with small toys, fruit and sweets.

Look at our stockings hanging by the fireplace. We are going to play the game ”Fill the Christmas Stocking”

Supplies: three stockings, three big spoons, three baskets with tangerines, apples, nuts, kiwis and wrapped candies.

How to play: divide into teams. Have children line up at the end of the hall. At the other end hang a Christmas stocking for each team. Place a basket filled with fruits and sweets in front of each team. Each child takes a turn taking a something from the basket with the spoon. They then carry it on the spoon to the stocking and drop it in the stocking. Race back to the next person in line, give him the spoon. First team to fill the stocking wins.

Santa Claus: Well done! Your Christmas stockings are filled. It’s time to finish our party. I have some presents for you, my dear friends! Merry Christmas! I wish you to be healthy, wealthy and wise. I hope to see you next year! Let’s sing a song “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

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